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July 14, 2021 16 min read

Each anniversary is special, but a decade of marriage is a significant achievement to commemorate. This day marks one incredible journey together, and you want to make sure it's special, especially for your hubby! Whether you're a friend, relative, or one-half of the happy couple, this one is certainly worth celebrating.

This blog post is for all the wives out there who want to find a gift that their husband will love, but are having trouble coming up with something. It’s also written for someone who wants to give a great present to their friend or family member on his tin anniversary. Even he’s the man who has everything, we have you covered! The perfect anniversary gifts for him can be hard to come by, but don't worry - this article has your back! We've compiled 20+ one-of-a-kind 10-year anniversary gifts for him that range from sentimental to practical and really show how much you care. Check it out now and get ready to make his day!

Funny 10-year Anniversary Gifts for Husband

"I'm not a superhero but I lived through our 10th year of marriage and that's close enough" is a hilarious quote that will unquestionably make your husband chuckle every time he sees it. Funnily, this quote talks about how marriage can sometimes be difficult and how only a person with powers like a superhero can be part of that community for ten years or more. This t-shirt is a great way to show your husband how much you appreciate everything he has done for you and how glad you are for every moment spent together during the past ten years. If you want your gift to be witty but practical, be sure that this creative short-sleeved T-shirt will not shake you!

If you are looking for a practical gift for every home with a witty quote, we are sure you can't go wrong with this one: "Still tolerating your farts after 10 years, but at least light this candle when you fart". This is one of the funniest quotes you can come across because it talks about the relaxed atmosphere that is born in marriages fulfilled with love. Humorously, it talks about the things that you, as a refined lady, "tolerate." This is also a great gift because it will convey to your husband how much you love him and accept all his flaws and even, as the quote says, farts.

Suppose you were looking for an ideal description of your comfortable marriage and a gift with a witty quote. In that case, you can't go wrong with this unique and funny mug: "Fartner (fart+partner) - Couples that fart together stay together. Celebrating 10 stinkin' years and still going strong". This funny quote represents a newly invented word, "fartner," that describes happy couples and an atmosphere where nothing can tear them apart, not even the farts of their loved ones. They say that anyone who is not ashamed to fart in front of a loved one is in a truly happy marriage. Therefore, with this quote, you will send your husband a wonderful message about how much you love him.

"Once upon a time husband listened to his wife and he lived happily ever after" is one of the wittiest quotes that will undoubtedly make you and your lovely husband laugh while giving this outstanding phone case. This quote talks about how if they only try to listen to what their sweetheart has to say, they could see what a happy life means. We are sure your beloved husband will be delighted with this phone case because it will attract the eyes of all his friends and colleagues and always brighten up every room and atmosphere with laughter.

This wine tumbler's quote rhymes and sends a witty message that says you didn't expect to enjoy ten years with your beloved, so it's time to make a toast. This quote: "Cheers to 10 years," will surely make your husband smile and be proud and happy. With the help of this unique wine tumbler, you will exceptionally easily create the best atmosphere at your tenth wedding anniversary, but also evoke memories of that day every time he uses it. Ten years of happiness and marriage is not a little time spent together, so don't hesitate to make your loved one happy with something this good.

Personalized 10-year Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Ten years spent in happiness flew just like a moment, as this humorous but excellent quote says, "Just Married - 10 years ago". This great quote talks about how time flies when you're having a good time and enjoying it, and for you, ten years with your lovely husband seem like just a day. This beautiful gift will remind your husband how much you love spending time with him. If you thought that there is no such thing as a practical gift for everyday use but also a gift with a personalized and creative design, then we are sure that this phone case has convinced you other.

When you are happy, ten years of marriage is just the beginning for you and your dearest husband, just like this beautiful quote says: "10 years and counting". This quote tells how stable and strong some couples are. Not only do they last longer than ten years, but those ten years only seem like the beginning of something even bigger and more beautiful. This beautiful ornament is a perfect gift for ten years of marriage because you can write your and your beloved husband's name on it and make it unique and personalized. Be sure you will decorate your house the best way with this beautiful decoration because this cute ornament will remind you of a particular date, i.e., your tenth wedding anniversary.

"Level 10 - complete" is a humorous but beautiful quote that every man would like to read. Most men play video games or at least played before, so every husband would be delighted with this kind of gift. This quote humorously talks about how you together reached the tenth level in a game called marriage and love. Isn't that stunning? To make this gift unique and personalized, send us the date with the year of your wedding anniversary to put on this mug. This unique mug is an ideal gift because it carries a beautiful meaning, and we are sure that it will make your husband happy whenever he makes himself a hot drink like coffee or tea. 

