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May 22, 2021 44 min read

Sisters are the most special people in your life. They're always there for you. They pick up on all your little quirks and love you unconditionally. This is why it's important to get them a gift that shows how much you care about them with a thoughtful gift.

It's actually hard to find a gift that is perfect for her. What is the best gift for a sister? What are some gifts that sisters would love to receive? Fret not - we've got 50+ personalized sisters gifts they won't expect! The list includes items for all ages and interests, so there's something for everyone! You can find everything from clothes to coffee mugs to puzzles in this epic list. These gifts will make any sister happy, whether they are big sisters, small sisters, or sisters-in-law.

Best Personalized Sister Gifts

If you want to give your sister something different and a gift that will awaken many beautiful emotions, you can't go wrong with this heart ornament. "Side by side, or miles apart, we are sisters connected by the heart" is a beautiful quote that will awaken many emotions in your sister. This quote tells a story about how, no matter how far apart or distant you may be right now, your love will always be there, and your hearts will unite you. Looking at the front side of it, we see an option to write her name in addition to these beautiful snow whites representing you and your sister.

"Sisters share a bond that can never be broken, no matter what" is a beautiful quote that adorns this ornament and will surely make your sister feel loved and cared for. This lovely quote talks about how the bond between sisters is strong and unbreakable, and how it lasts throughout life. If you look closely, you will see two beautiful angels holding hands and looking at each other. This beautiful scene should represent you and your dear sister. To make this ornament the unique and personalized gift, all you need to do is write the name of you and your dear sister under the pictures of angels.

"You are the best sister in the whole world" is a beautiful quote that will help your sister know how you feel about her. This quote talks about how your sister is the best in the world and how you wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. From the front of this mug, you can see two angels looking lovingly at each other, and that scene should represent you and your dear sister. A mug is a gift that delights everyone because of its practicality, but be sure that with this mug, you will make your beloved sister smile every time she prepares herself a hot drink.

"Sisters are like fat things, they stick together" is a beautiful quote sprinkled with some humor whose role is to awaken many positive emotions in your beloved sister and make her laugh. This quote humorously describes the sisters' bond as fat things because no matter what happens, they stay together forever. On this adorable ornament, you can see two snow whites that are supposed to represent you and your sister, who, if you look closely, are looking at each other with a lot of love. To make this already eye-catching ornament even more personalized and unique, you can write your name and your sister's under the snow-white. 

Best Personalized Little Sister Gifts

"You're the sister I got to choose" is a lovely yet amusing quote whose purpose is to arouse many pleasant feelings in your beloved little sister and make her smile. This quote says that even though we can't choose our blood and family, you would undoubtedly choose your little sister the way she is. On its back, you can write the name of your beloved sister and, in that way, make this mug personalized and unique. When we look at the whole design, we will see butterflies that should represent you and your sister because of their beauty and freedom.

"Best little sister ever"is a short quote, but be sure you will use it to awaken many beautiful emotions in your little sister. This quote expresses how your sister is the loveliest person in the world to you and how you would never exchange her for anything. When we look at the overall design of this phone grip, we can say that it is modern, but it also includes details such as hearts that adorn the mentioned quote. 

"A sister is God's way of making sure we never walk alone" is a beautiful quote that adorns this unique mug and will undoubtedly make your younger sister feel amazing. This quote is about how God sent you to your younger sister, but also her to you so that you would never feel lonely and have a friend for life. On the back of this mug is space left for you to place a photo of you, your sister, and both of your names. This mug will become the unique and personalized gift your favorite sister has ever seen. 

"Love you to the moon and back" is a perfect quote that describes the amount of love you feel for your little sister. "Sisters are like stars, you can't always see them but you know they are there" is one of the beautiful quotes that adorn this one-of-a-kind bedding set. All the quotes you can see carry a strong message of how much you love your younger sister, how she is everything in your life, and how even distance will never separate you. This bedding set will undoubtedly awaken beautiful emotions in your younger sister when she reads all the messages this gift carries. 

"Sisters are for sharing laughter and wiping tears" is a beautiful quote that will undoubtedly awaken a lot of laughter and beautiful emotions in your little sister. This quote talks about sisters' love and how sisters are there for each other, whether on happy days with laughter or sadness. On the back of this adorable and unique mug are two beautiful hearts meant to represent you and your sister and symbolize your love. You can write your and your sister's names inside the hearts to make this cute mug a personalized gift for your lovely teenager.

Best Personalized Big Sister Gifts

"Sisters are for sharing laughter and wiping tears" is a beautiful quote that will undoubtedly awaken a lot of laughter and beautiful emotions in your little sister. This quote talks about sisters' love and how sisters are there for each other, whether on happy days with laughter or sadness. On the back of this adorable and unique mug are two beautiful hearts meant to represent you and your sister and symbolize your love. You can write your and your sister's names inside the hearts to make this cute mug a personalized gift that everyone adores. 

"Sisters are for sharing laughter and wiping tears" is a beautiful quote that will undoubtedly awaken a lot of laughter and beautiful emotions in your little sister. This quote talks about sisters' love and how sisters are there for each other, whether on happy days with laughter or sadness. On the back of this adorable and unique mug are two beautiful hearts meant to represent you and your sister and symbolize your love. You can write your and your sister's names inside the hearts to make this cute mug a personalized gift that everyone adores. 

"Thanks for being a badass sister, keep that shit up" is a very witty quote that carries a powerful message for your older sister. Humorously, this quote wants to thank your older sister for being just the way she is, in your eyes, both excellent and badass. To make this sweet candle unique and personalized, you only need to add the name of your older sister, which will decorate the design of this cute candle. The combination of bright colors, sparkling text, meaningful and witty quotes, and personalization possibilities will undoubtedly make this a perfect gift for your older sister.

"To my sister: You are my sunshine, I am so proud of you"is a beautiful quote that adorns the front of this stainless steel tumbler and will surely arouse many emotions in your older sister. This quote talks about how much your sister means to you, how she lights up your day like the sun and how proud you are of her and everything she has achieved. On the back of this stainless steel tumbler, many motivational and beautiful quotes can be seen, they all mean that the bond between the sisters is unbreakable and that you are proud of your hard-working sister. Be sure you can't go wrong with this one because of its one-of-a-kind design.

