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May 27, 2021 19 min read

It's that time of year again. You're running around, trying to find a perfect gift for your mom, dad, sisters, and brothers. What about the doctors in your life? You know that your doctor is the best in their field, and you want to thank them for a job well done! Here are 10+ awesome personalized doctor gifts in 2021 for you to choose from. They range from simple thank-you cards with a heartfelt message to handcrafted necklaces - there is something for everyone!

If you're looking for a great personalized gift idea for the physician in your life, check out these custom gifts, sure to make any physician smile. We hope you enjoy our list!

Personalized thank-you gifts for doctors

A simple “thank you” goes a long way, especially with someone whose work is often taken for granted. We go through life often not thinking about what other people sacrifice to do well in their fields, and doctors are constantly under the pressure of performing well. Here are a few “thank-you” gifts for doctors your doctor might enjoy:

Christmas ornaments are an amazing option when it comes to presents. This ornament carries a simple message that’ll make any doctor’s heart melt: “You may be proud of the work you do, the person you are, and the difference you make. Thank you”. This endearing message really sums up what doctors are. They are people that do hard work, full of will to help and make a difference. Besides the “thank you” on the other side, there’s an amazing design with vital signs that make up a heart and a stethoscope.

An extraordinary mug that houses a simple message that every doctor can relate to. The front part says: “It’s a beautiful day to save lives”, which just amplifies the feeling of gratitude we have for our doctors. This might be a beautiful day, but doctors don’t choose whether they go to work, depending on the weather. They go in and do what they do best every day, and that’s something that’s worth all the respect. On the backside, there’s a designated space for your favorite doctor’s name, surrounded by a heart made out of a stethoscope.

Doctors often have to run out of the house for a late-night call-in or a medical emergency. That’s why it’s important that they have a trusty tumbler that they can pour hot (or cold) coffee in and “bounce”! Well, this tumbler carries the message: “This is what an awesome doctor looks like” under it, there’s an arrow pointing up, which lets everybody know what title your favorite doc carries proudly. Besides the rugged metal-like design, there’s the Staff of Hermes, that’s a very well-known symbol in this field. We’re sure that your favorite doctor will thoroughly enjoy sipping their hot coffee in front of their colleagues and subtly bragging about it.

This particular piece has an amazing rubber-style design on the front that shows a doctor’s coat with several items that people in this profession often use. There’s a stethoscope, a pair of pens, some pills, and a thermometer. On the other side, there are a few nutrition facts regarding a doctor’s lifestyle. Some of the most memorable are: Hard working (1000%), Unrivaled skill (500%), and Sleep (0%) which are hilarious and true at the same time. This is a phenomenal yet playful way of saying thanks to your doctor. Trust us, if you go with this tumbler, you’ll regularly see your doc sipping from it!

This mug has a message written on it that perfectly summarizes our feelings towards our favorite doctor: “A truly great doctor is hard to find, difficult to part with & impossible to forget”, which are all true. It’s not often that we run into great doctors, and when we do, it’s really hard to seek help somewhere else and forget the great experience that you had with the said doctor. Nobody likes getting checked out, being able to build a relationship of trust and respect with your doctor is an important thing. On the other side of this mug, there’s a designated space for your doctor’s pic and name, which further accentuates the level of personalization. 

Unique personalized graduation gifts for doctors

“Doctor survival kit - in case of emergency pull cork” is a clever way of saying that your doctor enjoys a glass of wine or two since it’s so good for your blood! People in this profession often deal with stress and anxiety, and a tall glass of some nice wine helps mellow that down from time to time. This tote bag says this perfectly and makes for an ideal gift to a doctor that you know is also a wine lover. Besides the joking quote, this tote bag offers a stunning background design that features all things “medical” - from bandaids, pills, needles, and microscopes. Cop this one and surprise your favorite wine-enjoying doctor the next time you see them!

Doctors often lack time to relax, and when they find that time, they’re often not optimally using it. Candles are known to reduce stress and calm the people around them, and that’s what makes this next item list so perfect. This soy wax candle carries a hilarious message that says: “Look at you becoming a doctor & shit”, which are actually words of encouragement hidden behind a poke at the recipient of this gift. Medicine students often know how far the goal of becoming a doctor can feel, and actually becoming one is a big deal! This candle is a perfect way of letting your young doctor friend know that you’re aware that becoming a doctor “& shit” is a big deal!

