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May 28, 2021 19 min read

While having a baby might change your life, it doesn't alter who you are. Still the same person as she has always been, she just has a new addition to her equally adorable family. We can assume that she’s already received infant clothes galore and enough stuffed animals. Then you should consider one of our personalized mom gifts. Whether it be Mother's Day or a gift after giving birth, make sure you will get her something she loves!

The best gift that anyone can give on motherhood days is thoughtful ones. And even better when they match, which shows how much someone cares about the new moms. If you're looking for a way to show your mom or your new mom friend that she's the best and that you appreciate all of her hard work, then these thoughtful personalized Mother's Day gifts for new moms are sure to do the trick. From personalized bracelets to mugs, the below list covers a variety of useful custom Mother's Day gifts.

We'll start with this chic coffee cup that proclaims: “I’m a new mom. No questions. No arguments. We’ll just do things my way.” One of life's most thrilling and scary adventures is becoming a mother for the first time. While a first-time mother may not have much background in child care, that doesn't imply she won't do a good job. The mug's design goes amazing with the quote on it. It has a full-matte black backdrop with pink roses gracing the rim. What’s even better is that you can personalize it by putting the new mom’s name on the back for a truly special vibe. This witty and truthful message, along with the mug's sleek design, makes it an ideal gift for any expecting or new mother.

It's common knowledge that mothers need large totes capable of holding anything from diapers and wipes to groceries and beach gear. So, consider giving this perfect tote bag to a new mom in your life. With its cheerful message of "Hello, my new name is mommy," this tote bag is an excellent way to express your best wishes to a new mother. The design is gorgeous, with a white backdrop and beautiful sunflower artwork, as well as a banner emphasizing the word “mommy”. Add a personal touch by writing the new mother's name underneath the quotation. You may put your faith in us when we say she'll really enjoy it!

Can't seem to settle on the ideal gift for a new mother? Don't fret; we've got the ideal solution for you. Look at this fashionable sweatshirt that proclaims, "Promoted to mommy est.2022" (fill in the year)". The job of raising children to become nice, compassionate, ethical, and responsible members of society is the most important work a person can do. This stunning black hoodie with a floral pattern can make a perfect personalized Christmas gift, as it's just a winter must-have. We are sure it will warm her heart and keep her cozy all winter long.

Have a soon-to-be mom in your life who’s a major coffee lover? If that’s the case, then we have an ideal gift for her. Take a look at this awesome coffee mug. It features words that read, “Leveling up to mommy.” Becoming a mom for the first time is the greatest joy that can happen to a woman, and all she needs to do is to fill herself with as much love as she can. Also, the design is just amazing with peachy colors, diamond-decorated details, and adorable feet on the front that symbolize a motherly tie with her kid. From now on, when she has her first cup of coffee in the morning, she experiences more than simply the delicious flavor.

While the front of this adorable tumbler says, “I love you from the top of my head to the tips of my toes”, the back holds a truly lovely message to the mom from the baby. If a new mom ever doubts her worth as a mother, she may read this and be reassured that her efforts are appreciated and that the love between a mother and child is unwavering. The design is also superb, featuring a cute illustration of a baby elephant nestled into his mother’s trunk on a white backdrop with floral embellishments. Give this one-of-a-kind tumbler to an expectant mother and see the look of surprise and happiness on her face.

“Dear mom, I’m not kicking you, I’m just trying to find a place to hug you from the inside. I can’t wait to meet you” is a heartfelt message straight from the baby bump. Next to the message, there’s a space for an ultrasound photo to make this mug super special. The design also features a white background and lovely creamy-rose flowers. If you flip it around, you’ll find “Best mom ever” words. The first moment you feel your newborn baby's hands in yours, you forget all about the agony of pregnancy and the pain of delivery. Give this fantastic coffee mug to a parent to be in your life as a surprise, and tell her she's going to rock at being a parent.

The first-time mother in your life deserves nothing less than a very distinctive and meaningful gift to commemorate this momentous occasion. This simple white hoodie features “Mommy to be” words under a cute Winnie-the-Pooh illustration. Having a child is a blessing that has been sent to her to fulfill the gaps in her life. That child she’s carrying now will be a beacon of hope in love that will illuminate her house with his eyes and smile. Present this beautiful hoodie to the mother-to-be as a token of your affection, we’re sure she’ll love it!