"Miles apart or staying alone, we will always be connected by heart. No matter what life has in store for us, we can depend on each other" is just part of the beautiful quote found inside this lovely jewelry box. This quote and the rest of the text convey strong messages about how much you love your sister and how much she means to you. We are sure your older sister will burst with joy because of this beautiful heart-shaped necklace. This lovely love dance necklace is the perfect way to honor your dear and sweet sister in your life.

Best Sister-In-Law Personalized Gifts in 2022

"To my sister in law: You mean way too much for me to call you sister-in-law…Thank you for always being there and sharing your love and support, for the sweet person you are and the kind things you do…" This beautiful quote talks about how much your sister-in-law means to you and how much you love her. It also talks about how you see her as a sister, a friend, and your blood, not just a family member. When you look at the back of this stainless steel tumbler, you have the opportunity to see a beautiful floral design. In addition, you need to write the name of your sister-in-law and, in this way, make this tumbler a unique and one-of-a-kind gift.

"Thank you for being my sister-in-law, if I had another sister-in-law, I would punch her in the face and go find you. Love, xx" this is a beautiful but witty quote that will undoubtedly make your sister-in-law laugh. This quote is about how glad you are with your sister-in-law and how perfect she is for you. Humorously, this quote describes that you would not change your sister-in-law for anyone or anything in the world. A wine tumbler is a practical gift for everyday use, but this one is special because of its witty quote, beautiful floral design, and the possibility of personalization. 

"A badass sister-in-law" is a short but witty quote that adorns this eye-catching and adorable phone grip. The clear message this quote sends is your admiration and respect for your sister-in-law and how much you adore her. Be sure that while reading this quote, your sister-in-law will surely smile and be grateful for every compliment this unique gift sends. This item is the perfect combination of the pink color of the background with the tiny hearts that are a symbol of love, as well as the colorful text, sets this phone grip apart from all the others on the market.

Best Sister Wedding Personalized Gifts in 2022

“Memories upon memories, some big, some small. Laughter and tears, we’ve been through it all,” is one of the great quotes in this exquisite jewelry box. This phrase and the rest of the text offer solid and emotional messages about how much you love and value your sister. We are confident that this lovely heart-shaped necklace will arouse many precious feelings in your sweet sister.The most powerful emotion is love; this golden necklace is a great way to show how you feel about your loved one. 

"Every day is a new beginning, take a deep breath and start again" is a beautiful motivational quote that will surely please your dearest sister. This talks about how we should be strong and how life gives us a new chance every day, even if we fail. Let's be ready to try again is also what this quote wants to convey to us. On the back of this tracker bottle is a schedule with times and motivational messages that will please anyone with a tight schedule and a lot of obligations. If your beloved sister is like your bestie, don't miss out this personalized gift for your special friend. This can awaken her many beautiful emotions, and give her something that she will surely use daily.

"Faith, Hope, and Love" is a lovely motivational phrase that will motivate your favorite sister every time she looks at this bottle. Three words such as hope, love, and faith are sometimes quite enough to send a clear message that maybe happiness is just around the corner, as well as love and joy. To make this fantastic tracker bottle a personalized and one-of-a-kind present, put your darling sister's name and include it in the design. This bottle will be a great gift to demonstrate your support for your beloved sister, arouse her many lovely feelings, and provide her with something she will undoubtedly use regularly.

Other Recommendations of Personalized Sisster gIfts

"Touch My Coffee, I will..." Dragon Stainless Steel Tumbler - Personalized wwith Name

"Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful" - Personalized Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Might Be Water Might Be Wine - Personalized Wine Tumbler

Simply Blessed - Personalized with Name Zip Around Leather Wallet

"Just a Girl In Love With Her Books" - Personalized Ceramic Mug

"Let Your Faith be Bigger Than Your Fear" - Personalized Water Tracker Bottle

Do you have a little sister? Have you been looking for the perfect gift to give her on her birthday, Christmas, or just because? What are some of the best gifts to get for a little sister? A personalized journal is one such gift.

If you are looking for the perfect gift idea for your little sister, look no further. This blog post is full of great ideas that will suit any personality type and make her feel special. These gifts can be as simple as a phone case with their name on it or a journal to write all of their secrets in! There are so many options out there when it comes to personalized items - don't forget about jewelry! You could get them a necklace or bracelet with their initials on it.

Personalized Art Print

It's a perfect time to get your sister some personalized art. The best way to show her you love her is by letting the world know she has a big sis ready to take all of life's challenges head-on and succeed! Let them know how much they are appreciated with one of these personalized little sister gifts. Pick a photo of the two of you. Customize it however you like as they allow unlimited edits so you will never be disappointed. The design will be printed on high-quality artist canvas.

'When Stars Align' Constellation Necklace

When Stars Aligned is one of the more unique star gift ideas for a little sister. When someone finally becomes an older sibling, it can be hard to find a gift that you are sure they’ll like. But this personalized sister gift will only feel like a personal touch they could never get enough of!

One little sister wears this necklace to remember and celebrate another. This perfect celestial accessory celebrates when stars align, ensuring siblings share the love on their birthdays. With this customizable necklace for little sisters that are born under different zodiac signs, they'll always know who belongs by the alignment of the stars above their heads, and below their necks!

DIY Necklace and Bracelet Kit

Your little sister is unique, with one-of-a-kind names and special traits. That’s why it only makes sense that she gets a necklace or two of her own design for twirling at school or at work. This DIY Necklace and Bracelet Kit has everything you need to make your little sister’s outfit complete. Whether she loves ponies or unicorns, the kit comes with all kinds of colorful beads just waiting for creativity to take over! You can even get creative yourself with this exciting gift — after all, sisters are family too!

Ultra Soft Marshmallow Hooded Lounger

Get ready to give your sister the most comfortable and cozy gift she's ever had. This gorgeous, ultra-soft lounger is perfect for cramming in time with ice cream after a long day or getting lost in a book as it looks so good being worn out on lazy days.

Your little sister will never want to take off this Ultra Soft Marshmallow Hooded Lounger! And don't worry, she can rock these PJs all day long - she's not breaking the dress code just because these are so comfortable. With a matching pair of pants that feel like warm cotton candy, these sleepover essentials won’t let your sibling down one bit.

Custom Name Pink Glitter Strap Kids Watch

GIRLS LOVE IT! Your sister will love it, too. It's her very own cool gift and PERSONALIZED to show how much you care. The gift is far more special when it comes from your true love. This is the perfect sister watch with a strap made just for kids and custom embossed with your sister's name. In addition, customizing this watch from color to style, you can make the perfect gift based on her private interset. Your sister'll cherish this outstanding girlie pink girly present from you. Present that really says I love you through and through - completely personalized to be all YOURS - no doubt about it!

