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August 17, 2021 17 min read

If you're searching for the best Christmas gifts for men, 64Hydro has compiled a list of 20+ great gift ideas perfect for any occasion. From cheap stocking stuffer ideas to high-end luxury presents, we've got something for every budget. Browse through our list and find the perfect present today!

Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

Starting off with the boyfriend package, here are our top three choices. Include one of these awesome gift ideas in your Christmas plan. We’ll guarantee that your boyfriend will love it.

Nothing says special like a personalized ceramic mug, and Christmas is the perfect time of the year to surprise someone with a gift as awesome as this. On the front, it says "My girlfriend is hotter than coffee" and then in brackets "Yes, she bought me this mug." If you are a humorous girlfriend looking a special Christmas gift for your boy, this green ceramic mug was born for you. It’s a fun Christmas illustration of another coffee mug, snowflakes all over the mug and bells are a necessity. This holiday season, your boyfriend can sip his warm coffee with this witty message from you - his wonderful partner.

Moving on, here is the best Christmas gift that under $20. Star Wars fans are no different from other movie fans, but one thing’s for sure - they adore movie-themed memorabilia. So, if you want to surprise your Star Wars fan boyfriend with a special gift this Christmas, add this ceramic mug to your list. It says “Best boyfriend in the galaxy” in a Star Wars-inspired font, and it’s got your boyfriend’s name on the back. What complement is better than that? This gift will knock him off his feet - just wait and see!

We’re closing the boyfriend package with a slightly different gift idea from the previous two. This time, it’s a phone grip. This one is a bit funny, as it says, “Only Jessica can jingle my bells.” Give this unique gift to him and let him know his prerogative to you. Let’s face it - you’d spend 24/7 texting your boyfriend if you could. Well, this little gadget can help him prolong his time on the phone without his hand cramping or getting tired. We’d say that this is both a smart personalized investment and a creative Christmas present for your boyfriend.

4. Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

Giving your music-loving guy the gift of true listening pleasure is Christmas gift ideas for him and his hearing. The incredibly intuitive Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones are perfect for use at home or on-the-go, they come with 11 levels to create just the right balance, giving him more control than ever over how much he wants to hear around him. With 20 hours of battery life and easy touch sensors, so he can adjust volume and move between songs without touching his phone, these noise-cancelling wireless headphones are perfect for every dad who loves good tunes… and couldn’t love you more if you got them for me.

5. Aussie Soles Starfish Orthotic Flip Flips

Have you found the Christmas gifts for your boyfriend? He’s showing off his well-deserved tan this year with Aussie Soles Starfish in Flip Flops! These stylish flip-flops are not only super comfy, but they offer plantar arch support and anti-bacterial characteristics. They feel more like a slipper than a sneaker thanks to the sweet foam footbed lined with soft faux fur. It doesn’t matter if he’s in for one second or all the time, these shoes make going barefoot fun again without any worry about bacteria (because we know all guys love that!).

6. 64Hydro To My Boyfriend Firefighter Personalized Stainless Steel Tumbler

This customized tumbler from 64Hydro will ensure that his ice-cold beer, morning coffee with cream, or evening cocktail will stay at the perfect temperature for a long time. It has two stainless steel walls with vacuum insulation to keep drinks cooler longer and prevent outside heat from dissipating into his cup. With this quality mug on hand, he'll be able to consume his beverage without coming out of work hot and sweaty or coming inside after dinner as though he had just returned from an all day trek in Death Valley. This Christmas present idea is marvellous for any woman looking to surprise her firefighting boyfriend with something special!


For the Mario fan in your life, there’s no better Christmas list than this Nintendo GAME & WATCH: SUPER MARIO BROS. This collectible gaming device reimagines the original 1980 Nintendo handheld gaming system with three different games based on the hit Super Mario Bros. series. Whether it’s game one, two, or three he wants to play first—or whether he prefers playing old classics like Donkey Kong Jr.—this special-edition console is guaranteed to be a huge hit for anyone who grew up on 8-Bit nostalgia and slot machines as strong as gorilla bars.