The new mom in your life deserves some much-needed rest and relaxation. In terms of pregnancy gifts, nothing beats a soft, comfy pajama to make mommy feel better throughout her agony. The top part features the words “Extra heartbeat inside” alongside a zipper, inside which you can put the baby’s name. The beginning of the best part of her life may now officially be said to have started. She may not get much rest during this period, but the sacrifice will be worthwhile the moment she embraces her newborn child. Plus, the white-pinkish colors and the animal print bottom part make the design of this pajama set absolutely stunning. So, to make her sleep even more comfortable, get this pajama to a new mom in your life, and she will be thankful to you more than you know.

There are not enough adjectives to describe moms, but some of them would definitely be: “amazing, loving, beautiful, thoughtful, selfless, strong”. Moms really are heroines who can do anything. So, with this incredible gift, remind a new mom in your life that the love she'll give to her baby will be the purest in the world. Besides the beautiful, flattering words, this tumbler features sunflowers, butterflies, and diamond-encrusted details. And what’s even better, you can personalize it by putting her name on the front to give this present an extra personal vibe. Even all mothers will love this personalized gift because of how detailed and thoughtful it is. You're lucky to come across this tumbler, and you're in for a real treat.

Choosing postpartum gifts for a new mom can be quite challenging. But, don’t worry, we’re here to assist you. This amazing coffee mug has a place on the back where you can put a photo of a new mom with her baby, and you can even put the baby’s name and date underneath. Wonderful, right? But wait, the front holds the words “Mommy & me. I’m as lucky as can be. The best mommy belongs to me”. A new mom’s heart and that of her baby will be synchronized forever. She will now feel enormous happiness from seeing her kid grow up. Plus, the wooden-themed background adorned with sunflowers and hearts makes this gift even more perfect! We have no doubt this awesome present will warm her heart!

Have you ever wondered what Mothers are comprised of? The answer lies right here on this snazzy insulated tumbler! They are a whirlwind of patience, caring, hard work, multitasking, caffeine, and unconditional love, yet she gets no sleep! The love of a mother is capable of everything, even making the greatest sacrifices as long as her child enjoys happiness. Besides, this tumbler features an eye-catching design that combines a full-matte black backdrop with golden and white colors, and there's an amazing illustration of a female figure on the reverse! Show a new mom how much you admire and support her with this mesmerizing insulated tumbler, and watch as her face beams with happiness.

Every mom would relate to the “Being a mom isn’t a big thing… It’s a million little things” statement that is printed on the back of this tumbler. Small, precious moments with their newborns fill their days, and they cherish every one of them. The design is bound to swipe her off her feet, with a beautiful silver-diamond heart depicting a mother giraffe and her cub in the center and pinkish patterns around the border. The best part of this fantastic present, though, is that you can personalize it by putting a new mom’s and baby’s name under the heart. We are sure the new mom would love this coffee mug and use it on a daily basis!

Becoming a mother places a huge burden on a woman's ability to maintain her sense of style in the face of endless domestic duties and emotional turmoil. This stylish leather wallet may rescue the day, though, on those few times when she actually needs to leave the house. It has a cool picture of a lady's skull replacing the letter O in the word "Mom" and a white backdrop with brownish-golden animal patterns around the borders. On the other side, you can put her name to show her how much time and effort you’ve put into this thoughtful and useful present. This wonderful wallet is sure to win the heart of the new mother.

Are you having trouble finding a perfect gift for a new mom that won't empty your financial account but will mean a great deal to her? Lucky for you, we have one here! In only a few lines, this grip's printed saying "Blessed mama" conveys your deepest admiration for a new mom in your life. Being a mother is the most rewarding blessing in the world, just knowing you can love someone so much and get that same love in return is wonderful. Besides, the design of this phone grip, with its creamy background, gorgeous flowers, and pinkish-golden hues, will make her fall in love with it! This present will not only show her how much she means to you, but it will also serve as a subtle and beautiful reminder of the Lord's constant presence in her life.

This fantastic coffee mug is our final suggestion for a personalized present for new moms. This mug provides an answer to the age-old question of what one word sums up pregnant women best. It is definitely the word “prangy”, which means “pregnant, angry, hungry”. And it follows a warning as well that says, “do not engage, do not touch”. Pregnancy is watching everything grow rounder and wider as you sit there in the middle of it all, angry and hungry, wondering who in the world will this little blob turn out to be. For an extra touch of thoughtfulness, personalize the reverse by engraving the new mother's name inside a simple gold heart. She will really like it and maybe even get a little misty-eyed over it.

