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June 03, 2021 16 min read

Running is a popular sport many people love to do. It has been proven to be healthy for your body, and you can also get some great exercise while having fun! We all know that people who love running are some of the most passionate about their sport. They spend hours and hours out on the road or track, in the gym, or even outside! Sometimes it's hard to find a gift for someone so active, but we've got you covered with these ideas of personalized gifts.

Whether you're in need of Christmas gifts or celebrating their birthday after finishing that marathon, there are plenty of unique presents out there just waiting to bring joy into any runner lover’s life. In this blog post, we have selected the best personalized gifts for runners, which are ideal items to encourage your loved ones' passion for running. 

Personalized Gifts for Runners

We'd like to start off with our top favorites, exclusively for your favorite runners. Take the time to surprise one of your friends with these personalized gifts.

Time is slowly passing by, and we are approaching the holiday season. What we can say with certainty is that this jolly season is coming even faster to those who run, so let's surprise them with a nice gift. At the top of our list for personalized gifts is this Christmas ornament with every runner's essentials on it. It's got sneakers, a stopwatch, a medal, and a sign indicating the trail.On the front of the ornament, you can add your friend's name. The design on this ornament is cute, it's got hearts, and overall, it's a heart-warming gift for anyone who's into this activity.

Taking up a healthy physical activity has certainly changed the lives for the better of many who have dedicated themselves to it. If running is a physical activity that has helped your friend in any way, then we think they will be delighted with this gift. It's a Christmas ornament in the shape of a sneaker that says: "Running changed my life." The ornament itself is purple and very unique, so it'll surely stand out from the rest of your ordinary Christmas decorations in the house. But more importantly, a gift like this during the holiday season requires a special moment. Buy this gift for your runner friend that reminds them of their favorite thing do to!

Here is another creative gift for runners that can be personalized. This time, it's a gift for the prettier sex who enjoys running. It's very nicely shaped, it's got a flower design on it, and it says "Live, Love, Run." The quote is even simple, but it describes all about your runners: live to love and love to run. Next to this little quote, there's a silhouette of a woman running, and it's in this dazzling pink color that will surely attract attention. Make this gift even more original by adding your friend's name under the silhouette runner in a beautiful font. If you ask us, this is the perfect present for someone who enjoys running. Once you give this to your friend, you're bound to see some tears of joy.

Fourth on the list of favorites for gifts for runners is this beautifully designed wine tumbler. It simply says: "Mind over miles." The meaning behind this encouraging short quote will be understood by runner enthusiasts all over the world. Basically, it means that instead of counting the miles you cover during your race or marathon and only focusing on getting to the finish line, you should use your mental strength to help you overcome the obstacles. To top it off, it's got an inspiring sneaker illustration and a silhouette of a woman running in rainbow colors. We're sure that your runner friend will be thrilled to receive a gift like this.

To finish off this list, we've got this mug with a fun design. On the front, it says, "This princess wears running shoes," and on the back, there's space for you to add your runner friend's name. In fairy tales, we're used to princesses wearing beautiful gowns and glass glasses. Your runner friend is still a modern-day princess, so she wears running shoes. The point is that everyone should wear what makes them feel like a princess. If it's running shoes in this case, then so be it. It's a mug like no other, and you'll be sure to crack a few laughs once your modern-day runner princess opens her gift.

Personalized Gift Ideas for Male Runners

Not only females like to run and enjoy this outdoor activity. Your male friends and family can also be passionate about running, so here are a few gift ideas customized for him.

Starting off this small category of gifts for runners, we have a mug that carries a strong message to others, potentially car owners. On the front, it simply says: "My shoes have more miles than your car."Of course, the intention of this message is not offensive but hilarious. The underlying message here is that someone loves running so much that the miles he covered exceed someone's car mileage. And, as you already know, one of the most common topics for men is their love for cars. Make this gift personalized by adding your friend's name on the back, under the illustration of sneaker prints, and start a fun discussion next time.

Do you know someone in your area who is extremely short-tempered and has suddenly discovered a love for running? Boy, do we have a gift for them. This wine tumbler has a funny and relatable message that says: "I run because punching people is frowned upon." This statement is completely true, and if you know someone who could relate to this, all the better. In essence, running is a very useful alternative for anger and frustration management, and an activity that brings many health benefits with it. As a good friend, don't miss a chance to gift someone you love this wine tumbler and make their day.

