Baseball Dad Gifts - What To Give Your Dad If He Loves Baseball

September 16, 2022 10 min read

Men aren’t always that easy to buy gifts for - they don’t seem as open about what they want as women are. But, that doesn’t mean that our fathers don’t want anything and would reject a present!
If by any chance, your dad is a baseball fan - you’re in luck. This list of baseball dad gifts will most definitely help you find a suitable gift for your dad.
These gifts are all inspired by baseball and are truly perfect for anyone who loves baseball, especially your dad.
With any of the items on this list, you’ll let your dad know how much you appreciate him, but also that you pay attention to his interests and hobbies, which will make him feel loved and cared for.
So, let’s get to this baseball-inspired list of gifts for your dad!for-dad-baseball

The quote on this water tracker bottle says “Hit hard, run fast, turn left”, which are some of the essential skills a baseball player is supposed to have. On the other side, you have a water tracking pattern, which will help your dad stay hydrated throughout the day. At every checkpoint, there are motivational words like “Don’t give up” and “Remember your goal”, which will help your dad stay on track with his goals. We’re sure that any baseball-loving dad will adore this water bottle and carry it to his practices all the time!

This gift is special for a number of reasons. First, you can see an illustration of a dad carrying his son on his shoulders, both wearing baseball uniforms, which is a very endearing image. However, what’s even more touching is the message on the other side of the tumbler that reads: “Dear dad, thank you for teaching me to play, for getting me to my games, for being my superhero, for believing in me, for being my biggest fan”. It depicts all the roles a father has in his son’s life. This quote is not only encourage him to chase his baseball journey but also be a superhero in all aspects of life.

This water tracker bottle is similar to the first one - the quote on the front is the same: “Hit hard, run fast, turn left”. However, the back is where they differ. While they are both made to help track your water intake throughout the day, this one has different words at the checkpoints. These have words such as “Pitching”, “Hitting”, and “Breaking Ball”, which are all baseball-related and famous terms, and are sure to win over any baseball fan. If you get your dad this bottle, every baseball enthusiast will envy him for it. Give your dad something to brag about to his baseball buddies!

The quote says: “I teach my kids to hit and steal”, which can sound a bit problematic without context, but in baseball terms, it means that you’re the best baseball dad in the world. Hitting and stealing are two essential moves that any player should be able to perform, so any dad who teaches his kids to do them is a great one. The bottle itself looks like a giant baseball with another baseball on the bottom of it - never enough baseballs, especially when you’re constantly hitting home runs!

If you want something that your dad can carry with him and be able to show off, then this is the gift you should get. A T-Shirt is such a versatile gift and when you pair it with an amazing quote like: “My favorite player calls me dad”, you’ve got a winning combo. The quote implies that, even though the dad is a big baseball fan, there is no better and more beloved player to him than his kid. And, if we take into consideration the US flag in the background, there is probably no more American gift that you can give to your dad - baseball and America are like two peas in a pod!

If you want to find a small, but funny gift for Dad this Christmas, or just something he can hang in his office, we’ve got just the gift for you. This ornament shows a variety of baseball pitching grips, such as the circle changeup, knuckleball, knuckle curveball, four-seam fastball, changeup, curveball, split-finger fastball, two-seam fastball, and forkball grip. This gift will be especially great if your dad was the one teaching you how to play baseball, as he would have taught you these pitching grips in the first place. Not to mention how aesthetically pleasing this ornament is hanging from a Christmas tree or in his office!

Another clothing item gift that you can give to your dad is this amazing hoodie. On the front, it says “Best coach dad ever”. For anyone that had the privilege of their dad teaching them how to play baseball, this hoodie will do the job of saying thank you. Having the roles of a father and a coach combined into one person is invaluable, as you have the love and security of a dad paired with the discipline and perseverance of a coach to create a top-tier combo. And last but not least, the design is versatile and very wearable, which will ensure that your dad can show this wonderful gift off wherever he goes.

Most dads love drinking coffee, so why not make that ritual much more special by giving him a meaningful cup to drink his coffee out of? This one is perfect for that. Aside from the adorable image of a dad and son playing baseball, it has a very touching quote, as well. It reads: “Behind every baseball player who believes in himself is a baseball dad who believed in him first”. What this quote emphasizes is the importance of support and faith in a child from the very beginning, and how big of a dad role in that. It shows appreciation to your dad for believing in you when you were just starting out, which resulted in you being a confident baseball player.

Personalized gifts are the best kinds of gifts according to many, which is why we put this one on our list. You can add your dad’s name to the front of the tumbler and really make it his own. In addition to that, the tumbler is adorned with a beautiful quote: “The influence of a great dad can never be stolen”, which is a little nod to the stealing move that can be done in baseball. Moreover, the design really helps the tumbler look like one giant baseball.