"You've been an awesome husband for 10 years, keep that shit up" is a funny quote about the perfect marriage you had with your dear husband for the past ten years. This quote sends your loved one a message of how much you really appreciate him and how much he has made you happy for the past ten years. To ensure that this is a unique and personalized gift for your beloved man, all you need to do is insert your picture that will decorate the back of this beautiful mug. 

If you want to send a humorous message and words of love to your dear husband for your wedding anniversary, this quote is ideal: "Drinking coffee together for 10 years and still going strong". This funny quote talks about how even though you would quickly get bored with having coffee with other people but with your husband, it is a normal thing, and you will never get over it. This is a beautiful way to express devotion to your beloved husband and give him a practical tenth-anniversary gift. 

Sentimental 10-year Anniversary Gifts For Husband

"To my husband I didn't marry you so I could live with you I married you because I cannot live without you" is part of a beautiful quote that describes the love that knows no boundaries. This is the perfect way to show your dearest husband that your marriage is marked by unconditional love because you can't live without your better half. To ensure that you have given your husband a unique gift that will forever mark this special anniversary, write the names of you and your better half on the back of this cute tumbler. 

One of the most unique and humorous quotes we have to mention is this one: "Married for 10 years there's no one else I'd rather sit in silence and be on my phone with". This quote humorously talks about how all the stories have already been told after ten years of marriage. Sometimes you sit in silence and look at your phone, but that's just life. However, what is lovely about this quote is the silence because when you love someone, it is pleasant to sit and be silent. This t-shirt is an excellent gift because it will fit perfectly into everyone's style due to its creative design. 

This is the perfect gift if you have caught yourself thinking about your wonderful ten years of marriage and everything you shared with your husband, like hugs, kisses, and laughter. This stainless steel tumbler represents everything you and your better half have been through and the number of years, days, and minutes spent together. Also, if you want to celebrate your tenth wedding anniversary with a unique and personalized gift, you must upload a picture of yourself and your loved one. It, together with the names of you and your beloved husband, will adorn the back of this perfect gift. 

A concise, meaningful quote adorns this pillowcase reads: "Celebrating 10 years together - Mr&Mrs." This creative pillowcase is an ideal gift if you want to give your better half something that will decorate your home and remind him of this remarkable date. Ten years of marriage is a special occasion, so we recommend you choose this cute pillowcase. Every time you see it, you will smile because of the wonderful memories this pillowcase is associated with. We are sure that this beautiful, eye-catching design will fit perfectly into the interior of your home. 

"God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you" is a Christian but compelling quote. This quote talks about how grateful you are to God for connecting your life path with your husband and making your life beautiful. If you want to choose a wonderful gift that speaks of your beliefs and the intense love God gave you, then this stainless steel tumbler is perfect. Be sure that you will put a smile on the face of your dear husband because this is, firstly, a practical gift suitable for everyday use and events.

Other Recommendations Of 10-year Gifts For Him

The 10th anniversary is a special milestone and the perfect opportunity to show your partner how much you care about them as well. According to etiquette, the traditional 10-year anniversary gifts for husband are aluminum or tin items. If you're looking for traditional gift ideas, this section will help guide you through the process of finding a meaningful gift that they'll cherish. We found plenty of unique gifts that are as amazing and thoughtful as they are practical and useful for your spouse.

Custom 10th Anniversary Sign

This is the perfect gift for the star-crossed lover in your life. If you're looking for a 10th anniversary celebration or something to mark any other incredible occasion, look no further! This personalized Tin Star Map commemorates every date and memorable moment from your romantic relationship with a map of stars. You can recreate what the stars looked over you during your special night. For example, it can be the night you got married, your first date, etc. All the stars are specific to the date and location of life's greatest moments. So, it's a completely unique 10th anniversary gift. Surprise him on another big day with this beautiful, sentimental memento he'll cherish always.

World Map on Tin Sign

This tin 10-year anniversary gift featuring a world map and personalized heart markers indicating where you are now or where you have been. It also comes along with your choice of a quote and your date of establishment. It's a modern, yet vintage gift for him, with a romantic touch for her! Celebrate your ten-year wedding anniversary in style. Industrial farmhouse style, rustic decor works great in modern spaces too. Ideal for the newlywed couple, or as a tin gift for a 10th anniversary.

Tin Date Night 10th-Anniversary Dice

10-Year Anniversary Metal Date Dice is a thoughtful gift for your significant other that will bring back the fun to date night. The rustic handcrafted dice adds some spontaneity with 36 different date options in one package. Thus, there is no more arguing about what you want to do or how long of a date you want. It’s simply decision time!