Imagine going for a daily run, and you get an important notification on your phone, or you want to mix up your running playlist. The experience will be 100% easier with this phone grip that's specially designed for runners. It's got a creative design that says "Dad. The man. The myth. The running legend." Such a gift does not require additional words or persuasion. The quote states a person being a man, a dad, but he will never give up his passion: the legend of running. A phone grip is in itself a useful, aesthetic, and practical idea when you want to surprise someone with an unusual yet useful gift. This runner-themed phone grip doesn't need a reason, any day to gift this to your friend is a good one.

Next on the list of gift ideas aimed at male runners is this stainless steel tumbler that features a rustic design and an illustration of legs running. What makes it an exceptional gift idea is the quote that says: "When your legs get tired, run with your heart." It's a simple yet encouraging reminder that although running and reaching the finish line may take their toll on you and your physical and mental health. In such moments, it is important to stay true to yourself and believe. By gifting this to a male runner, you're telling him that you believe in their abilities with all your heart, and the moment of realizing what it says on the stainless steel tumbler will be unforgettable for him.

Here is a great idea for all runners that like to keep track of the progress they make. Whether it's with the help of an app, personal notes, or GPS, keeping up with the progress you make can significantly increase someone's motivation. That's what this mug reminds passionate runners. It says: "If it's not him, it didn't happen." You have to accept the fact that someone only accepts progress that is recorded somewhere and visible after a certain time. Well, this mug also has an interesting design that features smartphones and smartphones with their locations and apps on it. It's definitely an interesting gift, and you shouldn't dwell on it. We're sure your runner friend agrees with the message on the mug.

Personalized Gift Ideas for Female Runners

Now's definitely not the time to neglect that your girlfriends, moms, sisters, and female friends also take pride in being committed runners. This is certainly a healthy hobby of theirs, so in addition to saying a few nice words, go the extra mile and make her over moon with this list of personalized gifts.

There is one universal truth that applies to all women, and that is that no woman will say "No, thanks" to a cute tote bag. You know how after a definition, you have an example. Well, on this tote bag, there is a comprehensive definition of a “Runner.” It’s a noun that describes “a person who runs, especially for sport or pleasure. Often suffers from obsessive desire or need to run further or faster. Skills include entering races, running everyday and talking about running (non-stop).” It’s basically a printed description of a person you’re gifting this cute bag to. This is the perfect accessory for a person that’s devoted their life to running. The most interesting part is the "See also:" space for you to add your friend's name. Genius, right? We're sure your runner will agree 100%.

Do you ever stop to appreciate the moment when you finish some work or exercise? That's a special moment right there, and we're sure runners feel exactly the same (if not even more happy) once they finish their morning jog, race or even a marathon. This mug has the word for this feeling, and it's "Runderful." Wondering what it means? It's an adjective that describes how a runner feels after they finish their run. It's a truly wonderful feeling for those who enjoy this physical activity. Just imagine the look on your runner's face once she reads the definition of this adjective. It's a moment worth capturing!

Here is another interesting idea if your intention is to gift your runner friend a creative mug. This one is a wonderful mix of black and pink, but the most striking feature is the encouraging message that says, "You are tough. You are strong. You are resilient. You are a runner. You got this!". Just some words, this mug illustrates all your runner’s characteristics: touch, strong and resilient. If you ask us, it's a powerful set of sentences for anyone who's into this physical activity. Everyone needs a fresh boost of motivation from time to time, and this is the perfect gift item if you want to ensure it for your good friend!

Water and vitamins are the most reliable means of energy for a devoted runner. However, the importance of a good moment, such as drinking good wine, should not be neglected. If you agree, pick this "Run now, wine later" gift for your runner friend. Adding this wine tumbler to your gift list is a home run, for sure. It's got a fun, chic, girly design on it that every female runner would love to have in her collection. Don't skip a beat, and surprise your female devoted runner with this imaginative gift that she'll be happy to use once she finishes her morning jog, for example.

Unanimously, we finish this list of gifts for runners with this beautiful tote bag that says “I love to run.” It’s got a unique design that illustrates a love for running in a beautiful way. The main detail on this tote bag is the heart, in which there are silhouettes of people doing exercises and running. Additionally, under this heart that symbolizes love for running and exercising for your mental and physical health, the “I love to run” quote is written in a fun font, with a heart that replaces the word "love." All in all, it's a touching way of surprising someone with a gift that reminds them of the thing they value and love the most.