Custom Photo Socks

Do you have a best friend who is also your sister? Do they always have your back, no matter what's going on in life? You struggle to find the right present for your sister, and you know she will love these. It can be their birthday, Mother's Day, or Christmas! With the customized design, she'll be wearing her face on her socks around town while also giving a subtle shout-out with "Best Sister Ever" emblazoned above it!

Socks are the perfect way to share those love feelings with your favorite little sisters. You know she would love it if her face was engraved into her new socks. These are the perfect gift for that special loved one in your life, and they’ll be a hit! What girl doesn't want to feel like she's got her own little sidekick? These socks come with any of three phrases: Best Friends Forever, Best Sister Ever, or Little Sister. Imagine the smile on their face when they receive a custom pair of Best Sister Ever Socks that are created just for them.

Fill in the Love Book

Your little sister may be small, but her place in your life is HUGE. Having a sister who's seen you at your worst (literally) and still has that unconditional love for you makes you lucky. So show her how much you care with this sentimental book. Connect on a deeper level by writing down all the things you love about them right here to form a fill-in-the-blank Little Sisters gift book packed with pages of handwritten memories they'll cherish forever!

The Fill in the Love Book is a perfect gift for your sister. A personal journal of her memories, favorite moments with you two together, and photos of your favorite scrapbook pages. The combination leads to some happy tears she won't be ashamed of! This is the perfect proof that sisters have an unending list of memories and moments to share. With over 100 pages for you to fill with hundreds of things your sister loves, wants, and needs, this personalized sister gift is sure to be her favorite gift idea ever. We know she'll love it just as much as you do!

Personalized Heart Map Print

This uniquely personalized Vintage Map is a treasure that will surely wow the heart of your little sister. Presented in stunning detail, this map features all the favorite places close and far from home. Plus love quotes for day-to-day inspiration! This unforgettable map will serve as a daily reminder of loved ones near and far.

When she sees this map, all the memories and locations that matter to her will come flooding back. This is a chance to think about what it was like when she was young, chasing after adventures with you or her friends, or putting up a brave face for her. This is the perfect memento for that sister who makes your day brighter. This Heart Map will be cherished forever.

Warm + Cozy Care Package

Take care of your little sister with this thoughtful gift! Get her something to hug or a few silly things to laugh about when she can't find anything else in the world that's getting her through her days. Words are fleeting, but memories last a lifetime — make sure your little sis has some of the best ones in her life!

Your little sister will love this cozy care package with her name printed on the outside. It’s filled with all of those warm holiday memories. Here she'll find a mug, Cedarwood Chai Tea, Cream Fuzzy Socks, Honey Jar, and Cinnamon Sticks! This is a box full of all the things everyone needs to keep their cozy during winter.

With this one, you can give all the love even when it's miles away. There are enough items to make sure she feels loved and cared about no matter where they're at in life.

64hydro Personalized Coffee Mug

You know your sister, who's always trying to steal all the attention? This custom sister mug is for every little sister in the world. Now she can get it with her very own go-to coffee mug! And when she’s not using it for her coffee, it's badass decorative art too. She'll soon find herself grabbing this over and over!

Personalize her own mug and she'll never forget it. A perfect gift for Christmas, a birthday, or just to show your little sister how much you love her. Let her know she'll always be your best friend and never forget that.

Sister Necklace

The perfect sister personalized gift. This minimalist necklace (featuring customizable length and metal options) will not only show your sis how much she means to you but also remind her that she is loved - especially when she's wearing it. This symbol of sisterhood is the perfect gift for any occasion.

Personalized Valet Box

Jewelry and trinkets will look lovely sitting inside this engraved Personalized Keepsake Box. This gorgeous personalized sister gift is a beautiful way to help your little sister preserve her cherished memories. Whether you're saying a heartfelt thank you or celebrating a big occasion, this gift box will keep all of her precious moments in one place. The best thing? You can personalize it with any opening sentiment and any two-line message after your own poem, up to 20 lines!

Give this as a birthday gift or Easter present - it doesn't matter when because every day is for your lovely little sister!

Homesick Candle

You don't have to live in the same zip code as your little sister, but you know she needs someone to be there when she's feeling homesick and lonely. Send her a Homesick Candle, which is available in 23 different scents that remind her of home. Show your sister how much you love her every time she lights up the candle. Remind her of all the special places you've shared together. From being at home, rolling down hills in grandma's backyard, to falling asleep surrounded by strangers - there is something perfect for every little sister who just needs that reminder they're loved back! A thoughtful gift they can enjoy for a long time.

These thoughtful gifts will show your favorite person how much you care about their needs - whether they're 22 or 52! With every scent you choose, a smile will surely be found.

Engrave Heart Pendant

Deeply personal, this little Custom Heart Necklace is a reminder of the love and care you and your sister have for each other. It can be customized with your name and quotes of choice. Sentimentally designed in high-quality 925 Sterling Silver, this delicate charm captures all that it means to be holding hands in every moment together!

The elegant style will pair perfectly with her outfit! This precious personalized sister gift is great for any occasion, from birthdays to Christmas. Without question, she'll treasure it forever, no matter how long apart life takes you from one another.

Weighted Blanket

You can't always give your little sister the hugs she wants. Maybe you're away at college or working late nights. There are a lot of reasons that might keep you from giving her the time she needs. But with this personalized weighted blanket, she can still be able to feel your love and warmth.

This weighted blanket is the perfect winter companion, especially if your little sister told you she wanted to cuddle up with some hot cocoa and Netflix. Customize it for her unique sense of style so that she can snuggle up whenever she wants

This weighted blanket offers a medium level of weight to provide her with the perfect combination of comfort and pressure.

Sisters Best Friends T-shirt

Girls will love this Personalized Sisters T-shirt that tells the world how much their sisters mean to them! This teddy bear design employs a heartfelt message and is sure to be cherished for years. These shirts are available in adult sizes from small to 3XL, ensuring your sister will be able to wear them as she grows up.

Show the world that your little sisters are the best friends you have. Encourage them to keep being there for one another, because every little sister has her older sister as a best friend! Remember all those memories you made together? You can’t forget how much love, fun, and laughter you shared back then! Now it's a great time to share many more such moments with these personalized sister gifts.

