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August 13, 2021 17 min read

One of our favorite things about December is the Christmas season. It's full of family time, spending time with friends and eating great food! We love giving Christmas gifts to one another, and this year we want to do something extra special for the whole family. Finding the perfect gift for family members on your list can be a challenge. The easiest way to make sure you get something that everyone will love is to find one of these 15+ family Christmas gifts! You can find some great gift ideas for your loved ones to celebrate this holiday season together. From personalized gifts, unique gifts with a wide range of budgets, there are plenty of ideas here for every type of person in your life. Get started browsing today and find the perfect family Christmas gifts for all members of your family this year!

Perfect Christmas Gifts For Whole Family

It's that time of year again when we're all so busy and stressed, but can't wait to share the love with your family. This season of giving, you can give personalized gifts that will show your family how much they mean to you! This year, show your family you care about personalized Christmas gifts. Whether it's a gift for mom, dad, sister or brother- this list has something for every member of the family! This is just one of many moments where a personalized gift will make someone feel loved and appreciated. This is because it came from their loved ones who took time out of their busy lives to think about them specifically. It's the perfect way for us to always be connected. It is the reason we've collected some great ideas for personalized family Christmas gifts for your choice. Check out our list for more tips on personalized gifts that are sure to please everyone in your family this Christmas season.

“Family is the greatest Christmas gift”. A family can do things no gift can. It helps you through thick and thin and will help push you up the ladder of life. They are behind you every step of the way, no matter your life choices. So this Christmas season, take the time to stop and thank your family for the things they do for you - how they love and care for you. And the perfect way to do so is by gifting them this amazing tree-shaped ornament with a meaningful quote and a wonderful Christmas design! You can rest assured this thoughtful gift will find a special place on a family tree!

“Every family has a story, welcome to ours” is a quote that’s written on this striking doormat. All families are unique and different, but they all have one thing in common - lots of love. This doormat is the perfect way to welcome visitors into your house and make them feel like they've found a new extended family. As an added bonus, the design has an illustration of a wintry scene with a red automobile, a Christmas tree, and snow falling in the background, which shouts "it's Christmas time!" Gifting this lovely doormat to your loved ones over the holiday season is a fantastic way to express how much they mean to you and how much they enrich your life.

Have no ideas what to gift to your family members this Christmas? Don’t worry, we’ve found a perfect gift! Look at this awesome tree ornament bearing the words: “Having a place to go is home, having someone to love is family, having both is a blessing.”The words are written on a creamy background with traditional Christmas elements, and it’s framed with a red-black plain pattern. Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. So, show your love and gratitude by gifting them this amazing Christmas ornament that will warm their hearts!

Spending a holiday as special as Christmas with your family is the most wonderful thing in the world. Your family might always be prepared for this time of the year with lots of love, decorations, and food. But we’re sure they’re missing this gorgeous quilt bedding set that features meaningful words. The main sentiment says, “All hearts come home for Christmas,” and it's followed by words such as “Sweet holiday wishes” and “Be joyful.” Oh, and the design is just wonderful, featuring typical Christmas scenarios and plaid patterns! This bedding set will be a wonderful Christmas gift for any married couple that make their winter holidays more special.

The best way to spend Christmas Eve is cuddling up with loved ones in front of the fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate and a view of the Christmas tree. The occasion will be all the more memorable if you light a candle that reads "The joy of Christmas is family." The modern red-green typeface is used, and the phrase is surrounded by bright, colorful Christmas artwork. The warmth of this candle with this quote will definitely warm the heart of your family members. So, don't waste any more time pondering what to gift them for Christmas - instead, give them this lovely candle engraved with a meaningful saying and enjoy it with your family on those cold cozy winter nights.

6. Personalized ski & snowboard art Christmas gifts for family

It's a family tradition to travel downhill on skis, snowboards and sleds. It seems like an impossible task to find ideal Christmas gifts for family that all the members of your tribe will enjoy. This is until you found Personalized Ski & Snowboard Art, one of these perfect personalized Christmas gifts! The crew of up to 14 people (or less!) are customized to look like you in every detail. They come in male or female skin tones with any eye color, hairstyle or length, and even pets! You can choose from over 30 original designs for this Christmas activities such as cross-country skiing, snowboarding and sport skiing, so there's something for everyone in your mountain clan. Give them a personalized portrait that looks just like beloved memories of time spent together on the slopes this Christmas.