Christmas Gifts for Husband

Now, moving on to a more serious category, a.k.a husband material. If you’re looking to break the monotony and surprise your husband with an unexpected yet creative gift under the Christmas tree, take a look at our top four picks.

First on the list is this black T-shirt. “You can never have too many clothes” doesn’t apply just to women - men like their fair share of clothes as well. This T-shirt says “I do what I want, when I want, where I Want. Except I gotta ask my wife… One sec.” Hilarious! Men might wear the pants and fashionable T-shirts, but women call the shots! This T-shirt is a great gift if you want to put a smile on your husband’s face this Christmas.

First on the list is this black T-shirt. “You can never have too many clothes” doesn’t apply just to women - men like their fair share of clothes as well. This T-shirt says “I do what I want, when I want, where I Want. Except I gotta ask my wife… One sec.” Hilarious! Men might wear the pants and fashionable T-shirts, but women call the shots! This T-shirt is a great gift if you want to put a smile on your husband’s face this Christmas.

The next is on top of our gift list for couple in Christmas season. If your husband’s awesome, why not get him a mug that will remind him every time he sips his favorite beverage? This one says exactly that. “This guy is one awesome husband.” You can also add your husband’s name on the back, which will make it stand out from the other regular mug in your kitchen cupboard. The mug is Christmas-themed, with typical holiday colors on it. Before you know it, this mug will be your husband’s favorite.

Last on the list for Christmas gifts for your husband is this beautiful wine tumbler. It says “You & Me. We got this.” One of the things that make the holiday season special is expressing gratitude for the people you love. This wine tumbler, in particular, is a great representation of the unbroken love between you and your spouse. It features a male and a female deer kissing, with butterflies and flowers around them. The symbolism behind this animal is special as well. Deers symbolize gentleness, unconditional love, and devotion.

12. 64Hydro Personalized Wife To Husband Full Color Ceramic Mug

Our Personalized Wife To Husband Full Color Ceramic Mug is a perfect Christmas gifts for men because it's one of those things he didn't know he wanted. Surprise the man you love with this thoughtful and creative present for Christmas, his birthday or any special occasion. It allows you to personalize it with your favorite saying or date, and make it known that you're thinking about him during tough work days by making a brief note on his mug.

Our personalize Mugs are an original Christmas list ideas for any guy in your life. Whether they registered at Target as "Married" after a whirlwind wedding weekend or if they've been together for years, our mugs will remind them that there's always someone who cares. 

13. Theragun Mini Percussive Muscle Massager

Feeling like achy muscles are dragging your man down? Introduce him to the new personal care trend that is sweeping the nation, and he’ll love it twice as much, too: Theragun Mini Massagers. With these best Christmas gifts, he can provide himself with at-home therapy without having to set up an appointment or spend enormous sums of money on each session. We get it — who wants to get massaged all over to feel self-indulgent when you could just rub something random on yourself and make it seem totally normal? But percussive massage isn’t just for women (or people without back problems) any more!

14. Levain Bakery Signature Cookie Assortment

Treat your guy with a four pack of Levain Bakery signature cookie assortment. Created for serious men seeking flavors that compare to none, these are the best way to treat any man this year without breaking the bank. Sampling each of the four cookies assuredly is going to leave him fulfilled and happy as he tries all 24 bite size doughs in his mouth again and again. These unique Christmas gifts will show him he was right about his lifestyle choices all along — healthy living mixed with one exceptionally delicious treat per day. 

15. The Iconics Collection

Dear husband, these wonderful Christmas gifts is for you! Got a guy in your life who loves to cook? Perhaps he's been yearning for the perfect gift, but just can't seem to think of it yourself. For all that foodie love - please give him this thoughtful and delicious Christmas present. There are many reasons we’ve created this set here: first off, it includes some iconic items which correlate exactly with one fantastic cooking duo (hello onions!). With these pans called “dishwasher safe aluminum construction" will have items like baby back ribs and coconut shrimp flitting right off the pan surface. 