Walnut Desktop Photo Calendar

This little sister gift will never go out of style. Create a personalized calendar with up to 12 photos of her and you. When you give the gift of a custom photo calendar, your sister will be reminded all year long how thoughtful you are. This is one year your sister won't forget!

She’ll love this calendar, and it will become her go-to. This is the perfect little sister gifts idea!

Personalized Keepsake Block

There's nothing quite as special as a sister. She is some woman you happen to be related by blood or friendship with. But she's more than that! She's your best friend in the world. Now she'll always remember how much you care about her through the gorgeous personalization on this custom block - any one-line message will do! The Personalized Sister Gifts are perfect for the sister who deserves a lot of love.

There is nowhere else you can get jewelry that shows your love and appreciation for your younger sibling. Design a gift for your little sister. With engraved Keepsake Blocks and customizable messages, everyone will know how special she is to you.

With one of these engraved Keepsake Blocks, tell her she's the most important person in the world with an inspirational message like "A Sister is God’s way of proving he doesn't want us to walk alone." She will always know how much you care for her.

Big Sister Necklace

Give a big sister all the love in your heart with this stylish and romantic necklace she can treasure through the years. This personalized Big Sister Necklace is the perfect way to tell someone they’re wonderful! An adorable accessory with silver metallic detail and genuine crystals makes this such a special gift for any occasion. This item can be purchased with your choice of chain length, name, and crystal color. You'll be showing her how special she is to you and your whole family.

Big Sister Tote Bag

The new big sister will be the coolest, nicest, smartest girl in the entire world when she's celebrating her birthday with this fashionable tote bag! This super roomy tote is perfect for carrying all of her cool new stuff. With an embroidered design that celebrates "very special" big sister and bold colors that match any outfit or activity - why wouldn't a little girl want one?

“You’re a big sister” Personalized Book

Is your soon-to-be big sister looking forward to becoming a big sister? This personalized “You’re a Big Sister” book is perfect for your little girl before they enter this new chapter in their lives. Being a big sister is one of the favorite roles in all of a little girl's life. They get to be superheroes, teachers, and best friends.

A beautiful, personalized book with friendly rhyming text that celebrates the happy occasion of becoming a big sister. This gorgeous personalized gift is filled with helpful tips for making both toddlers and grownups feel at ease about fitting both needs into one place: you. Including full-color illustrations, this heartwarming read has the right balance of sweetness and humor to make it perfect for any toddler receiving their very first baby sibling from Santa Claus!

The book highlights that your love for your firstborn won’t change, even if your family dynamic will. She may have been happy as an only child before but with some careful consideration, you can find magical goodies to ensure her new role in life has everyone from parents to grandparents on board! Celebrate the joy of every little milestone with these on-trend gift ideas just perfect for a primary schooler who’s about to become an ACTUAL big sister.

Floral Wreath Shirt

The Wreath Floral Design is the perfect shirt for your new big sister and will make this moment even more special. The custom message varies by request with you have up to 256 characters. When the time comes to announce your newest addition, show off what’s coming and get her excited for big sisterhood.

This gift is a way to proudly proclaim that your little one adores her big sister! Floral arrangements of daisies, tulips, and roses come together to create the perfect "flower girl!" This shirt makes for an absolutely adorable gift from a small sibling, too. Made with actual glitter vinyl or foil vinyl, and you pick the color! This gift is completely 100% machine washable and not messy at all.

Big Sis Graphic Tee

This fun and cute shirt is a perfect gift for your little one's big sister. This short-sleeve tee will tell the world that she is her little brother or sister’s first "big" friend. The matching lil sis and lil bro shirts are a totally cute way to dress up. Sassy and sweet, the Big Sis Graphic Tee is a colorful new spin on sisterhood. Something this adorable deserves to be mentioned.

Big Sister Sign

Big Sister Sign is an adorable gift for any sister. You'll show her how special she is with a personalized big sister sign that's ready to mount as a durable metal artwork in her room! Give your favorite girl this thoughtful, personalized gift, and she'll love it very much. This gorgeous sign features their name and stands out against the pink backing color. Any proud big sister would want this metal sign in her room! A pop of chalkboard paint gives it that cozy, welcoming feel. Hang this metal sign up in any room — its space-saving weight makes it perfect for smaller rooms! It's the best way to welcome your new little love into the family.

Big Sister Coloring Activity Book and Crayon Set

There's so much she can do with these 24 pages. Fill in her coloring book, draw something on a sheet of paper or try one of the many drawing pages that help introduce words.

Big sisters get to become part of the pregnancy process through this coloring book, which makes them feel needed and happy! It’s a truly unique, personalized gift for the new big sister. We know that every soon-to-be big sister is often the least involved in their parents' pregnancy, birth, and raising of their sibling. So this activity book will help amp up her involvement with creative drawing and coloring pages inside. With her name on the cover and 24 pages of fill-in-the-blank lists, games, drawing pages, and puzzles personalized with her new bond as big sister, it's a thoughtful way to involve her in pregnancy.

Big Sister Girls Placemat

When you welcome new addition to your family, it can be hard for the girl who was born first. They might feel left out and alone while everyone goes on about how cute their new sibling is. But show them that they're loved too with this adorable personalized placemat! It's easy and fast to complete - just create your own message and give this handmade gift with any of their favorite snacks!

Whether it's for a birthday or baby shower, these one-of-a-kind placemats are the perfect addition to any big sister gift. Celebrate your little one's new life with a personalized placemat and recognize her new role of big sister!

64hydro Water Tracker Bottle

Let them be the best big sister with this Water Tracker Bottle from us! With a personalized bottle, everyone will know she is the keeper of mom's sanity. She'll be drinking plenty of fluids without your help when she has one of these ready to go in her bag. For any occasion, a big sister needs hydration! And that's where our personalized water bottles can help. They come in different colors, art, quotes, and personalized name, so there is one for every mood!

This water tracker bottle is also a great gift for your friends, relatives, and even yourself! This personalized water bottle is stylish and chic enough for any occasion or everyday wear. You can't go wrong with these as a gift for a new big sister!

Big Sister Pillow Case

The first thing a new big sister needs is this one-of-a-kind Big Sister Pillowcase! The pillowcase comes in white and is 20.5 x 30 in size. Customize your gift with any text of your choice. This pillowcase is perfect for all those times when the new big sister wants to snuggle under a soft, comfy blanket. With this Pillow Case, you'll be able to show your love to your children or grandchildren!

