Camping Dad Gifts - 20 Presents That’ll Make His Campouts Even Better

August 30, 2022 10 min read

Whether it’s your dad's birthday, Christmas, or Father's Day, the outdoorsy dad will always appreciate a round of great camping gifts.
However, shopping for a memorable present for your camping-lover father might feel overwhelming - especially if you aren't much of an outdoors person yourself.
But don't stress, we got you covered! To make finding a perfect present for your dad as pain-free as possible, we have compiled this special list of the best camping dad gifts!
Whatever present you end up getting your dad from this list, you can be sure that he'll very much enjoy it, especially on his next outdoor adventure.
Let's have a look at these 20 awesome camping-related gift ideas for your dad!

For starters, we have this breathtaking tumbler depicting a campsite complete with a tent, a camper van, and a father and his daughter cooking a meal. On the back, you can put your dad's name, while the front reads: “Some dads like drinking with their friends, great dads go camping with daughters”. Father-daughter camping getaways are a great way to escape and connect with nature while creating some everlasting beautiful memories. The camping vacations you had with your dad were undoubtedly significant experiences, so show your gratitude by giving him this tumbler!

Featuring a campsite with mountains and a few trees in the background, this amazing mug is ideal for dads who are camping kings. Besides, it features a “Best camping dad ever” saying framing the artwork. That could be a perfect compliment to your Dad and express how dedicated he is! The finest camping trips are the ones you go with your dad, although he may not realize it. Grab this magnificent mug for your father, and show him he’s the best camper out there, and rest assured - he’ll be very pleased with the gift!

We think you won’t find a better gift than this nature-inspired mug. The backside has a spot for your dad’s name, while the front reads “Eat, sleep, camp, repeat”. The remark is so memorable since it captures the spirit of every camper, including your dad. The design is wonderful as well, with a starry sky and a forest in a variety of lush green hues. All in all, this fantastic gift will definitely render your dad mute!

“My favorite camping buddies call me dad,” says the back of this tee. You are the lovely person and nature lover that you are today because your outdoorsy father practically raised you in the open air. So, this tee is a terrific way to show your dad how much you cherish those campfire nights with the family and to thank him for being an outstanding role model. With the front illustration depicting a bear family around a campfire and the papa bear raising a beer cup for a toast, this tee is the ideal camping gift for a dad. We anticipate that he's going to be overjoyed beyond words and wear this one whenever he’s not wearing camouflage!

If you care about your dad’s well-being, you should consider getting him this water bottle carrier. It features a tent on top of a camping lantern and a sky background with swirling rivers of greenish-blue light. And, you’ll find the words “Camping dad - like a normal dad, just cooler”. This quote is so special since it depicts dad’s favorite activity with his kids - camping out in the woods, staying overnight in tents, and staring at the sky full of stars. Thank your dad for taking you on the coolest trips with this fantastic water bottle!

Check out this mesmerizing pop socket! It is the perfect gift for a dad who enjoys nothing more than a day spent in nature.  It says “Camping dad = happy dad.” For your father, camping is the answer - no matter the question. Falling asleep by a babbling brook and waking up to a choir of chirping birds is the thing that makes your dad the happiest man on the planet. Besides, this grip shows a campsite complete with a tent, bonfire, distant trees, mountains, and a sunset sky with a collision of orange-pinkish hues. Make your dad be over the moon with this modest yet thoughtful present

What you need to surprise your Dad is this black hoodie with a palette of warm yellow and red-orange colors and an RV silhouette. The artwork is framed with the clever words, "Never underestimate an old man with a motorhome". RV living is a fantastic way to delay the onset of golden years. Your father, like any man, will mature and gain wisdom through exposure to the world's wonders, including breathtaking scenery, abundant wildlife, and the liberty to go anyplace on the planet. There’s no doubt this hoodie will become his go-to hoodie for the colder days on the road, especially since it’s a gift from you.

“Life is better when I’m camping,” says this amazing hoodie. And it’s probably something you’ve heard your dad say thousands of times. This sleek black hoodie features breathtaking artwork of a campsite surrounded by woods and yellow scenery in the back. For your dad, nothing touches his soul quite like the feeling you get when in the great outdoors. He finds comfort, inspiration, joy, company, and more in nature. That’s why this is an ideal camping dad gift to demonstrate how much you value his outdoorsy character and his lifestyle. We guarantee you it will be the first item on his camping checklist.

The striking campfire mug is designed with a shiny metallic rim, a forest-at-night-themed grey backdrop, and mountain peeks placed inside a colorful circular field. Besides, you can find the words “Daddy’s adventure mug” and two beer mugs. There are few travel adventures as rewarding as pitching your tent as the sun sinks beyond the horizon and having a cup of coffee or beer while looking at the fire. He’ll be delighted to have a mug he got from you on his camping trips around the world.

We are completely sure you won’t find a more unique and better-looking gift for your camping dad than this mesmerizing van-themed tumbler! The design is crisp, and the grey-black hues are bright and bold since it was created using cutting-edge 3D printing technology. Remind your dad that life is one beautiful ride with this striking royal van-inspired tumbler and let it be his best road companion! Without a doubt, your dad will be overjoyed with this gift and will be eternally grateful for receiving it!