“Please don’t confuse your Google search with my medical degree” is a hysterically funny quote since, in the age of the internet, it seems that people have forgotten how many years it takes to know what you’re talking about in the field of medicine. Some people often look for answers in the Google search engine without consulting their doctor first, which is quite frustrating for people that have spent 10+ years in order to collect the knowledge they have in this scientific field. Get this one to your doctor friend, and you’ll see that they’ll chuckle with a dose of frustration every time they take a look at the back of this tumbler!

We have another amazing mug for you. It’s hard to put only one item of this popularity on the list since we all know that doctors spend half their waking hours sipping out of a mug. Well, if that’s the case, why not give your favorite doc a new mug to sip from? This one carries the message of: “The one where *insert name* becomes a DOCTOR”, with the word “doctor” being in a well-known font from the famous series “Friends”. It’s a combination of a well-known quote and an amazing background design featuring all-things medicine. You can get your doctor’s name on the mug and give it a personal touch with that, which is always quite nice, considering how many gifts doctors receive!

Female doctors are always super-human. This is a simple yet impossible not to stare into mug that’s perfect for a morning cup of coffee. On the front, there’s a silhouette of a female with her hair tied high and a pair of glasses with the words: “Doctor life” written below it. On the other side, there’s a heart-shaped stethoscope with a designated space for your doc’s name. The background is a floral design with a few things that might be familiar to your friends from the medical field, such as chemistry dishes, a microscope, some pills, and a medical bag. It’s a perfect simple gift that says “thank you” in simple terms.

Meaningful and personalized retirement gifts for doctors

Doctors have a pretty eventful career. After a decade of learning and many, many decades of helping others, it’s time to get some rest and enjoy retirement. Here are a few gifts that your newly-retired doctors might use throughout their retirement:

This all-black background mug carries a simple message with a lot of meaning to the bearer of the mug. It says: “Retired doctors make the best grandpas”, which is perfectly true. Grandchildren can be a handful, especially when they run around restlessly. When they hurt their elbow or knee, grandpa’s there to fix it, and that’s why retired doctors make the best grandpas. On the other side of this mug, there’s a special place for your grandpa’s name, as well as a stethoscope that signifies his career path. This black-and-orange mug is a perfect way to make a grandpa smile!

We have a stainless steel tumbler that’ll serve any retired doctor to sip their scolding hot coffee while enjoying their early-morning routine. The best part is that besides the amazing design on the front that has the American flag in black&white and the Staff of Hermes in gold, right above your doctor’s name, there’s a simple quote on the back that says: “The legend has retired -2022-” which is a simple quote that’ll let everybody in the holder’s vicinity that they’re retired and enjoying life. The year can be changed, as well as the name on the front. Cop this one for your freshly-retired friend and make their mornings that much more enjoyable!

A bedding set is one of the most original presents you can go with, and this particular bedding set is one of the best ones a retired doctor can have the pleasure of sleeping on. Among many endearing messages, there are a few recurring themes. All of the messages written on this bedding set are words of encouragement and gratefulness that your retired doc needs to hear. Besides the messages, there are a few things that are a symbol of a career in medicine. In the center, there is the Staff of Hermes, which is a universal sign for the profession, then there are hearts, vitals, a stethoscope, and a medical bag, all scattered around the bedding.!

Christmas is coming soon, and an ornament would be a perfect 2in1 gift. The front of it says: “Enjoy the next chapter” which means that retired doctor has quite a lot of time on their hands, and they better enjoy what’s coming in life! The other side has a designated space for the doctor’s name, as well as the subtle floral design that’s visible on the other side as well. This rustic feel that’s achieved with the background design truly makes this ornament a unique and unforgettable present. Gift this to your favorite retired doc, and feel confident that they’ll enjoy their retirement just a bit more because of you!

When a big chapter in life is over, we often don’t know what to do with all the free time we have on our hands. That’s what this mug addresses, and with confidence! The front of it says “Relax, Eat, Travel, Indulge, Read, Enjoy” - and those are all things that retired doctors love to partake in. On the back, there’s a rainbow made out of different designs, with a heart-shaped stethoscope in the middle, with your doctor’s name below it. The rest of the mug is pretty simple, with a matte-white background and a few medicine-related items such as needles, thermometers, pills, and medicine. 