Big Sister Pearl Bracelet

Help her show her baby brother or sister she will always be there for them, every day and every way.

A personalized name bracelet is a perfect gift to give your daughter or granddaughter once they become a big sister - complete with colorful beads representing their favorite colors. There are many ways you can customize this to make it special just for her; by customizing her age and name on the gift! This sterling silver, personalized big sister bracelet is the perfect gift to let her know she'll always be the big sister! She can wear it proudly on her wrist.

Big Sister Certificate

A beautiful new big sister is about to experience the thrilling time of getting followed around by their little sibling. They might be bored forever! It’s important for them to know they still have a place in this world and that doesn’t mean on the sidelines. Embrace her role as a mentor, guide, protector, and friend all at once. The Big Sister Certificate will certify her as one incredible girl who can handle anything life throws at her!

Give this certificate to the big sister when a new baby is on its way into her life, and encourage her to enjoy the experience of being an awesome help for their mommy. This certificate is perfect for making a new big sister feel loved! Add in the girl's name and date of birth then print it out and hang it in her room!

Photo Collage Birthday Card

Send a handmade card to your daughter, granddaughter, or friend with their birthday. It will be the best gift she’ll ever receive from you!

A creative card for any age. With this photo collage birthday card, you can indeed create a unique design that will be cherished forever. Fill it with photos of the birthday girl, her friends, or family so everyone knows they're not forgotten on their special day. This is the perfect way to make sure the big sister has a beautiful gift to open at the celebration. The template is set up to work for any age, so it's great for daughters as well as granddaughters. You will get 6 photos printed on the outside of your personalized photo collage. Celebrate her special day with a creative photo montage!

The Super, Incredible Big Sister Book

The Super, Incredible Big Sister book is perfect for any new big sister. This personalized book reassures her that she's loved and appreciated - and rewards her for helping out with the new baby.

This book is the perfect way to teach your little girl how special and loved she is as a new big sister. It reassures her that she's not replaced or forgotten about - but important just like always! The ribbon has a velcro-release tab for safety - so your proud big sister can wear it around town or in her everyday life.

The book comes engraved with the name of the siblings. Each page is beautifully illustrated to capture their attention and heart. There are encouraging words that will make her feel loved, appreciated, important, rewarded for sharing responsibility with her mommy and daddy (and even show off a little!). This award-winning author Jill McDonald has captured the hearts of children by sending messages of love and reassurance in creative rhyme. She includes helpful tips from real sisters to make this day as easy as possible!

Personalized Crayons

Your little big sister deserves to know she's a treasured child and loved as much as her new baby sibling. This Personalized Crayons gift is perfect for the celebratory moment when you tell them that they will soon have a sibling or any time thereafter. You can customize the letters and choose one of the color schemes in vibrant colors of rainbow, pink, pastel, or unicorns. Let the big sister know they should always stand out from the crowd while still being loved no matter what changes come along!

This set of crayons are perfect for any big sister to know how special they are. It's just one small way we can show how important she is and thank her for always being there.

Fairy Magic Wand

The new big sister will look absolutely gorgeous in her rosy velvet dress with matching ribbons wrapping around her delicate wrists. And then there's the meet-the-cute accessories - a handmade wooden Fairy Magic Wand. It can be personalized with different names and patterns.

This beautifully engraved handcrafted wooden wand is for your big sister to celebrate her new role. With days of celebration and festivities ahead, this pretty accessory may be the perfect gift idea! Whether it's for the new baby celebration or her birthday - this one seems destined to be used on many occasions.

Mason Jar

Doesn’t your sister-in-law deserve a thoughtful gift? Please surprise her with these adorable mason jars that are personalized just for her. The way to a sister-in-law’s heart is through an adorable mason jar full of her favorite flowers. Built from sturdy glass, they look as beautiful on the outside as they do on the inside and let you place a bouquet of her favorite flowers for a perfect gift. After the flowers are gone, she can use the jar to store cold fruit juice during hot summer days. Give her the gift that’ll make her smile all year long!

Tribute Video Montage

It's difficult to miss the holidays with family when you've got a sister-in-law in your life. But sometimes life gets in the way and that dinner call just never happens. It's the worst feeling, being apart from those who you love. So this year as Christmas Eve nears, grab Tribute and spend a few minutes to send a special gift that'll make sure your sister-in-law feels like she spent the day with you. Requesting loved ones to send their fun and meaningful videos through email and edit it using the service.

This thoughtful gift will make her feel like you're there celebrating with her this Christmas.

Custom Morse Code Bracelet

Give her something that will last a lifetime. Buy your sister-in-law this gorgeous Custom Morse Code Bracelet. Fashion meets sentiment in this beaded, custom bracelet that's designed to capture a special word or phrase. Mix and match the three metal styles and 18 bead colors to create something utterly unique she will love at first sight.

Show her how much you adore her with your custom secret message, and she will always know when she needs to talk to you about whatever is on her mind. Stay in touch throughout many years to come by sending a meaningful message right on her arm!

When she opens her gift, she’ll find a beautiful and meaningful token of your everlasting love. The quality craftsmanship and dainty design make this an ideal accessory for any woman on your list. If only there were something like this for all women on their special day!

Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles Kit

These chocolately delights are the perfect gift for any occasion. A chocolate truffle is a treat that is sure to be appreciated by most people, and these will taste especially delicious. Prepare the greatest hand-made gift ever. With this kit, you’ll not only be able to whip up some delicious recipes for a future occasion, but also create different flavors that will impress all your recipients. This makes the whole thing so much more personalized, doesn’t it?

Personalized sister-in-law gift? Check! Treat your sister-in-law to a decadent DIY chocolate adventure. This kit provides all the ingredients and instructions for creating truffles that she can personalize with unique, custom flavors in her own kitchen! Imagine her surprise when these handmade gifts turn out better than anything store-bought – not to mention how much fun she'll have making them herself. The best part about this gift is that she’ll also have a signature dish to call her own. Your sister will never be able to say thank you enough or refuse another bite of these sweet treats!

Fleece Photo Blanket

She’ll love being able to see her family and friends anytime she snuggles up in bed with this personalized fleece photo blanket. This high-quality Fleece Photo Blanket arrives custom-made free of charge quickly!

