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June 22, 2021 14 min read

A daughter is the most precious thing you will ever have. She's your best friend, she's like a mirror for who you are. With you, your daughter is the most lovely girl in the world. She completes every day with her presence and happiness. 

As a mother, you have your hands full. You work hard to provide for your kids and give them the best of everything. It's not always easy, but it's worth it! 

It’s your daughter's birthday in 2021, or even you wonder what to get her for Christmas this year. You're not sure what to get her as a gift, but you want it to be something she'll cherish and remember for the rest of her life. Don't worry! 

What better way to show how much you love her than by getting her a personalized gift? Personalized gifts are such a thoughtful way to show how much you care about your daughter. We've got over ten of our favorite personalized gift ideas for her!

Personalized Gifts For Daughter From Mom

This stainless steel tumbler carries a meaningful message. It says: “To my daughter; whenever you feel overwhelmed, remember whose daughter you are and straighten your crown. Be brave, have courage, and love life. I am always with you. You’ll always be my baby girl. Love, mom”. The quote focuses on the connection between a mother and her daughter, and how the mom’s strength is interwoven into the daughter’s character. It reinforces the daughter's strength and how important it is for her to keep that in mind. So, buying this gift for your daughter will ensure she knows how much you appreciate and love her. There’s also another quote: “You are my sunshine”, and your daughter’s name at the top, making a unique gift for any daughter.

This wine tumbler comes with a well-known quote: “Like mother, like daughter”. This means that the mom instills so much of herself into her daughter and makes sure that her own values are also her daughter’s. Seeing your child go down the right path and be so much like you is one of the greatest rewards. Also, if a mom and daughter are so much alike, it speaks of the close bond they share and the quality time they often spend together. On the other side of the wine tumbler, you can put your and your daughter’s name above a wonderful illustration. It shows a touching silhouette of a mom, and her little girl embraced. Buy this for your little girl, and she’ll always know that the two of you are forever connected.

Here’s another tumbler with a powerful quote. It reads: “To my daughter; If they whisper to you “You can’t withstand the storm”, whisper back “I am the storm”. Believe in yourself as much as I believe in you...”. It focuses on how crucial it is for the daughter to be aware of her own strength and always face hardships with courage and self-confidence. It also points to the fact that the mom has faith in her daughter and how important it is for her to have just as much. On the other side of the tumbler, you can add your daughter’s name, which will fully personalize this gift for your kids!

Personalized Gifts For Daughter From Dad

The relationship between a father and a daughter is definitely a special one. This ornament says: “Like father, like daughter… Oh crap”. It’s a funny play on the famous quote: “Like mother, like daughter”. It implies that a daughter being like her father makes her tough, strong, and unwavering in her behavior. This differs from the conventional quote, but doesn’t undermine it. Being both like the mother and the father is special. But the bond between a girl and her dad is a special one that only some are lucky enough to understand. So, if you get this customized gift this Xmas for your daughter, she’ll definitely know much you cherish her and the relationship you two have!

The quote on this lovely mug says: “The love between a father and daughter is forever”. It’s short, simple, and oh-so meaningful. It depicts how strong and unwavering this relationship is. Not only that, but it is because it will last forever, that no physical distance or hardship can ever affect it negatively. Nothing can come between a father and a daughter and their love. On the other side of the mug, you can add your favorite picture of yourself and your daughter, which will only make this gift more special. Furthermore, you can also add your two names under the photo. Buy this mug for your daughter and ensure that her day always begins with a dose of father-daughter love.

We have another mug for you with an equally beautiful message. This one reads: “I love you for the little girl that you once were, for the amazing woman you are today, and for the precious daughter you will always be”. This quote encapsulates the growth of the daughter and how special it has been for the dad to witness it. It shows how he has loved her through it all and the fact that he always will. She will always be his little girl, his precious daughter, forever. On the other side, you can add your and your daughter’s names under an endearing image of a dad and his young daughter holding hands. By buying this gift for your little girl, you’ll ensure that she knows you’ll always love her.

Personalized Gifts For Daughter-In-Law

We’ve got a treat of a gift for all fun-loving mothers and daughters-in-law. This wine tumbler says: “Daughter-in-law; Thanks for not selling my son to the circus. I know it’s tempting some days”. It’s a funny message that perfectly describes this precious relationship. The mother-in-law knows her son very well, but so does his wife. They are on the same page about his flaws, but they both love him and are able to joke about it! Furthermore, it illustrates the gratitude the MIL has for her DIL and the love she has for her son. Moreover, you can also add your daughter-in-law’s name on the tumbler. So, get her this witty gift for some fun future gossip sessions between the two of you.

If you want a more sentimental and meaningful gift for your daughter-in-law, this is the one for you. The candle says: “A special daughter-in-law; generous and caring, kind and thoughtful too. You make everything more lovely, just being you”. The message focuses on the wonderful characteristics of the daughter-in-law and how positively she affects everyone. It shows that her mere presence is enough to make someone’s day, which is the highest kind of compliment. Coming from a mother-in-law, the words mean even more. It’s not only her son that saw those qualities in her, but also his mother, whose opinion he values so much. If you get this for her, there’s no doubt that she’ll feel all kinds of love and appreciation.