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Thoughtful personalized Mother's Day gifts for new moms

Pregnant women look forward most to two days during their pregnancy: the day they deliver their baby and the first Mother's Day of their life. The holiday is indeed very special to a new member of the Mommy Club. It's meant for her to kick off the next part of her journey and for her to get some thoughtful presents. Whether it is her first child, she will be so eager and excited to spend the day with the newest family member.

The best gift that anyone can give on motherhood days is thoughtful and even better when they match, which shows how much someone cares about the new moms. If you're looking for a way to show your mom or your new mom friend that she's the best and that you appreciate all of her hard work, then these thoughtful personalized Mother's Day gifts for new moms are sure to do the trick. From personalized bracelets to mugs, the below list covers a variety of useful custom Mother's Day gifts.

Personalized Large Diaper Bag

A well-traveled mom needs a quality diaper bag to care for her little one wherever the journey takes them! The personalized diaper bag has been specifically designed to make daily life easier. While big enough to carry all the essentials, it's also small and simple enough to find your keys! Forget bulky bags full of unnecessary items—this is all mothers need when they're on the go with their little ones.

Organic Skincare box

Embark on a relaxing journey to find the balance and harmony that have lost. Pamper mommy and baby with this organic skincare gift set. This set includes Soy Candle, Matchbox, Body Butter, Bath Bomb, Meditation Chakra stone, Manifestation Spray, artesian Cold Processed Soap, Lip Balm. It is so important for mom and the family to feel balanced during these times of change. There is an energetic vibration in this gift box that promotes happiness and mental health.

Personalized T-shirt

You won’t go wrong with a comfortable T-shirt for new moms. These personalized shirts are made with Pima cotton fabric and are guaranteed to get better with every wash. The soft cotton is easy on your skin while still being durable for everyday use. She can wear it during pregnancy or post-baby outfits. This T-shirt is perfect for anyone! Customize it yourself in an instant with any name to make it extra special personalized gifts for new moms!

Personalized Facial Roller

How better to show someone you care than by giving the gift of relaxation and wellness? That special new mom will love this personalized facial roller. It is a must-have for busy moms and other caregivers who want to take some time for themselves. It provides gentle stimulation to soothe the skin, reduce inflammation and boost circulation. This product also provides a self-massage experience with cozy, therapeutic benefits. This is a thoughtful personalized gift for mom she'll love, and it will have more than just cosmetic benefits!

Personalized Mother Bracelet

This gorgeous bracelet is perfect for showing off what most moms love to keep in their arms the longest—their children. Personalized with Mom's name and her child's date of birth, she will wear this bracelet proudly every day of her life. It’s a thoughtful gift that says "I see you, I understand how hard you work, and I cherish all your moments." These personalized bracelets for moms will make every wearer feel as special as they deserve and ready to start their adventure in motherhood!

New Baby Gift Print

New moms definitely don't have much time for decorating so help her out by getting this customized family print. It's certain to make the newest addition feel right at home. This watercolor illustration of a new baby, toddler, and parents holding hands will add a touch of warmth to any space. To give the new mom a memorable and unique present, you can customize the baby's skin color, hand size, and tag text of the print.

New Mom's Mug

From early pregnancy through nursing, the new mother is always tired. Display your love for her in this mug reserved only for those who are indisposed to beginning their day. Show your support and appreciation for a job well done!

Best personalized gifts for new moms that she will actually use

A new mom after giving birth has more on her plate than most people. Waking up in middle-of-the-night feedings, seemingly endless dirty diapers, and caring for herself. So it makes sense that the best gifts for new mothers would help ease the transition into motherhood. And it helps rest, relaxation, and self-care-which, let's be honest, is a very important thing to do for a new mom.

It's hard to find gifts for new moms that are both practical and personal. Thus, the following part is going to cover some of the best personalized gifts for new moms, no matter what their interests may be. These custom gifts will make her first Mother’s Day even more memorable.

Custom Silk Satin Robe

This custom silk satin robe embroidered with a heartfelt message would be the perfect gift idea to give that special new mom this year! Simply add the text you want and choose from an embroidery thread that makes it even more personal. There are eight colors available so take your pick! The silky satin feels comfortable and breathable against the skin whilst being lightweight and easy to dry after use. With delicate fabric, it is durable too which stretches to meet variable weights. Great quality for traveling moms everywhere who need outfits on hand! Luxury at its best. So whether you're looking for something to keep her feeling loved before or after the baby arrives, the welcome gift of choice!