7. Family water tracker bottle for a unique Christmas season

Santa Claus is on the way to get your family. You better make sure you come up with perfect Christmas gift ideas for your family! Do you remember when we were little and our parents kept us hydrated? Now it's YOUR turn. It may not seem like we've had time for sitting still or drinking enough water. The Family Water Tracker Bottle is the perfect Christmas gift for your family to begin the new year healthy. We all know how meaningful our Christmas traditions are, so odds are that we'll be doing more of them this year too—that can only lead to lots more opportunities for dehydration that could put us in danger both mentally and physically. It won't be difficult to make sure you're lying down with these top-design Family Water Tracker Bottles. You are in the right place if you have difficulty choosing awesome Christmas gifts for family members.

8. Personalized family name metal sign for Christmas decorations

During the winter months, especially this Christmas, sometimes there's nothing more enjoyable than sitting and enjoying a delightful book as you gaze out the window. With this sign on your front porch, however, all it takes is something as little as snow flying by. This will remind you of that one family member or friend who needs to be decorated. Celebrate your family this Christmas by giving them some family gifts to decorate their home with and show how much you love them. In a variety of sizes, these metal signs in brushed steel, copper or black create perfect personalized Christmas gifts for families.

9. Family Christmas gift: Personalized tic-tac-toe

One of the most popular Christmas gifts for families is personalized tic-tac-toe! It's a perfect gift for those who love family bonding and games. This time around, make the Christmas season much more special with whatever initials you choose! Choose one for each square and be creative about it. It doesn't matter if it's a family name or someone you miss, you can get all your loved ones together at Christmas with this board. And this family gift isn't just limited to having them engraved on the wood, either! The other squares are also blank so that you could paint them, put them in felt shapes--whatever takes your fancy!

Funny Family Christmas Gifts

We have the perfect present for the people in your family who like to unpack their significant, and perhaps a little bit crazy. This charming doormat bears the words in a modern font that say, “In our family, we don’t hide crazy, we put it on the porch and give it a cocktail”. In addition, festive motifs like mistletoe, pine cones, cookies, and lollipops are included in the design. Guests will feel right at home with your slightly off-the-wall family with this fantastic doormat. So, get your loved ones this amazing gift and make them feel special this Christmas season!

Looking for a funny yet thoughtful family Christmas gift? Then look no further than this brilliant tree ornament with witty words. The phrase says: “Jolliest bunch of assholes, this side of the nuthouse.” Although they may be a wacky lot, we know you wouldn't exchange your family for the world. Spending Christmas together causes the entire house to roar with laughter, and there's nothing better than that! Apart from the meaningful quotes, this tree ornament is set apart from others by the gorgeous garland that lines its borders. We can all agree that you won’t find a better holiday gift for your crazy tribe members than this striking tree decoration!

Is the Jungle Juice the first thing you think of when I say "Christmas?" If that's the case, we know just what you need to bring to the annual Christmas get-together. This humorous tree ornament bears the saying “Here for the jungle juice.” Of course, holidays are all about family and giving, but a glass of hunch punch never hurt anyone. Especially, if someone in your family is famous for making the best jungle juice ever. The design is peculiar, including a wooden-themed backdrop with Christmas garlands decorating the edges and an image of an improvised bar next to the phrase. It's impossible to compare anything else to the joy of spending Christmas with family. So, as a humorous token of your appreciation, give them this meaningful present. Without a shadow of a doubt, it will be a cherished ornament on your family tree for generations to come!

Personalized Family Christmas Gifts

Ornaments are well-known for making excellent Christmas and holiday gifts. However, if you want to present your family members with something lovely and unique for Christmas, this ornament is the way to go. It's a wooden ornament with plaid edging and a "Family Christmas" phrase written in a mix of a contemporary and traditional red-black typeface. However, that's not even the finest part of this gift. What's even better is that you can make it unique by adding your family name and the year to the base. We can promise you that every time they look at the ornament on the tree, it will bring a pleasant feeling to their hearts.

Are you on the hunt for a truly unique Christmas present for your loved ones? In such a case, we've got just the thing for you! You may put any picture you like within the festively decorated frame of this wooden Christmas tree ornament.The receiver will know how much you care by the thoughtfulness and care you put into this present. Give this to a loved one, and you may be certain that even after Christmas has passed, they will be drinking hot chocolate while watching the snowfall, thinking fondly of the time they spent with family.

“Our family is a circle of strength, founded by faith, joined by love, and kept by God”. Remind yourself and your family of the beautiful things that bond you together. This doormat will warmly greet all of your guests who have made the journey to spend the holidays with you and your loved ones. Garland, pine cones, and ornaments are all staples of the classic Christmas decoration, and they're all represented in this amazing design. The greatest part about this doormat, however, is that you can have it customized with your family's name just beneath the saying. Your loved ones are going to be absolutely floored by this incredible gift!