Thin Linen Aluminum Cuff Bracelet

Fashionable enough for every day, this Thin Linen Aluminum Cuff Bracelet will charm your husband. Truly something he’ll wear every day with everything! The stylish John S. Brana Thin Linen Aluminum Cuff Bracelet is the perfect gift for your 10th anniversary. 1/4 inch wide, it is a unique, textured product that resembles the weaves of linen fabrics. Because of its size, this handmade bracelet can be worn with cuffed shirts, sported alone with all types of sleeves for a simple look.

Constellation Zodiac Sign Hand Stamped Ring

Constellation rings are a great way to show your love for your sweetheart and have a lasting sentiment as well! This ring features a Zodiac Constellation stamp centered on the front of the ring. The engraving process is very different from the traditional one, which carves light grooves into metal. Stamping is much more forceful and therefore, there will probably be an impression on the other side of the ring. The 10-year anniversary ring captures your love's zodiac sign and has no chance of ever getting rusty with all this stainless steel! Get in now before they're gone!

To My Husband Personalized Coffee Tumbler

A perfect romantic anniversary gift for the on-the-go man, this personalized tumbler will keep his drink hot or cold longer. It's made from durable stainless steel and insulated with vacuum walls, keeping his caffeine-filled (or water) stable even in their most rigorous of workdays. This thoughtful, personalized coffee tumbler will be an impressive addition to his room as well. You can always be reassured about quality as they're made with care and attention to every detail! This stylish tumbler with his name and sentimental words is sure to please!

Aluminum Decision Paperweight

Show him that you get his sense of humor with this aluminum decision-maker paperweight. This quirky, hilarious gift is perfect for partners who brainstorm together but have differing opinions on key decisions. If he’s not sure how you feel about something, just spin the wheel and learn which way the paperweight falls. A hilarious gadget that will definitely get some laughs from those friends and family members.

Gentleman’s Pigskin Wallet

A sturdy and practical wallet made from durable leather. This elegant accessory will patina beautifully with age. A timeless gift that is also perfect for a decade of adventures together! Get it monogrammed, so you can always know who this prized item belongs to. Designed with just a touch of macho pretense, this slim wallet can carry eight credit cards, cash, and receipts for your lover.

I Still Do Keyring

They say that the 10th wedding anniversary is when a couple starts taking it easy. After all, they are in their forties and need to conserve energy for enjoying old age. Get this fun keyring as a special gift to commemorate this big milestone. A date custom designed for you with your own special date will be engraved into metal for hours of admiration and reminiscing. This is an original hand-crafted charm that would be perfect by the front door or on his desk at work!

Mongolian Cashmere V-Neck

This Mongolian cashmere V-neck is a timeless classic that will never go out of style. The sweater's traditional color feels fashionably pulled together and versatile for everyday wear. He can dress it up or down, depending on the occasion. If your tenth anniversary falls during the winter months, so this piece would make a perfect gift.

Personalized Bullet Pen

It's your tenth anniversary, and you want to give him a gift that stands out, something he'll remember every time he uses it. An heirloom personalized bullet pen commemorating your ten years together. Customize the text on the engraved gift box with up to 25 characters of your choice! Give your husband one thoughtful, ever-lasting reminder that there's nowhere else you'd rather be than by his side as this adventure continues together.

Anniversary Serving Tray

Remind him without ever speaking a word about how much your love has grown over the years with this take on the classic initials carved in a tree. Bring back the sweet, sentimental feeling of days gone by with this classic serving tray. Made of mango wood, it has a water-resistant top and felt feet. Designed to represent a forest, lovers can express themselves in the time-honored tradition of “carving” their initials on a tree. He will be reminded of why you fell in love when he sees the two lovebirds resting on a branch.

Shinola The Vinton 38mm Watch

Who wouldn't love having a handsome timepiece to keep them company? This Shinola watch is the perfect way to ensure he's never late for anything ever again. This Detroit-based brand has been known for their quality craftsmanship and this timepiece is no exception. With a classic design, it's not only an elegant 10-year anniversary gift to give, but you can also have it engraved with your valentine's name or a more sweet sentiment for a beautiful keepsake. You'll love the timeless feel of this watch, and he will too!

10-Year Anniversary Knife

Show your guy how much he means to you with this sentimental personalized knife. This manly gift is one that proves you think a lot more about him than just how to fill his stomach. The personalized anniversary knife is the perfect mix of masculine toughness and sensibility. With its hardwood sheath, decked out with your personal anniversary message, and Damascus-style blade, this handsome 10-year anniversary knife is a simple decision for that gifting touch. He'll appreciate your thoughtful gift so much on this important day!