This stainless steel tumbler is the perfect gift for your beloved daughter-in-law. It features a quote that says: “To my daughter-in-law: When it’s too hard to look back, and you’re too afraid to look ahead, look right beside you - I’ll always be there. Just remember that I love you more than you’ll ever know. Love you always”. This quote perfectly shows how much you love your DIL. It shows that you will always be there for her, no matter what. She can always come to you and ask for help, advice, or just a shoulder to cry on. Even when life gets too overwhelming, she’ll always have you. That’s what mothers-in-law are for. So, if you want her to know this, get her this gift.

Personalized Memorial Gifts For Loss Of Daughter

Losing a child is the hardest thing a parent has to go through. This ornament carries a quote that helps ease that pain. It says: “Those we love don’t go away. They walk beside us every day”. It emphasizes that our loved ones continue to live through us even when they are physically no longer here. It’s not easy to come to terms with such a loss, but getting this perspective is certainly helpful. Not only that, but it will allow whoever is grieving to feel like they are not alone and that the bond and the love between them and their daughter will never be broken. Getting this gift for your friend will show compassion and love on their darkest and most difficult days.

Lastly, we have a mug with a touching quote. It reads: “My daughter; you left me beautiful memories. Your love is still my guide, and though I cannot see you, you are always at my side”. The message focuses on the gratitude the mom feels for the time she had with her daughter. Also, it emphasizes that, even though they are physically separated, her daughter will always be with her, no matter what. She will continue to live and exist through her mother, who will ensure that her memory is kept alive. On the other side of the mug, you can add an image of the mother and daughter, as well as the daughter’s name. That would be a great way to save all the best memories between them. Get this gift for your friend and support them through a difficult time.

This ornament says: “We loved you your whole life, we’ll miss you for the rest of ours”. It emphasizes that parents aren’t meant to outlive their children. However, you were grateful to have had the chance to love your daughter for as long as you did. Now that she’s gone, you will forever have a piece of you missing. However, the happy memories will make that time more bearable. They will ensure that she is never too far away from you. On the back, it says: “In loving memory of” and you can add your daughter’s name, as well as the date of her passing. This way, she’ll always be by your side.

Other Recommendations

13. Personalized daughter gift: Photo Blanket

Keep your loved ones feeling cozy, their favorite memories close with the customized photo blanket.

Printing her cute photos on the blanket will create a personalized gift for your daughter. She will possess something special for her only. She would remember you whenever she falls asleep.

Choose from three different fabrics in Sherpa, Woven and Fleece material! With just a few clicks of a button, upload all pictures to be printed onto one side or both of this double-sided blanket. The best part? As she loved one's gift to her with this personalized daughter from your gift, they show them how much love she holds for these treasured moments.

14. Custom Photo Tote Bag for your daughter

The next ideal gift for your dear daughter is the personalized tote bag with many photos.

You might be my favorite person in the entire world when you give me a personalized tote bag with pictures of us on it. This wonderfully lighthearted gift will let your daughter know how important she is to you. We don't think anybody's going to make a fuss when they see that this handy-dandy bag doubles as perfect for team sports or carrying groceries from the car. With so much space for books, sneakers and more, there won't even be room for clothes inside!

A magnificent gift before they head off to school! This customized tote makes an amazing kick-off to any new life as it stands out on campus yet provides at-home comfort, so the mom can still share in her daughter's successes.

The little things make a big difference. Tote away another piece of planet earth one reusable bag at a time by joining the crew that is championing sustainability.

15. Custom Makeup Bags - Wonderful Personalized daughter gift

Need a sweet gift idea for your daughter that will lighten up her world? She’s always up early with coffee in hand, balancing a meeting and breakfast. Isn't it great when we can incorporate some makeup into our mornings and workdays? 

This personalized makeup bag puts all the tools she needs to go out there on the town or do big things at work. You know, like fine jewelry! Gift her this cute makeup bag from Collage.com with any leopard-printed pictures she loves ever so much - these make really fun gifts, too.

This personalized makeup bag will help your daughter’s love more attractive and outstanding. You can personalize it by adding her initials, monogramming, or choosing one of their beautiful preset backgrounds featuring mermaids and butterflies.

Order this online for your daughter-in-law, and customize it with her favorite photo or stunning background. With Basic or T-Bottom type in small or large to choose from, you will find something they'll love!

16. Personalized Spaghetti Strap Summer Dress - Perfect gift for daughter

Breezy, cool and light: this cute dress is perfect for a day on the beach, or any other warm vacation. Your daughter must look very charming. The breezy fabric doesn't weigh her down, so it's great to wear as a cover-up too! Choose from tons of designs and print styles according to her interest.

Especially, this dress will fit 100% with your small princess on hot summer days.

Summer has never been cooler with our beautiful yet lightweight cotton spandex dresses with spaghetti straps in all your favorite prints! They're low cut and high-waisted, just what every girl needs during these hot days filled with activities like boat rides and picnics under the sun. Style them up at night by adding a jacket or coat, then grab some friends to hit the movies. These dresses are fun & affordable enough to buy one for each day of summer.