Love to give festive candles as a gift? Then we have a perfect gift Christmas gift for any couple to surprise your beloved! “There’s no place like home”, this lovely candle proclaims. Christmas is, of course, the time to be home, in heart as well as body. It's a moment to count your many blessings and celebrate the good fortune of sharing this holiday with loved ones. The front design features a simple white background with beautiful garlands and berries adorning the rims. Even more impressive is if you add your family name underneath the quotation, since this will make it uniquely your family’s and will surely be a conversation starter at the dinner table. Their hearts will be deeply moved by this one-of-a-kind present.

Sentimental Family Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a great time to pause and reflect on the important things around us like family, friends, and all the things money can’t buy. We've come up with the ideal token of appreciation to mark the occasion. Check out this fantastic tree ornament that reads: "The love of a family is life's greatest blessing.” The ornament's retro style also includes a vibrant checkered pattern that serves as a framing for a vivid illustration of a snowman family enjoying the winter landscape. You can be sure this ornament will remind your loved ones how fortunate they are, and it will stir deep feelings of gratitude in their hearts. Share your appreciation with those you care about by giving them this beautiful ornament.

Christmas is all about love, family, and children. It doesn’t matter what we eat or what presents we get as long as the holidays are spent with loved ones. For that occasion, we’ve prepared a special gift for your family members. This wooden-themed circle-shaped tree ornament features the words “This is us, our life, our story, our home.” It also has a simple yet beautiful wintery artwork with white trees, snowflakes, and string lights! There’s no doubt you’ll be seeing this ornament on your family member’s tree for years to come, and it will make your loved ones cry with happiness when they get it.

To surprise your loved ones on such a special date as Christmas, we’ve found this amazing tree ornament with a meaningful quote. The phrase says “Family - where life begins, and love never ends.” Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful since you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. And Christmas is a special time of the year that brings family and friends together, and it helps us to appreciate the affection in our lives that we often take for granted. Plus, the artwork of bells, lollipops, berries, and mistletoe decorates a creamy background onto which the quotation is printed. The hearts of your loved ones are sure to be warmed by this thoughtful present.

Cheap Christmas gifts for family - Inexpensive Christmas gift ideas

We all know that the holidays are a time for giving and sharing. But with many families struggling financially, it is hard to figure out what to give as gifts. Christmas is in a couple of days, and you are trying to find inexpensive Christmas gifts for your family members. You really want them to know that they're special, but money's been tight this year, so it's hard to get everyone something nice. Fortunately, we are here to help you by providing you with a wide range of options for family Christmas gifts! With these savings, you can get more than just one gift without breaking the bank! Whether you're looking for stocking stuffers or something bigger, we have got some exceptional suggestions below. Here are some inexpensive family Christmas gift ideas for you and your family to enjoy this holiday season.

20. Custom home portrait Christmas family gift ($17.69)

The Christmas season is a time when the family becomes so close and many memories are made. Celebrate that love with this custom home portrait, perfect for your loved ones to treasure forever - all at an affordable price tag! You will please them even more if you incorporate a beautiful picture of their auspicious place into your design: from the living room window to the snowy porch. This would be a meaningful Christmas gift to thank you your parents or a funny Christmas gifts for your partners that will satisfy them. Send them a reminder of how much they mean to you amid hustle and bustle by sending over this personalized present just in time for Xmas morning.

21. Marble coasters as Christmas family gifts ($11)

Customize your Christmas family gifts with this personalized marble coaster monogrammed with your family's name. It'll serve as conversation starters when friends come over and ask: "Who are these people in the pictures?" Be even more meaningful by asking each person a question to be printed on their coaster. So, mom, what would you do if I ran away? And dad, what should I look for while driving at night? A great way, you can always keep track of who's who around the table during dinner parties. They're also great photo frames - perfect Christmas gifts for family! Personalized drink coasters make for sentimental Christmas gifts that all family members will love becoming part of—just pick photos from favors taken throughout the year.

22. Family recipes journal - special Christmas family gifts ($11.99)

Christmas is the time of year to gather around and spend a little more time with your family. Get a few of these affordable Christmas gifts for family members: mom, dad, grandma and grandpa alike! A journal filled with secret family recipes - great Christmas gift ideas for your parents, grandparents, and in-laws. A perfect way to share time spent together as you cook up a storm!

Includes lined pages with checkboxes that keep the ideal chef from forgetting what they need to prep next. This is not just any recipe book; it's a keepsake meant for cherished memories over generations! It also includes pages for measuring ingredients and cooking times, so helpful 'accidentally on purpose' hints will actually work their magic. At the price of under $12, this recipes journal will be a wonderful Christmas gift for family.