Funny personalized gifts for doctors

We look at doctors as serious individuals that need to retain a level of focus and professional behavior because of the nature of their work. But, at the end of the day, they’re people - just like us, and they love to joke around. Here are some of the best funny personalized gifts for doctors we have on our website:

This amazing water bottle has the cutest design on the front, with a little ghost nurse with a nurse cap holding a syringe. Above and below it, there’s a message that reads: “I will stab you in every universe”, which is a funny quote that everyone who has handles a syringe can relate to. Nobody likes getting poked with these things, so our friends in the medical field can use that to scare us from time to time. Under it, there’s a special place to put your doctor’s name, and a heart with a cross that signifies their profession. On the other side, there are reminders for when to drink some water. It’s an amazing overall gift for any medical professional that’s on the go!

Originality is one of those characteristics that you don’t expect from your doctor but deeply value and love your doctor for. That’s what this wine tumbler accentuates with a picture of a plain horse that has the words “other doctors” above it and then a unicorn dancing around the pole with glitter all over it with the name of your favorite doctor above it. This simple design explains how much you appreciate your doctor for being different and original, since that really helps with building relationships on a personal level with a doctor. The rest of the tumbler is quite colorful, with hues of pink, red, and purple all over the edges. Cop this one for a colorful and original medical professional, and they’ll sip their favorite chardonnay from it every chance they get!

A playful design is always adored by doctors, especially ones that work with kids. This one has  the words: “Doctasaurus - like a normal doctor but more awesome”, which is a hilarious wordplay between “dinosaurs”and “doctor”. There’s an appropriate drawing of a dino walking around, surrounded with medical supplies, which really gives this wine tumbler the theme that we’re going for. On the other side, there’s a special place to put the doc’s name on and make it as personal as it can get. Consider this one for your favorite pediatrician!

Christmas personalized gifts for doctors

Christmas is just around the corner, and getting gifts for a doctor is never easy, so we decided to help you with a few of our best-selling products that are suitable as a Christmas-themed Christmas present:

Sweaters are always a good choice since you know the recipient has no other choice but o wear it, regardless of how silly it is! This one has a simple quote on it that says: “Trust me, I’m a doctor”, and in most cases, when this is said, it’s true. Just trust the person that’s a doctor, and don’t ask too many questions! It’s a hilarious but very cute design with Christmas trees and other Christmas decorations all around it. The center of this Christmas sweater is a heart with vital signals on it, which fits the theme perfectly!

As we’re approaching the Christmas period of the year, this amazing ornament fits perfectly into this theme. This is a very detailed ornament that houses a lot of things that doctors hold dear to their hearts and use almost every day. Firstly, there is a Staff of Hermes on both the front and the back, syringes, microscopes, DNA, a stethoscope, but also some Christmas-themed items such as snowflakes, Christmas tree round-shaped ornaments, and a star on the top of the design there. Overall, this is a gift for a Christmas-loving doctor that enjoys intricate designs of all kinds. 

This mug is an amazing mix of minimalistic and Christmas design. On the front, there’s the message that reads: “Doctors can’t fix stupid, but we can sedate it” which is a hilarious quote, especially when you take into consideration that many difficulties in the doctor profession come from stupidity. This quote is guaranteed to make every doctor chuckle, at least a little bit. On the back side of this mug, there’s a designated space for your favorite doctor’s name and a few things that they’re sure to use every day behind it.!

Other Recommendations of Personalized Doctor Gifts

Thank You Chocolate

Got a doctor that you can't stop thanking? Send them this!

Chocolate makes everyone happy, and no one says no to a yummy treat! Express gratitude for your doctors with these neatly-packed boxes that come personalized with the date of the special event. When you put it in front of your doctor, they'll smile. These chocolates are a delightful way to say thanks and show our appreciation.

Personalized Pen & Pencil Set

To cap off any healthcare professional’s day is their opportunity to make someone feel welcome. With this personalized doctor pen set, they can do it in style! Thank your physician for the great care by giving them this personalized pen set with three writing utensils. The wood keepsake box is hard to resist! Plus, it allows up to four lines of personalization and includes the Caduceus symbol from Ancient Greece.