Made with plush, thick lining and machine washable polyester fill that’s soft to the touch, these blankets are large enough for two people to share - keep a spare on hand in hectic holiday mornings! Choose from three sizes and lots of photo layouts to make it just right for your sister-in-law.

Brass Easel & Prints

Give your sister-in-law a gift that shows you care about her. This brass easel and prints set is what she needs to have great-looking artwork displayed in her office, home, or favorite room of the house. Gift this now, and you might score some juicy information for next time! She will love having her favorite photos of friends and family on display in an elegant brass easel with a gold matting frame, no matter where or how she works!

Sister-In-Law Gift Necklace

It's not enough to say that your sister-in-law is important because she means the world to you. This personalized necklace shows her how much in a truly special way. As a sister, you know how difficult it is to find the perfect gift for your sister-in-law. Whether she's your "worrywart" in law or your "budding chef," they can be hard to shop for. But this time, get her something tailored just for her: a classic gold necklace that symbolizes the bond between two sisters.

You never realized how much your sister-in-law meant to you until she became yours. Now, as the two of you are growing closer day by day, it's time to make a statement that shows her just how connected you feel — with this charming necklace. The subtle and delicate metal interlocking circles represent the bond formed between sisters-in-law. It will serve as an everyday reminder of your deep connection. Delivered to her home in a beautiful gold or silver gift box or can in a Burgundy organza bag. Nothing says "You’re the best" more powerfully than this thoughtful gift!

Personalized Aquamarine Necklace

She's just so precious to you and she deserves a gift as special as herself. Treat your sister-in-law you love with this elegant personalized aquamarine necklace that features her birthstone.

There are few things more special than a personalized gift. Just pick up a personalized necklace with her birthstone, which is what brings out that sparkle in anyone's eye. She can adjust this necklace at 20 inches or 16 inches depending on if you want more of a relaxed fit or choker style look.

Gallery Collage of Six Framed Print

She doesn’t want jewelry, she doesn’t want clothes. What about a gift that truly shows how much you care? Plaster those memories and create the perfect personalized artwork for your sister-in-law with this Gallery Collage.

A Gallery Collage is the perfect way to create a beautiful and sentimental gift for your sister-in-law. With templates that are unique and different, you'll have so many options to choose from when giving her this customized frame. From vacation trips spent together as a family, to cheeky moments teasing each other during family gatherings - there will be something you can make into an amazing memory! With a variety of styles and layouts, there’s no way to go wrong with a present that's guaranteed to please.

Now, her favorite images can live on forever in a personalized collage that’s sure to bring joy year after year.

Personalized Foil Zodiac Star Sign Notebook

A sister-in-law is someone who's there for you in the good times and the tough times as well. Treat her to beautiful writing supplies with this gorgeous notebook that can also double as a calendar. This notebook has everything she needs to document memories both big and small.

She'll love opening up this beautiful gift to find her astrological sign designed in gold foil on the front cover. With a writer's notebook so luxurious inside, you're sure she'll be fired up at the idea of taking pen to paper! This bespoke notebook is perfect for your sister-in-law to record her thoughts. The high-quality, personalized notebook will become an indulgence that she'll look forward to.

She'll cherish these pages, and the time she spends writing in them. You're giving her a lifelong companion for her day-to-day life to keep all the moments that matter: Her children's first words, funny memories with friends, family gatherings, and sweet secrets shared only with you down on paper. This notebook is truly one-of-a-kind.

Custom Dog Pillow

There’s no limit to the amount of love your sister-in-law has for her favorite furball. Now you can give her a unique Custom Dog Pillow that she can snuggle with every day and give her pet plenty of cuddles too!

Show her how much she means to you this year with the dog-loving gift of a lifetime. Customize this adorable custom pillow so that it bears her pup's name, favorite color, and headshot.

Textured Ceramic Tile

Your sister-in-law is the best. She doesn’t give a second thought when she makes her life decisions – like marrying your brother! She deserves to have something custom-made for her family that shows them how much you love them all.

As her sister-in-law, you know what she loves best: family. And as a loving family woman yourself, you know that it’s important to honor the mothering side of her nature. The fine details and perfect moment of this photo tile design will touch her heart every time she looks at them proudly displayed in her favorite room. Give her a gift of love with photos that are always there for emotional support.

This beautiful piece will look great in any room big or small. Included some of her favorite photos of everything from loved ones to travel memories, she will love that you chose such a special way to show her how much you care about family. Personalized Ceramic Tiles make the perfect Mother’s Day, birthday, Christmas, or Hanukkah.

Convertible Leather Backpack

This Convertible Leather Backpack is the perfect gift for your sister-in-law that's always on the go. It will have your sister-in-law feeling on top of the world, no matter her day. With a little adjusting of the straps, this bag can be worn across the body for hands-free wandering or around the shoulder for an office-appropriate look. The interior has enough compartments to store all her favorite things with room to spare, and it has dual side pockets big enough for a phone. Plus, you can personalize it whichever way she likes. Add your monogram to make this gift really special. When she receives your personalized gift, she's going to feel like you're always there beside her!

64hydro Insulated Water Bottle with Straw Lid

Your sister-in-law will love this custom water bottle with a straw lid. She can take it on the go. And that means she can stay hydrated and sip out of it without spilling thanks to the ergonomic design that features a screw off top for easy filling and drinking. She'll enjoy feeling refreshed all day long with every quick sip.

This insulated bottle is pretty and functional, perfect for those who are always in a hurry. Good thing it's personalized! Now she can sip that coffee of hers or take a drink from the water at any time. Whether she’s making her way through rush hour traffic or working out at the gym, this bottle is sure to bring a smile to your sister-in-law. The insulation keeps her drinks cold all day long, so her mood stays one hundred too, no matter what happened on her commute to work.

Female retro-chic on a box

Sisters-in-law are an invaluable gift in life. They're the best people to talk to when you need advice, they're always down to support you through thick and thin, and they've got your back no matter what. You can't go wrong with a sister-in-law like that! It's important for her to know how much she means, so getting their favorite things just isn't enough sometimes. That's why you should consider going with this personalized gift idea!

Every sister-in-law has different tastes, but one thing that they will always love is to receive a thoughtful gift. Imagine the look on her face when you surprise them with this beautifully designed and personalized box overflowing with goodies! This service allows anyone to choose some pre-selected items or custom add-in items that are sent straight to your loved one's doorstep. They are perfect for any occasion including birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, or just because!