Personalized All Heart Bangle Set

The Personalized All Heart Bangle Set is a sentimental but practical piece of jewelry for any woman's collection who wants to feel close to their loved ones. 

Both bracelets and the heart are handcrafted. All bracelets of the bunch can be inscribed with a name, date, or word up to 12 characters long. This personalized gift will be cherished forever by a new mom, your mom, or anyone you love.

Everyday Tote

This functional and stylish new tote is a must-have for the modern mom on the go. Beautifully made of genuine leather, this Everyday Tote offers plenty of space and easy accessibility while maintaining its classic look. Personalize it with a foil monogram, making it a truly unique gift for the new mommy. This classic mom-to-be gift will last throughout pregnancy and through the baby years. She'll love its timeless style that suits every occasion while looking effortlessly cool!

Minted’s Snap Tote

With a new baby and a busy day-to-day routine, new moms need a tote bag that’s flexible enough to go from the office to the playground. This Snap Tote is perfect for moms on the go. Thanks to its durable cotton and leather straps, the tote can hold everything needed while looking stylish on every occasion. This is a thoughtful and stylish gift for expectant mothers. To customize this elegant tote bag, add an original leather tag with her name or monogram for free.

Postpartum Care Package

Receiving a postpartum care package is like getting a present just for you from someone who cares. These products are made with organic, unrefined ingredients to help soothe your skin and bring back your glow after pregnancy. Surprise the new mom in your life with this sweet gift of pampering! With customizable messages printed on the box lid, it's an easy, fun, and thoughtful way to send love when she needs it most.

Personalized Makeup Towels

The morning routine is something that can often be time-consuming, especially when the new mom needs to have makeup. However, with these makeup towels, she won’t need to worry about removing makeup stains. Made of high-quality materials, these towels work on all different types of stains and are easy to launder. Available in a set for gifting or individually, so you only buy what you need! Personalized options are also available to make them truly thoughtful customized gifts for mom!

Personalized Gardening Tools

She plants like a pro and she digs deep. Give your gardening enthusiast the gardener's gift with these personalized tools they'll use again and again. Stainless steel construction makes for lightweight, durable instruments that work in any environment or weather condition. These tools work well for digging, loosening soil, aerating the land, and transplanting plants into new homes just to name a few of the handy uses they have! And the wood handle is easy to clean too! Personalize it even more by adding her initials or name on the tool’s handle, so she can have every part of her garden be completely customized! These gardening tools are great personalized gifts for her.

Personalized New Mom Tumbler

The struggle all new moms endure of being away from their baby for sometimes hours at a time just became that much more bearable with this cup. She can keep her hot drinks hotter and cold drinks colder with the double-walled vacuum insulated tumbler. This means she can enjoy her fresh and delicious beverage for hours! This personalized new mom tumbler is the perfect gift for any mom who enjoys drinking both hot and cold beverages. She can spoil herself by putting ice in the iced tea on a hot day. Having a smoothie as an afternoon snack for kids or for herself later on in the day is also a wise idea. You can also lighten up her day by customizing her name on it. The possibilities are endless!

Best personalized gifts for new moms that babies can use

Being a new mom is tough, and as her baby grows, she will need more supplies. A good place to start would be buying gifts that new moms can use along with the babies. This part details some of the best personalized gifts for new moms that babies can use. There are plenty of customized baby gifts that will make her life easier and let her spend more time with her little one.

Personalized Embroidered Baby Pillow

This sweet embroidered baby pillow with pink trim will add a beautiful decorative touch to any space. Beautifully made in soft gingham, this personalized pillow contains 100% hypoallergenic filling. Features a unique hand-embroidered bunny on a skateboard design on the white background and is personalized with your little girl's name or date. A very welcome and special keepsake gift for any little girl!

Baby Girl Coming Home Outfit

Come see this darling outfit and get inspired! Baby girls and moms have found sweet joy in this cute newborn clothes staple for years, and it's easy to see why. The delicate embroidery is a simple yet lovely detail that brings just the right amount of elegance, making this set perfect for everyday wear or as a treasured baby shower gift! On top of all that love, you can add gold lettering on each piece with a gorgeous script font to personalize it with your little one's name. So many details make up the most adorable newborn out. If you want to find an outfit for a baby boy, check here.