Personalized Coffee Tumbler

These thank you gifts for doctors are better than flowers and chocolate - they give them time to relax with their favorite coffee. They can also be personalized just for them as a thoughtful gift.

A personalized coffee tumbler is a perfect gift for any doctor this year. They'll love to walk around all day with their hot coffee. And it's always nice to get a smile from another person in the office when they see their name on the cup! The tumblers are thermal, so they will keep their drink warm or cold. They have a chic design and come with your choice of name or initials.

Embroidered Men's Lab Coat

It's a graduation party for the future doctor. It's a moment worth celebrating, so don't hold back on something this meaningful.

Don't let your doctor graduate without one of our high-quality personalized doctor’s lab coats! The iconic doctor's lab coat is one of the most tangible reminders of a graduate's climb to med school. The white coat symbolizes not only dedication and hard work, but also the vast potential many graduates carry with them into their new phase in life. Remember, even the best doctors need protection from all that bacteria day in and day out.

With seven sizes available, you can find a fit that's right for them. You can also personalize it to make this occasion feel as special to the graduate as it does for you. A thoughtful gift for any graduating med school grad that will always remind them of where they are headed and who is cheering them on.

Photo Canvas Print

Would you like to celebrate your newly graduated medical professional with a retirement gift she’ll never forget? This canvas is definitely a sentimental and unforgettable gift for any recent graduate. The personalized touch will make the perfect one-of-a-kind present that they’ll be proud to display on their wall, whether in their office or at home. What better way to inspire them as they move forward in life - always followed by memories of your love and support every time they see it!

This is the perfect way to show her how proud you are of all her hard work. Send this custom-designed, framed photo canvas print that will forever remind her of the day she reached her lifelong goal. A wonderfully thoughtful present for more than one type of graduating doctor.

Personalized Waterman Pen

A mini fountain pen that can be personalized with a doctor's name and comes in a beautiful, lacquered storage case. A thoughtful gift that'll make them look like the professional they are.

Keep your personal physician happy and entertained with this gift. It comes in a sleek storage case and can be customized with their name or a special message of congratulations - perfect for the end of any medical residency! How else are they going to take their notes or make out prescriptions?

Congratulations Custom Name Pillow

We know that the competitive medical field is tough. So, to celebrate and congratulate your favorite grad on newfound successes as a doctor, we’d like you to have this personalized pillow! Made of 100% cotton material and stuffed with polyester fiberfill for comfort, it will last long past any doctor-to-be on graduation day. Personalized with their name, date of graduation, school memento such as a figure from the periodic table acting as a celebratory message instead. It also includes a zipper cover - zipped up. It doubles as a stylish throw pillow when they get home! It would be a great idea for a personalized gift any recent graduate will enjoy for years to come?

Personalized Coffee Mugs

This personalized coffee mug makes an excellent Christmas gift for any doctor in your life! A ceramic mug, customizable with a name or initials and a “Merry Christmas” design will melt someone's heart.

You know what they say, you can't truly enjoy your coffee until you share it with your favorite person. And for those that are on the go frequently and do not have time to savor their cups of joe, this mug is perfect! Give them something that will always put a smile on their face. It's a thoughtful way of telling them you're thinking about them while wishing them well on their next shift.

Personalized Simpsons Cartoon Tumbler

Let your favorite doctor have their day with a personalized Simpsons tumbler that features them as a cartoon. Maybe your favorite doctor has always dreamed of being a character in their favorite show. Now you can keep your doc's dream alive with an extra special Christmas gift and share some laughs together this season. This clever tumbler is a fun way to inject some personality into the office, so put on your thinking cap and get going! He or she will be delighted when they see themselves depicted as Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, or Lisa Simpson!

Custom Name Stethoscope Necklace

For the doctor who has everything, a custom name stethoscope necklace is just what they need to push them over the edge. This dainty, engraved silver pendant is great for everyday wear and perfect for holiday parties. With a stethoscope surrounding their name, this delicate necklace is an elegant way to show gratitude. It reminds recipients that they made time in their life for another person, and they deserve recognition. It’s the best way to show a doctor that you care. This necklace is the perfect addition to any outfit and can be an accessory all year long! The recipient of this personalized custom design will be touched by its sentimentality. They'll love it more than you can imagine!