Birthstone Wishing Balls

Capture the memories with this Birthstone Wishing Ball. Imagine a loved one discovering delight every month, year after year. The mystical powers they possess will be an encouraging reminder that you are always in their thoughts. No need to worry about which day is their birthday or special occasion when you have all twelve months covered with these handblown balls! Excellent gifts for new mothers who want to set healthy habits in motivation.

Think Pink iPhone Case

The perfect gift for sisters-in-law who love style, glamour, and all things girly! The Think Pink personalized phone case is her chance to express herself with the ultimate girliest accessory — her phone!

She's the sister-in-law with fabulous style, so give her something that will let everyone know it. This custom case features an exciting mix of pink colors to create a fashionable phone accessory. It's perfect for the girl who can't stop turning heads and making waves.

Personalized Face Sock

A sister-in-law is more than just a friend — she's also someone who's seen you at your best, worst, and everything in between. That sister deserves more than high-fives or hugs; they deserve a gift that reflects their love for you. Send in her best selfie, and she'll be pleasantly surprised when she opens her present! She'll love them so much she may never take them off! With this pair of personalized face socks, you know her toesies will be in good company every day.

Customized Pot Holders

Crafty sisters-in-law deserve a kitchen that’s as creative and clever as she is. A customized Pot Holder may be the perfect gift for your favorite sister-in-law. Potholders are a staple kitchen item. They're always needed, and thankfully they're an inexpensive present for your sister-in-law. They have all the commodities you would expect from a standard holder - insulation, grip capabilities, even heat protection. Then you get that personal touch with her favorite family photos on them, too. Fantastic!

The perfect way to remind her of the joys she has in cooking and baking, these gifts let you get creative with personalization. Combine them with a few new kitchen gadgets for a more complete gift that will make her feel loved this Christmas season. Think about all the time your sister-in-law spends in the kitchen cooking up goodies. You'll know that these personalized pot holders will become one of her favorite things to use!

Rose Gold Sister Necklace

Beautiful and complimentary! This sister necklace is perfect for your favorite sister. It's an effortless gift that will be cherished forever.

If you are lucky enough to have a sister, don't be afraid of letting her know just how much she means. She's been there every time you needed consolation or emotional support. Whether it was a test that didn't go well or family drama after Thanksgiving dinner — she came through and rocked it. Now show her how much she means to you by giving her this necklace in rose gold as proof of everything she does for you. This Rose gold sister necklace is perfect for getting all the adoration out! By getting this beautiful necklace at her wedding, all the joys of being sisters will now stand out even more. It'll have such a little touch of glamour too!

This necklace represents a sister bond that can never be broken.

Jeweled Family Tree Picture Frame

A timeless jeweled family tree is the perfect way to celebrate your sister’s wedding day. It's also for anyone who is looking for an elegant and personal wall art piece.

Have you ever looked at your family tree and wondered about all the branches that connect? This beautiful framed design is for your sister, for you, and your whole family. It would surely be treasured and decorative in any room of her house.

She will cherish not just the memories you've captured with your gift, but also the family tree that serves as its base.

Custom Block Necklace

Be her loving sister, giving her something she’ll cherish forever. At the most special and unique occasion in a woman’s life, your family will be together for a historic day to come back to always remember. Capture their love with a reminder that you had something hand-crafted just for them. So much thought went into this gift. It includes three block letters of any color inscribed in gold or silver across the circular band. She'll love to wear this personalized keepsake every day after those emotional vows are said.

This necklace can feature her new monogram (love this for the wedding day!) or the initials of her and her future spouse with an ampersand or heart in between.

Personalized Cutting Board

Your sister is getting married, but she still has those beach vibes running through her body! Do you know what you need to do? You can purchase something that will remind her of the coast anytime with this Personalized Cutting board. They will love this custom gift from you! With a unique resin art design, this cutting board is the perfect handmade gift to commemorate their wedding day. This creative kitchen accessory is personalized with the bride and groom’s initials.

Not only is it sustainable, but a perfect gift for newlyweds just starting their life together. Show your beach-loving sister how much you care with this personalized gift.

Wedding Edition Keepsake Box

Looking for the perfect little gift to give your sister on her wedding day? A sister's wedding is a memorable event that deserves unforgettable memories. This handcrafted and custom-dyed keepsake box is a great way to preserve memories of this amazing day. With everything from gorgeous indigo or slate boxes, acid-free drawers, illustrated frames, and beautifully stitched frames to choose from; you’re sure to find one that fits with your sister’s style and personality!

If you want to make a memorable statement at your sister’s wedding and sentimental gifts for the newlyweds, you can’t go wrong with this gift box. Once this gift is given it will be cherished for years.

Wedding Handkerchief

A wedding gift that will make the bride cry? Check. A thoughtful and sentimental thing to give on her big day? Heck yes! Live, laugh, and love personalized. Give her the handkerchief to wipe her tears of joy.

For the woman who is about to enter into a new phase of life, this heartfelt handkerchief will be perfect for any teary-eyed ceremony. Customize it with your sister’s name and wedding date, so she can remember every detail when she sees it every time she blows her nose! This is not an accessory; it makes for a perfect gift to get those tears flowing at the wedding ceremony and all day long. A thoughtfully personalized gift that will make her feel loved!

Personalized Hearts Four-Across Game

When you’re planning out your sister’s wedding, it can be easy to focus on the brides! But she's not the only one who'll want something fun and unique for her day. So get her goodies that will make both the bride and the groom feel fun and happy.

What better way to say, “Congrats on your new life together!” than with a sweet gift for the bride and groom. The Personalized Hearts Four-Across Game is the perfect touch for any wedding celebration. This game has been loved by families and clubs around the world since 1978. Now it's also personalized with their names and anniversary date. With one of these charming games, you can help make their marriage even happier than it already is! They can enjoy friendly competition anytime, anywhere!

For a game that’s as cute and unique as your sister's personality, they will enjoy your gift for years to come.

Custom Wedding Portrait

She is so excited! She has been looking forward to this day for quite a while. For the last few weeks, she has been dreaming about what it's going to be like and getting more and more restless with each passing day. After months of planning, the big day is finally here! Why not make it even sweeter by celebrating her new home with some custom-made goods? Frame your happy couple's special day and that romantic spot where they said "I do!" with this cheerful and personalized wedding portrait. True love never looked so good!