Personalized Baby Bracelet

These personalized baby bracelets are a creative gift for the new mom with an eye on individuality. We offer personalized kids bracelets that can be created with your kid's name and date. Add the child's name and date to create their very own personalized gift. Choose to add their birthstone in order to make it one-of-a-kind! These beautiful, handmade pieces of jewelry are perfect for those who seek authenticity and value quality craftsmanship.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Bottle Butler

Less of a bag and more of a purse, the Petunia Pickle Bottom Bottle Butler is perfect for a new child's needs on even their busiest days. Made from durable nylon fabric paired with soft lining, so your beverages stay cool (or warm) no matter what they are—plus a handy hook-and-loop closure to keep things tightly closed when not in use—the Petunia Pickle Bottom Bottle Butler is everything parents can hope for: convenient, easy.

Personalized Toddler Robe

Personalized toddler robes are perfect custom baby gifts for that precious little one. Wrapping them up warm and snug before bedtime has never been easier than with these adorable hooded fleece robes. With a soft snugly hood, secure waist tie, and two large front pockets, the babies will be comfortable all day. Personalize this robe with any name of your choice (up to 2 lines) for a personal touch that says "you're special". Give your toddlers the gift of comfort every day by reading them their favorite story as they get cozy under our stylish robe.

Personalized Baby Blanket

This beautiful and elegant personalized baby blanket will not only keep that new little bundle of joy warm but provide a cherished item to grow into and treasure for years to come. The perfect heirloom personalized with the name or date of your loved one's birth is the perfect way to express your love. The sweet animals on this soft cotton-blend knit are all things dreams are made of; colorful birds, bunnies, red foxes... Make this gift truly unforgettable by adding their name, birthday, or other personalization.

FAQ about personalized gifts for new moms

1. What gifts do new moms really want?

There are two things that every new mom really wants. New mothers want to spend time with their baby as much as they can, and she also needs some 'me-time.' You should give her a self-care gift if you don't have the opportunity to meet her in person.

A baby-focused present includes anything from clothes to diapers. Although these are not the most personal, they will definitely get used! A self-care gift is a gift for the new mom that focuses on her experience and her health, so she can relax and take care of herself amid being focused on the baby. Gifts that offer support in breastfeeding, time off for maternity leave, or postpartum Douala assistance are all wonderful options. Being able to fuel yourself with healthy food after completing weeks and weeks of depleted reserves does wonders for mental health too!

2. What are gifts for the new moms during COVID-19?

Being a new mom is not easy. Being a new mom during a global pandemic is even harder. You can't leave your home even to go grocery shopping. Toilet paper and diapers are in short supply. Friends and family can't come help out or help meet the new baby.

Some ideas would be things like grocery delivery, so she can focus on caring for her baby. Or if she loves cooking, even food delivery. Order her groceries from an online service like Instacart, Amazon Fresh, or Shipt to keep her fridge stocked. Get her grocery list so that you can order from it for her or simply buy her a gift card. For those more into pampering themselves, some spa gift sets might be just the right thing. If you live far away, remember there are subscription boxes available. There are subscription boxes that are made just for new moms and expecting moms alike. One of the most popular is Oh Baby.

3. What are relaxing gifts for new moms?

A relaxing gift for a new mom doesn't have to be costly. And giving the expecting or new mother an assortment of soothing herbal teas and calming oils is always appreciated. Simple things like tea can really help her unwind, handle stress better, de-stress the baby, and sleep better at night. I also recommend calming scents in light form (via candles, bracelets) because some mamas might want to avoid perfumes that will give their newborns a rash or allergies if they're sensitive to certain aromas. Other great ideas are skincare products - you can easily find them on Etsy.


Moms embark on a new journey when they become mothers. It is filled with overwhelming, understanding, excitement, and learning. As soon as you become a mother, your child becomes your priority, and you want to do the best for him or her. The first Mother's Day for new mothers will be an experience they will never forget. If you live far away from the new mom you love, you can still send her a unique, thoughtful gift that lets her know how important and special she is.

We hope these ideas will get you started and find great personalized gifts for new moms. Besides, don't forget that except for the physical gifts, the best one you can give is just being there — and reminding new moms and dads that they’ve got this.

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