The perfect summer dress for giving your daughter. Take one to surprise her and make her happier with your personalized gift.

17. The Personalized Love Book Fill-in-the-Blank Gift Journal

Every daughter deserves to know how loved she is, and it’s up to you to fill in the blank! The personalized Love Book will help you do just that. Inside these pages are tons of words to spice up relationships between you and your lovely daughter. On every page from her crazy laugh, right down to her favorite way of ordering a pizza- so that when all those little things combine, they're the best part about being around here.

Each page contains prompts with spaces for her to fill in the unique details. She’ll find questions like, “I love _____ because ___," or "You deserve an award for ___.” Complete each sentence as often as feels necessary, or mix it until every page has a meaning. This is an effective way to understand her thinking and concern better.

Celebrate your loved one's values by asking questions not everyone would know about and giving permission on whether they should answer traditionally, creatively, humorously.

18. Personalized Mermaid Oversized Beach Towel

This stylish and elegant Mermaid Oversized Beach Towel is the perfect personalized gift for daughters. Made from high-quality cotton, this soft towel will serve as an extra layer of comfort in the sand when combined with tanning oil or sunscreen! The cap is available in a variety of colors and can be embroidered with a name or initials to make it uniquely theirs. Use these towels to have fun at the beach for your lovely daughter while being protected by drifters against harmful UV rays!

19. Personalized Bracelet - the best custom present for your daughter

A bracelet with a photo or some name’s letter is considered an ideal personalized daughter gift on any special occasion. Every girl needs a personalized gift and nothing says "I love you" better than this bracelet from BaubleBar. Give her something that will last for years to come! 

This bracelet is made of high-quality sterling silver, so it won’t tarnish or turn the color black, which also means that she can wear it with anything (even when she feels like being a little more on the casual side). You can customize it by getting one in the chain length and your daughter's favorite color, but stock options are pink, blue or yellow. 

Whether they're tired or excited, happy or sad—every daughter has an ever-changing mood. Make sure they have their new favorite accessory anytime they need them.

20. Necklace Sterling Silver Personalized

The necklace is also another favored jewelry accessory of any girl. It will be perfect if we can give my beloved daughter a silver necklace as a personalized gift for her birthday or other special anniversaries.

This delicate little piece of jewelry is so sweet and perfect for everyday wear! This small 925 sterling silver initial necklace is so tiny that the necklace is so easy to stack with other necklaces, and it goes great with everything in your wardrobe. 

To be more specific, you can pick up two letters, one is for your name and one is for your daughter’s name, or whatever you want. As long as it is customized, this personalized daughter gift will become memorable with all your love and care.

It's a one-of-a-kind, personalized gift that can be duplicated nowhere else. Your initials will always shine bright and your daughter will love how this little piece complements everything you're wearing day or night.

20. Sip by box - Personalized Tea Discovery

Sip by the box is a surprise tea subscription for anyone who's newly engaged and looking to enjoy an escape with a mug of tea. It can be a personalized gift for your daughter to help her satisfy the hobby in her free time.

This personalized tea discovery box includes 4 different gourmet teas, sure to please any girl who loves tea. The best part is that sips by Box said what she likes without her telling them.

They'll take an online quiz and a hand-selected mix of a few top-quality teas will be sent right to your door, making it easy for her to enjoy some delicious tea time.

21. The Personalized Metal Marquee Letter Pick

Do you have a daughter who's finally moved out on her own? Buy them this, and they'll know their mother still loves them like crazy! This cute personalized metal letter will stay looking nice and new with just a simple wipe-down—perfect for living on your own. 

It can also be used to make a statement by placing it in the perfect spot, inside or outside your child's personal space - what better way than that to give somebody an easy reminder that you're never too far away?

Apart from being a beautiful ornament for more beautiful decoration, this personalized gift is the representative for you to be your daughter's side. Whenever she looks at this Metal Marquee Letter Pick, she will be motivated and stronger.

Your daughter is now all grown up and moving out of the house. So it can be the perfect way to show your horizontal love to your “little girl” or “boss lady”.

22. Personalized Photo Book of your dear daughter

This photo book is an amazing gift idea for your daughter. The book is filled with all the loving photos of you and her or all the members of your family. It has shared over the years, including those from every milestone in your daughter’s born. 

Begin by uploading many favorite photos into this customizable album to get it started. From there, select one of our three binding options: a Hardcover, Lay flat or Softcover design—each will look great and give it that special touch! 

Don’t forget to add text! This is a perfect product to commemorate any special occasion with memories that they can cherish forever alongside their favorite person in the world — each other.

If she’s your daughter, you love her. Definitely! She’s the most wonderful girl in the world! You want to give her something really special that will make her happy. 

So if you still need a gift idea or just looking for an extra-special present, take some time browsing our store today!

If you don't see something on this list, let us know, and we'll do our best to find it for you! From jewelry to clothing to books, these are some great gift ideas that will make her feel loved and special. 

Shop 64Hydro today for a more personalized daughter gift, or stop by one of our stores near you.

At 64Hydro we have gifts for girls of all ages and interests regardless of age.

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