The best present to give the bride and groom’s first home is something that will hold a true place of esteem in their house - this Custom Wedding Portrait. You can customize the painting with the happy couple and the date of their big day!

Custom Wedding Jacket

Your sister has always been your biggest fan. Your relationship is closer than any of your friends, and it's just what made her perfect. Now that she’s finally tied the knot herself, why not show her how much you appreciate all the love and laughter by gifting her this Personalized Wedding Jacket? A denim jacket personalized with your sister's new last name is a perfect gift that will keep her warm in style on her big day and beyond. From summer BBQs to winter cold fronts, she'll fall in love with you for giving such an inspirational present!

You can personalize the jacket size and the text style of your words of choice.

Personalized Champagne Wedding Vase

A gift that will remind the newlyweds about their special day and all the fun memories they have with their friends and family. This champagne vase captures both love and elegance with the perfect balance of fun. It pays tribute to your sister's new marriage, deciding she couldn't be more thrilled for all the beautiful things it will bring! One side bears a personalized plaque on which you can commemorate her own wedding date or special occasion.

Get this magnum of creativity, festivity, and memories personalized with any initials and last name, so she can enjoy it for years to come. This personalized wedding vase is a fun task to keep and cherish. Fill it with flowers from her wedding day and find another cute way to use the product when they’re done. This sentimental keepsake; made from their favorite bottle of champagne, is a wedding present they will love.

Personalized Picnic Table

Planning a perfect wedding for your sister takes time and effort, but it is all worth it to see the look of joy on her face once she opens up her special gift - a personalized picnic table! This practical present not only serves as their faithful dining companion for years to come but also as a symbol for the bond that you share. You can customize it with their family name and their wedding year.

As soon as the newlyweds open this special gift, they'll start making memories of their own and know how thoughtful you were! This killer picnic table wine carrier is perfect for all occasions, including an evening on the beach or a romantic sing-along at home. It's like getting two gifts in one with something personal to remember everything by when they pack it up.

64hydro Coffee Tumbler

The best gifts are personalized and there's no better time to gift her something with her name on it than now when she’s tying the knot. This tumbler can keep her drink hot for hours. She'll be able to take this lovingly designed mug of hers with her wherever she may go. Now she can sip that coffee hot and fresh all year long and not have any troubles with spills to worry about. Happy wife, happy life!

Single Wine Charm

Keep the uninvited guests away from your wine with these adorable personalized charms! Add designs, monograms, and text to make them exclusively yours. The charms come in individual pieces so you can customize each one! These wine charms also make great gifts for parties, weddings, and other special events!

Customized Letter Art

Precious custom gift for your favorite sister. A sweet keepsake that will always remind her of you and all the love you share. This timeless, thoughtful wedding decor can be customized with your sister or brother’s name! Unique personalized gift idea for bride and groom - not even they thought of this awesome idea!

It’s a custom gift that says it all. You can print & frame this customized digital print to create a stunning Wedding Commemorative gift. This beautiful keepsake will be cherished for years and years to come.

Carved Quote Keychain

Good things are always happening at weddings; family and friends crying tears of joy, hearty laughter, and spilling stories. Now you can have a personalized keychain to help remember the day your sister walked down the aisle with her best friend for life! These rustic wood keychains are made from reclaimed lumber, which is then distressed for an authentic aged look, giving them style with substance. Carved with both initials into a heart shape, this unique accent will last forever as a tiny token of love. Celebrate their beautiful union by having one of these gifts ready when they get married. This customized phrasing will be sure to bring a nostalgic feeling over time as well.

Best Personalized Sisters Gifts FAQs

Sisters are the best friends you'll ever have. They've been there for you through thick and thin. They always support your dreams and encourage you to pursue them. But when it comes to buying gifts for sisters, what do you get?

There are many ways to show your love and appreciation for your sister. One of the most personal is gifting her something that she'll cherish forever, and a personalized gift can be especially memorable.

What makes a good personalized sister’s gifts? What should I not buy my sister? How do you know what to write on the back of a frame? These are all valid questions about this topic.

The gift-giving struggle is real: from finding something that she will love to wondering how much money should be spent on a present. These questions can seem daunting at first glance but don't worry! I'm here with some answers that will help make this process easier than ever before.

What are the best gift ideas for an older sister?

For some sisters, there's no right gift. Some sisters are different from one day to the next. Sometimes they're fun and funky, other times they might be a travel junkie or an art collector! It can seem like every sister has her own personality. But in reality, it all comes down to understanding what she likes best. Once you know that, then it will open up your gifting possibilities without the risk of making them angry. If nothing seems good enough at first glance? Don't worry - you can always use all the suggestions I’ve found above!

Try to send along a handwritten note mentioning how much she has changed herself from a loving elder sister to a responsible, hard-working woman. Make her feel proud by describing how much value she has in your and your parent’s life!

What are some gift ideas for a sister-in-law?

If you're having trouble finding the perfect gift for your sister-in-law, try asking her husband what she wants that's within budget. If he can't help, then I’m sure one of those gifts above will do!

What should I give my friend's sister for her wedding?

If you're close to her sister, then gift her a scrapbook full of pictures of her with all her friends and family. No gift is greater than the one that brings her back all her memories.

Or you can gift her a picture frame (with a picture of the entire family). You may also ask your friend for some gift ideas, as they might have insight into things their sister might want.

Can you suggest a creative or appropriate gift for my sister's wedding?

It depends on your budget, but there are a few creative options for you to consider as well. Jewelry is always nice and can be customized with the bride's initials or something special like that! A necklace-earring set would also make an excellent gift!

If your brother-in-law is into gadgets, it might be time to give him one. Looking for a special gift? You can even think about jewelry if he likes wearing them! If you know that they like photography and have been looking at lenses or something else related to their field, this could make an excellent present.

However, do not feel that much pressure. She’s your sister. Your participation in her wedding on behalf of your parents, her, and yourself can be the best gift ever.

You know your sister better than anyone else. We hope you found the perfect gift for your sister in this list of personalized gifts. Whether you're looking for a small, thoughtful gesture or something more extravagant that will make her feel like royalty, we have everything you need to show how much she means to you.

If we missed any good options, let us know! What are some of YOUR favorite gifts to give (or receive) from a sister? Which products do you find perfect for gifting? Share with us on social media or leave them as comments below, and they'll make it into our list 😘

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