Tips on Lifting Makeup for the 50s and Common Mistakes to Avoid

by Sean Nolan August 07, 2021 3 min read

Some people think makeup is only for the young, however, there are some great techniques to help you look your best at any age.

In this interesting video from Tamara's Timeless Beauty channel, here are some tips to help you achieve a flawless makeup look on one side of your face as well as realize the mistakes on the other side.

It includes seven steps, and you will come up with dramatic differences at each stage.

1. Bronzer


The Right Side: Bronzer should be applied higher up on the face, just a little on the forehead and jawline to tighten them. It can create a subtly warmed-up look for you.

The Wrong Side: The biggest mistake you can make is choosing the wrong bronzer that doesn’t fit your skin tone. And if you apply it too low or close to the center, the bronzer can drag your face dark and down.

2. Highlighter + Blush


The Right Side: They can lift the face effectively when you apply them on the tops of the cheekbones and around the apple of the cheeks. They can also increase the fullness of the face, provide great illumination to cover up the volume loss of the face as we age.

The Wrong Side: Use highlighter with a dark, warm color on the low points of the cheekbones. This will accentuate the fine lines on the face.

3. Eyebrow


The Right Side: Eye brown plays the most important role in framing the face and giving the eye a lifted appearance. You should start at the top and extend the tail outward to lift the brown up.

The Wrong Side: Shape your eyebrow that follows the natural contours of your eyelid so that it cannot be lifted.

4. Eye Shadow


The Right Side: Apply the transition color right above your crease and blend them gently. Make sure you don't lie too far down the eyelid. The inner corner is highlighted with a cream-colored shimmer. For a youthful, rested appearance, use Lumify.

The Wrong Side: When you apply the transition color by following the natural curve of the eye and eye brown, it dramatically drags the face down. Another mistake is that you apply the highlighter too low and too stark, which can lead to an inharmonious make-up outlook.

5. Eyeliner


The Right Side: To achieve the perfect eye-liner, use a tight line above the lash line and add more sparkle to your eyes. Soft eye-liner should be selected on the medium to the light side, and then applied from upper to lower line to avoid pulling your face downward.

The Wrong Side: Dark and thick eyeliners will look old if you don't use a primer.

6. Mascara


The Right Side: To make the lashes thicker and lifted, you need a primer before applying the technique of mascara. The primer goes on the base of the lashes.

The Wrong Side: Applying only one coat without primer or any technique will make your eyes look artificial.

7. Lips


The Right Side: Before you apply lipstick, you should pre-hydrate your lips and use lip liner to add volume to your lips.

The Wrong Side: If you don’t use lip pre-hydrating products will not provide a fulfilled look for your lips without losing the freshness of your face.

It’s always nice to know that there are simple tips to lift your face and look younger, but the makeup has to be applied correctly.

We found 7 simple techniques and mistakes on both sides of the face, so take a few minutes out of your day for this helpful video!

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