16. Men's Wool Runners

Your partner might be a free runner, long-distance jogger, or just an average weekend warrior. Either way, he'll love these comfy wool sneakers! These Christmas gift ideas for him are so cool that they almost make it ok to show off his feet to everyone. Oh right, and we didn't mention it before, but did we mention they're machine-washable?

Surprising your dad for Christmas is something else! We often view our dads as these strong figures. Just watch how quickly this can change if you decide to give them one of these items.

Does your dad work in the fire service, or is he maybe a retired fireman? If either of these options is true, this stainless steel tumbler is the perfect Christmas gift for him. The red line on the American flag symbolizes the fire service, and it was developed to show support for injured or fallen firefighters. On the front, it says “Best Dad Ever,” and on the back, you have nutrition facts that every dad has and needs: humor, hard work, strength, and so on. It’s certainly an emotional gift, and you can expect some tears of joy.

Nothing says special like a personalized ceramic mug, and Christmas is the perfect time of the year to surprise someone with a gift as awesome as this. On the front, it says "My girlfriend is hotter than coffee" and then in brackets "Yes, she bought me this mug." If you are a humorous girlfriend looking a special Christmas gift for your boy, this green ceramic mug was born for you. It’s a fun Christmas illustration of another coffee mug, snowflakes all over the mug and bells are a necessity. This holiday season, your boyfriend can sip his warm coffee with this witty message from you - his wonderful partner.

Does your dad like to drink fine alcoholic beverages? If that’s the case, then this Jack Daniels-inspired stainless steel tumbler is a home-run in Christmas gift ideas. It’s got an authentic and beautiful design of this drink all over it, and it says “Dad - Best (World’s #1) Ever. The Man, The Myth, The Legend.” If your dad’s a fan of this fine world-renowned Tennessee whiskey, drop all other ideas you had, and get this stainless steel tumbler.

One of our favorites, though, is this circle ornament. The best part about it, however, is the message on it that says “You're the man, dad. The old man, but still the man.” We often call our dad “old man,” but we do it out of love. Even Dad gets older, but our love for him is deeper than ever before. Remind your dad how much you love him and that years are just a number. Of course, it’s got a Christmas holiday design to it, with snowflakes and mistletoe.

Ever thought about gifting your dad with a bedding set for Christmas? Well, you should. This amazing black, yellow, and white bedding set with all kinds of appreciation for your dad, such as “The Best Dad in the World,” “My Dad is Amazing,” and so on will definitely make your dad stand surprised for a few seconds. What express your love to Dad than these beautiful affirmations? But let him know. It’s not just a creative idea, it’s also useful. Who doesn’t enjoy a completely new and comfy bedding set?

21. 64Hydro Dad Water Tracker Bottle

Have you been worrying and frustrated about how tough it is to pick dad Christmas gifts this year? Well, worry no longer. The new 64Hydro Dad Water Tracker Bottle might be just the thing you're looking for! With a time marker measuring how much water he should drink hour-by-hour, your dad can now stay on track with his water consumption every day. And since Christmas is coming closer and closer every day, there's still enough time to order it in time before Santa arrives!

22. Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560 Digital Charcoal Grill Plus Smoker

He’ll need a really smart griller for cooking on this year — the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560 Digital Charcoal Grill Plus Smoker. Yes, he will be the envy of all his friends when they come over to try this amazing unit that combines grilling with smoking, roasting and even baking! Not only does he have the perfect fuel source (read: coals) already in place, but these bad boys can reach an astounding 220 degrees Fahrenheit without too much effort — it reaches 600 degrees within 15 minutes from cold start-up, which is good enough if you're dealing with some hungry guests who want their food fast.

23. YETI Hopper Flip Portable Cooler

The Hopper Flip Portable Cooler features molded handles on the side for easy carrying, a power cord that keeps up with all of his mini cooler needs from ice-cold beer to fresh strawberries and pistachios, stick feet in each corner which make it easy to set on any surface PLUS, it doubles as a grip bar when you’re screwing into soft ground like lawns or sand. The mens Christmas gifts are made from non-toxic polyethylene plastic material that is resistant to UV rays, oxidation, mildew, fungus growth, plus won’t stain OR keep odours. 