Other Recommendations

16. Personalized Oak Medal Hanger

This medal hanger is a wonderful gift for a sports fan. Have all of their medals been hidden in a cupboard or drawer? So now with this hanger, all of their achievements are available in one place. Help your loved ones show off their running medals using this contemporary display board. You can personalize the hook board by adding any name or quote. Alternatively, the hook board can simply show a name if you don't want a quote.

17. Customized Area Code Running Headband

The convenience of a headband that never slips! With more of a stretch to them, they won’t move with the wearer—from running to yoga and back again. This one is made for high performance but also has an athleisure twist. Not only does it stay in place during the sweatiest workouts, but it’s so lightweight and comfy that you will want to wear it all day long! Soft on hair even when wet. It’s resistant to odor and breakout-causing bacteria.

18. Bad Mile Running Quote Adidas Backpack

Runners know when one bad mile ruins the entire day. Well, it just got a lot easier to bounce back with this motivational and adorable backpack. This stylish accessory is perfect for any runner who wants a reminder that things are only in the bad stage if you let them be; we're tougher than that. It's time to get our heads up and triple time out of this slump. The sturdy straps and zipper pockets will give you plenty of space to pack all your essentials. This innovative product is both fashionable and functional. Great gift idea for runner's birthday party. Works for men, women, or kid boys and girls. Create your own personalized gift on Zazzle, and let your creativity fly.

19. Personalized Ombre Sport Bra

Let her embrace the inner goddess with this super-comfy and customizable bra. Perfect for any activity! The ombre dyeing technique is all the rage nowadays, just like how workout clothes need to be stylish. This combo of both trend and function makes these personalized crop tops the best friend that your favorite activewear was missing. Versatile for various activities from light workouts to intense yoga sessions, she will find a use for this Sport Bra no matter what activity she is into. Personalize this sport wear by adding your own TEXT in English or Japanese.

20. Personalized Monogram Visor

Keep the sun out of their eyes this summer! A super cute personalized gift for your female runners. This is a personalized visor with FREE embroidery service. Choose from our 7 colors and 6 fonts to customize it! Also, don’t forget to choose a thread color that best represents her for the monogram! The adjustable strap allows the user to customize how tight or loose it should be around your head—the perfect fit for all occasions!

21. Marathon Footprint Necklace

Celebrate your marathon runner with this adorable Sterling Silver Marathon Footprint Necklace. This charm is so cute and looks great worn as a reminder of the hard work that went into running. It would also make a thoughtful present for someone else who has accomplished something, like graduating from graduate school! Personalize by selecting a stone from our list of birthstones or an initial to be engraved on the back of the charm. Receivers will feel loved and special all year long when you give them this beautiful sterling silver keepsake necklace to celebrate their race day achievements!

22. Customizable Metal Cross Running Decoration

Whether you're just starting to run or marathon runner this is the perfect gift for any occasion. This thoughtful cross-country sign is a fantastic choice for personalized gifts for runners. The product is made in the USA, which means it is made of steel and is finished in heavy-duty paint that will last for years. Anyone planning to finish their race soon? How cute is this Cross Country sign!! You can't go wrong with this thoughtful runner present. Personalize it with any name to make the perfect personalized gift for runners

23. Personalized Shoe Tags

Although you can't be there for every run, these motivational tags will let them know that you are always rooting for them. Cheer on your runner with these motivational shoe tags, just in time for race training! With a positive message and an aluminum tag that slips easily onto the shoelace (the perfect metal to wear), this is a great investment for races of any distance. To have a different message stamped than what appears in the listing photos, simply put it in the Notes section when you check out.

24. Personalized Male Runner Word Art Gift

Support your partner's running hobby with a beautifully crafted and personalized gift. The recipient will be over the moon to receive a handmade work of art that reflects their interests as well as the words you put together. They'll have something to inspire them on until their next run. Simply fill out your words and the colors you wish to use for the word art and that's it! This bespoke print is a perfect gift for any fitness lover. If you're looking for personalized gifts, look no further. This is just the right one!