A sweet retirement gift for the goodbye party, these Custom RetireMINT Candies are delicious and ready to go. These personalized, custom-labeled mints are a great way to celebrate the leaving of an important member of the medical staff. Whether it’s in your office or at home, you can give departing doctors gifts that make their last day memorable! These sweets come with labels featuring names and other information about the doctor retiring. So they will never forget who gifted them such a special present.

These pre-packaged little labels with all the right flavors are perfect for retirement parties.

Medical Doctor Sign with Custom Engraving

No one likes saying goodbye, but that's what retirement is all about. Make it a celebration with this gorgeous, custom engraved plaque for any doctor who is retiring. A retirement gift for the proud medical practitioner who’s ready to step away from those long hours. A beautiful gift to make their final moments in the hospital or office so memorable and glorious.

Thoughtful and sentimental, this stunning sign can be personalized with any sentiment or text: your preferred poem verse, professional awards earned in their career, a beloved quote of theirs (or yours!), anything you want them to carry close as they move on towards their new adventures. It's a great way to honor that they've devoted their practice (or maybe life) leveraging good decisions and healthy living across many years dedicated to caring for others.

Custom Doctor Bobblehead

Proud of your doctor friend? Let them all know with a personalized retirement gift. People love these personal touches, and the Bobbleheads are great for showing everyone around that you care! If you want to create a personalized retirement gift that is truly special, this Custom Doctor Bobblehead might be the perfect way to go! You can customize it by choosing what type of clothing your retired doctor will wear and his haircut. You can even choose if he has any facial hair! The possibilities are endless when you have control over every detail! It will impress and delight both the recipient as well as their family members during the celebration. Plus, they make awesome decorations too!

Flower Box with Jars

After all those years in the office, sometimes it’s nice to have a little peace and quiet. The rustic design of this personalized wooden flower box will help your favorite doctor finally get some much-needed rest. This chic accessory is customizable with their name or their favorite quote. These jars can hold real floral arrangements like roses or fake ones too—whatever suits them best!

Personalized Doctor Gifts FAQs

Do you know a doctor in your life that is celebrating their birthday, retirement, or any other occasion? Are you looking for a personalized doctor gift? Is your son or daughter starting medical school, or have they just graduated from medical school? Do you want to get them something that will remind them of home and bring comfort during their time away from loved ones? Personalized gifts for doctors are perfect for creating a heartfelt and personalized gift. With so many options available on our list, we hope you can find the perfect gift for that special person in your life.

What is the best gift for a doctor? How do I know what to get them? We’ve compiled some of the most asked questions about personalized gifts for doctors and answered them here!

Do you know what a good gift for a doctor would be?

A personalized gift, along with a sincere note that they mattered to you, that the time, skills, or understanding made them important to you. You can send them on every Holiday or once every five to seven years. And the day they receive them all is one of the best days of their life.

What are some good gift ideas for the doctor who saved my life at all costs?

As medical professionals in the United States, they should be able to afford anything they want. The only thing they want but have not yet gotten will require a payment plan you probably cannot afford.

Despite this, let's not ignore the one thing they rarely receive: a thank-you note.

It would be better if you waited 6 months or a year before you sent a note. Your message should mention how much you appreciate what they do. Their appreciation for your gift will amaze you.

Can you suggest a gift for a medical doctor who just graduated from medical school?

Your budget determines the amount you can comfortably spend. I believe no one would expect you to take out a loan to buy a gift just for them. All the gifts in the above list are appropriate. There will be something that the receiver can enjoy for themselves and share with those close to them.


As you're sorting through your list of potential gifts for the doctors in your life, don't forget about personalized items. There are so many options out there that will help them remember how much they mean to you. We’re excited to share the list of personalized gift ideas for healthcare experts who may be difficult to buy for this year. These are all great options that will suit any doctor’s personality and budget. We hope this helps make your shopping a little easier next time you need a gift idea! Which one is already on top of your list? Share with us what would make an awesome present or stocking stuffer! Comment down below or message us on Facebook and Instagram!

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