24. BBQ Smoker Gift Set

Who wouldn't enjoy a tailgate or backyard BBQ? Cookouts are the quintessential event for bonding with friends and family, so this Christmas, give dad new inspiration to whip up his famous brisket or ribs. The gift set has everything he needs to join your squad - from smoker box (made of stainless steel and designed to withstand demanding use) to BBQ thermometer (with easy-to-read analogue temperature gauge), recipes, and even smoking wood chips with flavor combinations like Pecan Hickory, Maple Applewood, and Mesquite Smoke. Give him a lovingly curated package that will make him one cool Dad on Christmas Day!

Christmas Gifts for Brother

The last category is dedicated to our lovely brothers. They are our loyal protectors and people that will always be present in our life. So, if you feel like surprising your brother this Christmas, here are a couple of ideas he might like.

Does your brother spend most of his day playing games on his phone, and scrolling through social media? Help your brother avoid hand cramps by giving him this funny phone grip that says “World’s Okayest Brother.” It’s useful, suitable for any brother who enjoys simplicity but got a bit of humor. You love your brother, that’s for sure, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get him a gift that is a bit funny in nature.

Here’s a fun Christmas idea for your brother that he’ll get to use almost daily. This stainless steel insulated tumbler says, “I smile because you are my brother. I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it.” It’s a great way for you to show how much you appreciate your brother. You two enjoy shared moments of laughter, and since he’s your brother, there’s nothing that can change that - another reason to smile! You can also add his name on the back. It’ll definitely stand out from all the other Christmas gifts, and we can guarantee100% that your brother will love it.

The last item on our list is this Christmas-themed ceramic mug that says “You’re an amazing human. What an incredible brother you are. I’d be an idiot if I didn’t tell you how much I love you!” . It seems like a heart-rendering gift when your brother looks closely. But at the first glance, he’ll see that it says, “You’re An Idiot.” It is so funny, which makes your brother burst into tears. This is a chance to pull a prank on your brother, but at the same time, remind him how much you actually love him!

29. Persol Sunglasses

Persol Sunglasses are one of must gifts for Christmas, but you might not know where to turn. This stylish eye coverage will never go out of style, and they come in quite a few different colors so that you can treat your man for every occasion. He’ll be sure to love this pair of sunglasses — after all, he’s waited long enough! 

These sunglasses are feminine with a masculine edge, and you can find just the right style for your brother. Choose from aviator or rectangular frames for a retro vibe, perfect for his favorite era-rounded appeal. The tortoiseshell gives these shades some traditional flair that will work well with any outfit, whether he's dressing up to go out on the town or wearing them as part of his weekday uniform.

30. Adventure Essentials Survival Kit

Trust me, when it comes to getting stuck without a lighter and some matches, we've all been there. You may think your brother is just such an expert outdoorsman that he doesn't need this survival kit yet, but the other option is becoming the butt of his friends' jokes or stumbling into something else that could cost you time or, more importantly, his safety. The best part about this kit, though? It fits everything for emergencies inside the pocket of a lighthouse flashlight, so if anything happens on his next journey, don't panic. Slip this little guy in his car with one hand before taking off on a cross-country road trip, and I guarantee he’ll be glad later!

31. Micro Bluetooth Speaker

The best way to greet Christmas without breaking your bank is right with the SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker. The compact and smart sound system packs a serious volume punch, and the tear-resistant silicone strap on the back ensures its easy for you or any of those loveable tech geeks in your life to hook this baby up wherever they go! It holds plenty of battery power, so there’s no need for downtime. This outstanding little speaker comes in three different colors: black, midnight blue, or bright orange — just waiting for your special someone to customize a soundtrack that will take them on any adventure in style.