Old Couple Personalized Mug

This mug is perfect for any couple that's been married for 10 years! It's a high-quality, 11 or 15-ounce mug full of color. You'll both love this romantic gift...the thoughtful way to celebrate your anniversary together. Your husband will be so happy on the morning he realizes you've got a lovely mug commemorating ten years together in your home. Just watch out for him, peeking over his morning coffee!

Personalized Wine Barrel

The handcrafted, personalized wine barrel is a perfect 10-year anniversary gift for him or couples who enjoy the finer things in life. This beautiful white oak cask provides room to display the date and message engraved on it before filling it with their favorite wines. The memorable present will always remind them of this special occasion. Add style, sophistication, and practicality all at once by giving this as a 10th Anniversary gift today!

Personalized Anniversary Journal

Magic happens on your anniversary...the day when the person you love becomes a small piece of your history. Their name starts appearing in anniversary moments, from honeymoon memories to pregnancy announcements. This personalized journal keeps those precious moments intact by providing 60 years worth of pages that can be filled with photos and reminders of all the hugs, kisses, trips away and songs sung under starry skies. A thoughtful gift for any couple celebrating their tenth anniversary - "Together we'll grow old."

Anniversary Wine Box

It’s time to celebrate anniversaries in style- and we can do that by gifting the perfect wine storage box. Made from birchwood, this beautifully carved handcrafted anniversary gift is guaranteed to become your favorite couple’s go-to for years of anniversaries to come! With space for three bottles of wine and customizable initials carved into each panel, we have just the anniversary gift idea you need. There’s no better way to say I love you on an annual basis than with this amazing Anniversary Wine Box.

Personalized Photo Wallet

What a wonderful anniversary gift for the man who has everything. This leather wallet can be photo-engraved with a special picture, names, initials, monograms, and short messages. There are lots of customizable options for font styles, engraving locations, and more. He will think of you every time he opens his wallet.

Word Art Print

Celebrate your 10th anniversary with these beautiful and personalized word art prints. You can choose up to 20 words or phrases for design, all of which will be beautifully arranged in a modern calligraphy style font. There is no word limit, so you can use as many words and messages you would like to share! A beautiful design that celebrates your relationship together. This artwork from your wedding day or favorite date night is the perfect way to commemorate the long journey together. With versatility in fonts, messages, and colors- it’s certain to be cherished by your significant other.

FAQs about anniversary gifts for him

1. What is 10-year anniversary called?

It's called tin anniversary. "Tin" comes from the old practice of giving gifts made with precious metals like silver (e.g., a silver fork) to show how much someone cared, and over time the meaning has shifted to include other kinds of things, such as paper or cards that are given a lot more often today than they were in the past. A tin anniversary (sometimes called an aluminum anniversary) happens when a couple has been together for ten years.

2. What is 10-year anniversary symbol?

If 5 year anniversary gifts for him are traditionally related to wood, the 10th year of marriage is marked with tin or aluminum. The durability and flexibility of both materials ensure the longevity and stability of a loving marriage. As far as jewelry and gemstones are concerned, diamond is the stone of choice for the tenth wedding anniversary. Ten years is a monumental benchmark in any marriage, and diamonds symbolize long-lasting and love. Furthermore, the 10-year anniversary symbol is also known as Green Tourmaline for Gemstone. Daffodil for Flower, and Blue Sapphire, Diamond for Gem.

3. How do you celebrate 10-year anniversary?

Every anniversary is a significant milestone deserving of a heartfelt celebration. While gifting your husband is a great way to celebrate, sometimes the best gifts are those that money can’t buy.

A lot of couples that have made it quite a few years ask for help from family and friends to get creative with their 10th anniversary. Some ideas are to redecorate your bedroom or head off on an overnight trip somewhere you always wanted to go again. The two of you alone in some romantic setting may actually bring back old feelings too! This is the perfect time to enjoy and spend some quality time together while contemplating how much has changed since that first date at the skating rink.


Your tenth anniversary is the ideal time to take a step back and really say thank you to your partner for being there for you over the years.We hope you've enjoyed this list of 20+ best 10-year anniversary gifts for him. These unique tin presents will be sure to make him happy and show how much you care about his happiness. No matter what they love doing in life, there is something special on this list just for them. Let 64Hydro help you find the perfect gift by browsing through our collections today! Are you ready to make your man feel like a king on your big day? Happy 10th Anniversary to our readers and we wish you all love, happiness, and success in your future endeavors.

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