Unique Christmas gifts for the whole family

This is the time of year when we get into the festive spirit and prepare for all things Christmas. One of the best ways we can do that as a family is spending some quality time together making gifts for each other! Do you have your Christmas shopping for family done yet? It is hard to find the perfect family Christmas gifts for everyone in your family. Don't worry, we've got you covered! A wide variety of Christmas gifts are available that will make your family members happy on this special holiday. We'll start with the youngest in your family and move up to the oldest. The gifts below would be thoughtful gifts for every member. It's been so much fun and makes it easier to find presents for everyone because they're all involved in picking them out! So if you are looking for some ideas on what to make this holiday season, then come check out our ideal list full of perfect family Christmas gift ideas!

23. Flannel fleece ombre throw blanket for the couch on Christmas night

You and your family deserve a cozy Christmas holiday season. This year, you can make it happen with our Flannel fleece ombre throw. With this thoughtful Christmas gift for family, everyone will enjoy cuddling up under on Christmas night when they are gathered around the television to watch their favorite movies. Choose the colorway of this blanket so as not to clash with your mom's decor theme!

Fleece throws for the entire family means movie nights are almost ready before they start. No worries about what Christmas gifts go where or who may have forgotten them until just minutes before showtime. This soft blanket would be perfect for a Christmas gift and make your beloved family members feel up-to-date with styles!

24. House of Marley outdoor speaker for memorable Christmas party

The House of Marley speaker is unlike anything you've had before - a must-have for a funny Christmas night. Outdoor Christmas parties just got more cozy in a hurry. This portable wireless house speaker has space enough for a whole family to enjoy great Christmas tunes together without dragging lots of speakers around. Google Play Music and other streaming services like Spotify are right at your fingertips when you launch the app from inside the house when you have Bluetooth. Every purchase comes with a year-long warranty and an authentic, limited edition hibiscus wood tag as well! It's been amazing to see how creative this product has made people be when designing the boxed gift that comes inside these. No matter if it was a wooden box or simply wrapping bubble wrap, it's really nice to hear from people who care about quality products. Let’s make your loved ones happy and create a relaxed time together with these perfect Christmas gifts for family.

25. Bountiful joy photo calendar for the whole family

It's that time of year again. Christmas is just around the corner, and all anyone can think about is presents galore, family gatherings, and lots of things to do with the little ones. We've done some deep thinking to make your life easier - these best-selling fantastic photo calendars! Simply select the photos you want us to put inside (we will print them for you at no extra charge!) or pick up hard copies on Sunday afternoons. And this calendar includes entire month-by-month layouts, so everyone in your household can keep track of appointments and social events throughout each season! This calendar will be a thoughtful Christmas gift for family that will satisfy any member.

In the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping, it would be hard to find a creative gift that will make your family members happy. Your family is the most significant part of your life, and you always do your best to provide them with as much love as you can. You are a creative person who is looking for an idea on how to make your family members happy this Christmas. You want something that will be different from what they get every year, and you're tired of the same old gifts they give you. Well, we are here with some unique family Christmas gift ideas just for you! This holiday season, let's give these unique family Christmas gifts to make them feel surprised and delighted.

26. Personalized Family Constellation Map - Unique Christmas gifts for family

You can imagine the love this map will create!

The perfect Christmas gift for your family this year. It allows you to commemorate a key time in your family history. With customization options like text colors and fonts available too, it's perfect for letting everyone have a little something extra just for them. The holidays are approaching - or are you looking for a Christmas family gift in advance? Don’t worry, we have the right choice for you. Each constellation map comes with a certificate of authenticity that displays the year it was created, so future generations will know that they made the right choice. What better way is there to show someone how much they are loved this Christmas season?

27. DNA genetic and ancestry tests family Christmas gift

There's no better way to understand your family members than by mapping your genetic code. If you're looking for the perfect Christmas gift for family this season, invest in a kit that will help everyone find out more about themselves! Imagine, there are members of your family sitting on corners of this earth all across time zones who share parts of their very DNA with you! It would be a perfect Christmas gift for family. These familial ties can provide warmth and kinship in tough times, or bring unknown relatives closer together. The results may fascinate not only you but also those deserving recipients on your Christmas holiday shopping list.

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to think about what gifts you want to give your family member. There are so many family members that choosing one is hard. The options are endless! If you don't know where to begin, here's a list of the 15+ great family Christmas gifts this year that will show them how much they mean to you. We hope this list helps in your decision-making process and gives you some ideas about what might work well as a gift for all the members of your family. And if none of these work out for whatever reason? You can check out 64hydro as well, which has more affordable choices in mind. Happy holidays from all of us at 64hydro!

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