Do you remember the stories your dad used to tell you about Bigfoot and the aliens he encountered while camping? If so, then we have a perfect gift for your dad! This basic black tee is adorned with vivid artwork depicting the Sasquatch clutching the hand of an alien in the dark, with UFOs and flying dinosaurs in the abstract-colored sky above them. There’s no doubt your dad, who is a big science function fan and a great camper, will be overjoyed with this tee. So, don’t waste any more time, and purchase it today!

It's widely known that campfire mugs are a hot item when it comes to buying presents for outdoorsy dads. So, we provide you with one of the finest campfire mugs for fathers.  It reads: “Dad - the man, the myth, the camping legend”.  Your dad is a living legend in the camping world since he is one of those people that lives by the motto – wander often, wonder always. This mug's design uses a pastel color scheme of yellow, beige, and blue, and it features a campsite complete with a tent and a tree line. Give this mug to your father as a thank you for all the amazing camping trips you've been on together, and see the joy on his face as he uses it!

Is your dad both a wine and a camper-lover? If so. We have a perfect gift for him. Check out this extraordinary wine tumbler. The front has the words "Still play outdoors", a mountain range, and a setting sun against a retro-style background, while the back features a compass and a hippy van adorned with a beautiful nature piece. Camping calls for a man's innate curiosity, joy of discovery, and passion to be fully awakened; only then will he find himself in an environment where he may play like a child. Your dad is the ultimate nature lover, so get him this wine tumbler so he may sip his favorite wine while sitting by the fire.

This mug especially is a personalized gift for dad that he will fall in love at the first sight. On the back, you can put your dad’s name under an artwork of a colorful camper van surrounded by trees, while the front has an “I might look like I’m listening to you, but in my head, I’m camping” funny saying written in a striking green color. For your dad, there’s nothing quite like falling asleep under the blanket of stars; it’s a soul-nourishing and strengthening experience. That's why, even as he sips his coffee in the morning before heading to the office, this mug will transport him back to those amazing times spent beneath a starry sky in the great outdoors. 

If you were searching for a creative camping dad gift, then consider getting him this fascinating stainless steel insulated tumbler. The back of the bottle depicts a hiking backpack with a nat design and a space for your or your father’s name. On the other hand, the front features a “Let’s get lost” phrase on the front along with a starry night sky with a moon and artwork of a family bonding next to a fire in the forest. Family camping getaways are a great way to escape and connect with nature, while strengthening bonds and creating new memories for everyone to cherish. Don’t hesitate and get your dad this awesome bottle as a thank you for being the coolest outdoorsy old man.

One of the ways to satisfy your camping dad, that is by gifting him this tree ornament in the shape of a camper van tire. Besides, the ornament reads: “I hate people”. It is a funny way of expressing how beautiful solo camping trips are, where you disconnect completely and experience nature at its best! The design depicts a campsite with a treeline, mountains, and a sunset with a magically colored sky. Get your dad this special ornament this Christmas to show him that you understand his need to escape in the woods every once in the while. Rest assured your dad is gonna brag about how he got the best Christmas present this year!

Do you know what I'm talking about when I say ugly Christmas sweaters? Those vintage knitted sweaters that are maybe in poor taste but nonetheless hip and trendy. Well, this tumbler has exactly the same design in orange-brownish tones. This mug reads, "Shuh duh fuh cup", in case your dad gets weary of people interrupting him when he's midway through his morning brew. Plus, it features a bear chilling by the fire and lifting a beer as the forest recedes in the distance. On the rims, you’ll find typical Christmas elements, but this time followed by the camping tent and fire. There’s an option of placing your dad’s name on the back in an interesting typeface, which will give it a personal touch!

Looking for a classy but practical present for your outdoors-loving dad? This insulated tumbler’s full matte black background paired with soothing green-yellowish tones is something your dad will enjoy! The front reads in a bold style, "It's time for a new adventure", while the reverse depicts a compass and a hippy van carrying a little of nature. Your father will be reminded to hit the road in his RV whenever he begins moaning about how boring life is or how much he despises his office job by reading the phrase on this tumbler.

Is your dad an experienced Bigfoot tracker? Then we know just the thing to give him if that's the case. In the front, this bottle with straw top features a Bigfoot silhouette colored with an artwork of a nighttime landscape with trees and a moon in the starry sky. As for the back, it has a phrase“Official Bigfoot research team” written against a wooden scrapbook paper background. The name of his research group might be added underneath the sentence for an extra sense of uniqueness. On your dad’s camping trips where he investigates the Sasquatch mystery, this bottle will definitely come in handy! This is an amazing present your hunting dad is sure to find fascinating.

This beautiful campfire mug has a forest-themed background and reads, "Home is where dad parks it". The sentence is printed in bright yellow and blue colors, making it stand out. It is a special saying because it illustrates how, for nature lovers, homesickness is a silly thing when they have Mother Nature. The backside of this mug features a realistic artwork of a camper van parked in nature while the tree line recedes in the background. Get this campfire mug for your father as a token of your appreciation for everything he has done to prepare you for a life in the outdoors. He is going to be blown away by this thoughtful and useful present, that's for sure!

So, what’s the best gift for your camping-obsessed dad? Well, going on camping trips with his kids is at the top of the list, of course.
But there's more you can do to thank him for the incredible journeys he brought you on - present him with a creative token of your gratitude.
With that in mind, we’re hoping you'll find this post useful as you search for the best camping dad gifts.
Any one of the items listed above would be perfect for showing your outdoor enthusiast dad how much you care about him.
In the end, don’t stress out too much! The sheer fact that you thought of him at all will mean the world to your outdoorsy dad!