25. Custom Sterling Silver Cuff

A sterling silver cuff to remind your runner to get ahead of themselves. The bracelet is six inches in length and will adjust to fit up to a 7¼-inch wrist. Made with either pure aluminum or 925 sterling silver, the "one mile at time" phrase is stamped by hand on the bracelet. Wear it every day as a reminder that success in life takes patience and dedication. Choose to customize the cuff with any inspirational word for a unique gift idea.

26. Running Event Map Route Print

Go for a run on the streets of any marathon and capture your race route on our Running Event Map Route Print. You can order the print for any running event. These street maps are printed with this unique colorful gift for runners or anyone who has completed one of these amazing races. Customizable to say anything you want and proudly show off your runner’s achievements. The vivid prints are suitable for any wall! There are 3 lines of text you can add for personalization, so make sure that it is meaningful.

27. Personalized Race Bibs Coaster

“Each time my wife completes a marathon/ultra, I ask EllieBeanPrints to create a personalized coaster in the color/style of the actual race bibs. They look brilliant and are perfect mementos of her achievements!” Check out this personalized race bib coaster, maybe your runner partner will like it as well. These running coasters from EllieBeanPrints will match any race bib. The details you wish to appear on the coaster can be communicated to them via message after you place your order. If possible, send an image of the race bib. By doing this, they can match it as close as possible.

28. Personalized Congratulations Race Time Medal

A thoughtful gift for any runner that just can't wait to show off that gun time. It's the perfect way to commemorate their achievement and keep a beautiful reminder of the special date of their accomplishment, whether it was a 5k, 10k, or full marathon! The medal is engraved with details: not only the specific race time but also what event you completed, so there is no mistake in authenticity when you come across those memories again. It is an original and thoughtful way of remembering their individual time. It is a special keepsake to add to their running record and a good way for runners to say "Congratulations!"

29. Personalized Coffee Mugs

Full-Color personalized coffee mugs that are sturdy and stylish. Start mornings off on the right note with stylish, exclusive Personalized Coffee Cups from 64Hydro. It will give every runner more energy and inspiration to improve their running performance. These durable cups feature curved handles for easy handling; they're made in the US using high-quality printing techniques, ensuring vivid colors that will last a lifetime - so you can enjoy them long into your future without worrying about fading or cracking over time. Funny, cute, or personal, it's your choice for the perfect custom cups. Get someone special this made-to-order gift, or treat yourself to a design that delights your heart.

30. Personalized Marathon Cushion

It's the perfect gift for anyone who is always on the go! Help them relax with this customized Marathon Cushion! This lovely personalized Marathon-themed cushion features its very own number and jersey design. Each cushion can be personalized to include a name, number, and message... Feel free to include any personal message you choose in the bottom section. It can be the name of the marathon they recently ran or a motivational message. Featuring a Polyester & Cotton mix, each cushion cover is machine washable at 30 degrees and has a lovely soft linen feel. Perfect Father's Day or Birthday gift, especially for those who enjoy sports or have recently run a marathon!

31. Personalized Marathon Runners Map Photo Block

This personalized marathon runners map photo block would be a thoughtful gift for any running enthusiast. One print can bring back all the memories from your half-marathon or marathon experience. The image of your favorite running photo behind the marathon's map will be displayed on a photo block. Help them remember each mile run with this marathon runners map photo block! This personalized gift for a runner will surely make them smile and cherish the memory forever!

32. Inspirational Zipper Pull

Are you looking for a unique gift for your track and field fan? A zipper pull with an inspirational message would make the perfect addition to their bag, warm-up, or anything! This zipper pull features two laser engraved charms and two glass beads. The sports charm is made of clear acrylic and the quote charm is made of stainless steel. By using laser technology, an engraved mark is created that is permanent and cannot be chipped, faded, or washed off. All charms are attached to a 1.25" swivel, lobster clasp with stainless steel jump rings. One thing is for sure, whoever you give this to, they could never forget this thoughtful gift.

Gifts for runners are hard to purchase — just because you love a particular runner's shoe, watch, or other running gear doesn't mean they will be the right fit for someone else, or they may probably already have one. That’s why this blog post is here for you with a variety of personalized gifts for sports fans sure to please any type of runner. Whether it is a birthday, Mother's Day, or Father's Day, we hope you can choose practical and meaningful gifts that relate to running and tell them how much they mean to you. So, what personalized gifts for runners you will buy? Share with us in the comments below.

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