32. Away’s The Everywhere Bag

It's a perfect Christmas idea for men who love travelling. Travel has never been so stylish! Look no further than the Away’s Everywhere Bag, a perfect carry-on bag geared towards life on the go. Its sleek design is ideal for both men and women with busy schedules who are always on the move. It features a built-in battery pack that recharges your electronics while away from an outlet, as well as enough space to hold whatever essentials you may need for any trip of length or duration. The perfect gift for first-time travelers, frequent flyers- this patented luggage will have any consumer loving their next destination in no time flat.

33. Air Jordan 1 Retro

Are you finding a trendy gift for your brother? If you're trying to buy shoe envy, well, here's a pair. This is the Air Jordan 1 Retro — Michael Jordan's first signature shoe and for superfans like him out there who are always talking about The Last Dance-ahh... these are perfect. The detail is what really sets these Jordans apart from all others — you'll see exactly where every stitch goes on his Nikes because we can't wait to share them with you. But don't dawdle, or they will be gone before you know it! Plus, being that they are classics, they'll appreciate in value immediately and be an excellent investment for any future gifts or requests!

34. Wooden Docking Station

This Christmas, give your brother the gift that he deserves! A personalized docking station that he can proudly show off in his bedroom. We all know how challenging it can be to find a time for family bonding during the holidays with work deadlines and everything else on our plate. Make sure your brother is feeling taken care of this year by giving him an item that will inspire him to take a break from checking screens. His stuff will always be perfectly organized, and he'll have a place for all his remotes, hair accessories, and anything else. That kept you up at night trying to figure out where it was.

Christmas Gifts for Grandfathers

35. Echo Show 10

How does Echo Show 10 change the world? With its inventive design and all-additional features, the splendid Christmas gift will take your grandfather from simply watching movies to cooking with a chef. Need help on how to fix something? Here you go! Concerned that grandpa’s getting lonely? Video chat with him easily by swivelling this inspirational device in his direction using the accompanying Bluetooth enabled earpiece for crisp sound quality. It can even release 10 hours of battery power after only 15 minutes of uninterrupted charging, so he can stay connected, while multi-room music would also be possible with the Foxconn designed speaker. So what are you waiting for? Get someone I love one now and say “thanks” during happy holidays!

36. Scrabble Luxe Edition Game

Is your grandfather a Scrabble fiend? The great Christmas gifts for men who love words! Delightful letter racks hold all the tiles in place and even have room for more. Let this game’s chic appearance serve as the envy of every avid board gamer out there. So whether it’s a birthday, Father's Day, Valentine's Day or just because we need to do something nice for that special person in our lives this year (that will be remembered long after they've seen through that other lame gift they got), give them an experience with Scrabble Luxe Edition Game!

37. Person Dark Room Tent With Screen Room

Are you looking for the fun Christmas gifts ever for your grandfather, who loves camping? This is it. The 4-person outdoor tent with screen room by this company will make any outdoorsman's (or woman) heart skip a beat. Inspired by nature, this spacious and luxurious darkroom comes complete with a roomy storage area to hang clothes, or store gear for those long hikes or bike rides. With unique features like arrow loops around the floorless perimeter and side panel windows, he’ll never feel too closed in when taking time out from his boring life to explore!

38. Cashmere Crewneck Sweater

Sometimes the right Christmas gift ideas for men is hard to find. You want to show your grandfather that you care for him too much, but he doesn’t have many needs or special hobbies. Well, we just know an item of clothing that checks all those boxes — goodbye gift anxiety! This humble cashmere sweater is a straightforward choice when looking for a thoughtful, yet conventional gift. Made from luxurious organic fabric and made in Italy — albeit by robots who are probably more humane than what happens elsewhere! The best part about this sweater? It only gets better with time, so expect it to be his go-to article of clothing year after year (maybe you’ll get sick of seeing it!).

Pick a personalized gift from 64Hydro for your loved ones. We have the perfect Christmas gifts for all of them! Whether you're looking to pick up something special for your boyfriend, dad, husband or brother - we've got it covered with our wide range of products that will suit any personality and occasion. You can choose from over 60 unique items, including t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, hats and more. What are you waiting for? Browse through our selection now before it's too late!

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