Pop sockets are a practical contraption, and if you pair it with a witty quote, you’ve got yourself a winning combo. This one, in particular, says: “Dad of ballers”, alluding to baseball players, but also someone who is just great at what they are doing. This way, your dad is able to show how proud he is of you wherever he goes, whenever he uses his phone. Everyone in his environment will know how great his kid is but also see the bond you two have. Not to mention how useful this little guy is - no more dropping phones for your dad!

With this hoodie that says: “My heart is on that field”, you are acknowledging the fact that your dad is with you every step of the way, whether it’s in practice or on game day. It doesn’t matter where your dad is physically at that moment because his heart is with you on the field, and that’s all that matters. This phenomenal hoodie is done in all-white which is an amazing touch. Besides, there’s the baseball and the baseball bat to really make this piece of clothing stand out from the rest!

Another personalized gift that will make your dad’s day, no matter the occasion you give it to him on. This wine tumbler gives you the ability to add your and your dad’s names to a touching image of a dad and little boy carrying a baseball bat and holding hands. On the other side of that tumbler, you have the quote that says: “Baseball dad - like a normal dad only cooler”, in a dictionary format. Not only is this super impressive, but also a fun message to show your dad that you do in fact find him cool. Many parents worry if their kids are embarrassed by them, so with this gift, you’ll wash those worries right away.

This is a perfect gift for all God-loving dads that rely on His guidance to find a way for themselves and their children. The quote reads: “With God, all things are possible”, which is a quote from Matthew 19:26. It shows how, even in times of hardship and doubt, God will give you the strength to get to your goals. If you add your dad to that equation, you are invincible. The other side of the bottle has motivational messages at each checkpoint to push your dad to achieve his daily water intake goals. The bottle is done in an amazing print that resembles a baseball, which is really fit for the occasion!

Dads always have some incredible motivational quotes when they are needed and this might have been one of them. This cool cup says: “Never give up, the last swing could win the game”.It’s a sentence that makes has the ability to give you the strength to hold on just a little while longer even if you feel it’s in vain. And we all know that parents face a bunch of hardships in life. So, if your dad is missing a little push, this cup will give him just that whenever he drinks his favorite coffee. This coffee mug is unique when it comes to design, since it resembles a big baseball with red stitches - and that’s what gives it character!

Aside from the option of adding your dad’s name to the tumbler, you also have a fantastic quote that will make even the toughest of dads’ hearts swell. It says: “Baseball dad; Some people have to wait their entire lives to meet their favorite player. I raised mine”. The quote suggests that your dad had the privilege of playing a crucial role in you becoming who you are today, both as a person and as a player. Not only that, but by gifting this tumbler to your dad, you are also acknowledging how important he was in your formative years and beyond.

We’ve established that personalizing a gift makes it feel so much more special, so why not add your dad’s name to this one as well, right? Aside from that awesome feature, the front of the tumbler has a pretty cool quote: “Eat, sleep, baseball, repeat”. It reflects the dedication a baseball dad has, as well as how appreciated it is. Baseball dads live and breathe baseball, and they are willing to give anything just so their kids can live out their dreams. The tumbler comes in all matte black with a highly detailed silhouette of a player standing in a position to take a swing at a ball, under it, you’ll find a place for your dad’s name. This gift is great at showing that that is not lost on you and that you are thankful for it.

This is a personalized gift for your beloved Dad that can play a huge role in his everyday life. Not only is it practical, but it also has a super important message to get your dad through some trying times. It says: “Take pride in how far you have come. Have faith in how far you can go”. The accent is on how all of the strength that your dad has shown wasn’t in vain and that it has made him stronger, but also on the fact that he should have faith in himself in all of the situations that are yet to come. Plus, the rugged design of wood fences and used baseballs with a place for your or your dad’s name in the middle really gives this bottle carrier some character and soul!

And last but not least, we have another personalized gift, this time a cool ornament. The back allows you to put your dad’s name next to an illustration of a baseball player. The front bears a great baseball-inspired quote: “When life throws curve balls, grab a bat and swing”. It encourages your Dad to try his best, even when things get difficult, instead of surrendering. That’s what a great baseball player does, and that’s what a great dad does, as well. This ornament is round, which already makes it resemble a baseball, but when you see the ultra-realistic red stitches in the top and bottom, you’ll even mistake it for the real thing! On the other side, you can customize your dad’s name and jersey number which really gives this gift a personal touch.

We’ve given you a list of some of the best gifts that you can give to your dad if he is an avid baseball fan. There is a wide range of items to choose from, so you can definitely find something for your daddy's dearest.
From lighthearted and witty quotes to ones with more depth of meaning, each of these gifts will deliver an important message to your dad - that you appreciate him.
So, no matter what occasion you’re giving him these gifts for, they will always reflect how much his efforts meant to you, both on and off the field.
Happy shopping!