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July 14, 2021 22 min read

Finding the perfect anniversary gift for him can be difficult. It's a day to celebrate their love and commitment to each other, while also showing how much you appreciate them. Sometimes it's hard to find that balance between sentimental and meaningful gifts — but don't worry! This blog post is full of great ideas for 30+ meaningful anniversary gifts for him! There are something on this list of thoughtful presents that will make your significant other happy this year. 

1 Year Anniversary Gifts For Him

The first year of your love is often equated with the honeymoon, so the first anniversary is a pretty big deal in love years. To help you mark the first year of your love, here are a few of our favorites:

The first item on the list has to be this fun ceramic mug. On it, it says, "1 year of love, 365 days together, lots of laughter, 52 weeks of happiness, countless memories, 525,600 minutes and counting, endless adventure, the best is yet to come. Happy anniversary."This is a gift that symbolizes the precious time you have spent with your significant other. It shows that you have cherished every moment that you have spent together. The design is kind of relaxing, with a summer vibe to it. It's got a mix of beautiful yellow-sandy colors with a clear sea color. When you turn the mug, there is a space for you to add your partner's and your name to personalize the gift and make it even more special. 

This personalized phone case has a cute message on it that says: "Loved you then, love you still, always have, always will." The cute rhyme that is written on a phone case expresses that you have loved your significant other for a long time, and that you will love him forever. It’s a symbol of your endless love. The rhyme is complemented by a wooden design, so it seems like it's engraved. You can add your names under the cute rhyme in two hearts so that everyone knows that this awesome gift idea was yours. We're sure your partner would love to flaunt his new custom-made phone case, so don't sleep on it!

We're closing this 1-year anniversary gift category with a beautiful Christmas ornament. It's a silver heart-shaped Christmas ornament that simply says: "Congratulations, you survived 365 days with me as your girlfriend."And when you turn it around, there is a beautiful illustration of two hands that are holding with their pinkies. This cute Christmas ornament depicts your 1-year anniversary in a funny way. Basically, you’re thanking your partner for lasting one year with you. The best thing about this gift idea, though, is that you can make it personalized. Under the hand illustration, you can add your names. If your anniversary is during the holiday season, this is a perfect gift that will decorate your Christmas tree for many years to come and remind you and your partner of the beautiful beginnings of your relationship.

2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

What about surprising your significant other with a personalized keychain? We think it's a great idea. On the front side of the keychain we've picked out for you, it says: "Drive safe, I need you here with me." Under it, you can add your name. On the back side, you can insert a photo of you and your boyfriend. This is a very thoughtful gift you can give to your significant other because a lot of people lose their loved ones in car accidents. This way, your partner will care for his safety, even more, knowing that someone is worried about them. This is definitely a different and special gift for someone you care deeply about.

Next in line for 2-year anniversary gifts is this magnificent stainless steel tumbler. It says: "2 years, 24 months, 730 days, 17,520 hours, 1,051,200 minutes, 63,072,000 seconds, and looking forward to forever." With this cute mathematical calculation, you are actually looking forward to spending forever with the person you love. Hours are just a number, though. When you’re with the person you love, time doesn’t have an ending or a beginning. What makes this stainless steel tumbler the perfect gift for him, though, is the two deer. In many cultures, deer are a symbol of unconditional love, gentleness, intuition, and grace.

Another awesome idea for a keychain. This one's a bit different from the previous one. On this keychain, it says: "Level 2 complete."You can also add your and your partner's names and your date. It's a fun way to connect your two-year love with the gaming dictionary. If your partner is into gaming, all the better. He's definitely going to love the design of this personalized and creative keychain. The focus is on two joysticks that make a heart of their joined intertwined wires. Now, your partner can carry your small token of love and appreciation everywhere he goes.

Unique Christmas ornaments are always a good idea. This is a type of present that simply never gets old. This ornament, for example, is great for a 3-year anniversary. On it, it says "Level 3 complete," and it's heart-shaped. But there's a twist to it. The heart shape is from two joysticks' wires intertwined. Isn't it cool? It's definitely a gift that's going to stand out and make your partner's tree really special this holiday season. But most importantly, it's a gift meant for someone that you care for and love from the bottom of your heart!

Surprising your partner with a fun and creative mug might be the best gift he's gotten yet. We've already picked out our favorites. This mug in bright orange color with a humorous message is a win-win! On it, it says: "Happy anniversary. Still tolerating your farts after 3 years." Overall, it's a funny way of saying that after three years of love with your significant other, you not only enjoy each other's company, but you've grown fond, and now, you’re used to their daily habits. There's nothing wrong with adding a bit of humor into a 3-year relationship. It'll only make you laugh and love each other even more (if that's possible)!

Closing the 3-year anniversary category, we have this wonderful Christmas decoration. On the back of the ornament, there is a cute message that says: "I met you. I liked you. I love you. I'm keeping you."This Christmas ornament also has a touching illustration of two deers hugging. And if you remember, we've already stressed the symbolism behind deer, which is gentleness and unconditional love. This message actually summarizes your 3-year relationship, from the beginning when you were just developing feelings towards your now partner to the current moment when all you want is to be with this person forever.

It’s been half a decade with your loved one. If your anniversary is coming up, there’s no better way for you to celebrate it than with a special gift from our list.

We open this 5-year category with a unique keychain. On the front of this keychain, it says: "I have loved you the last 5 years," and then it continues to say just how much that is in months, hours, minutes, and seconds. It's definitely a creative way of showing your partner how much you love them and that you cherish every millisecond that you've spent with him over the past 5 years. On the back, there's a romantic illustration of a girlfriend hugging her partner from the back. What makes it special is that you can also add your names and make them personalized. Now, your partner can carry your love with him everywhere he goes!

If you are more in favor of gifting your boyfriend something he can wear, we've got just the thing. Check out this T-shirt. It says: "5 years in, and I haven't killed her yet." This is a humorous quote that expresses how much you love your partner, despite all the annoying characteristics. Over the course of 5 years, you've surely been through a lot, and this T-shirt with a funny dedication to your partner is a great way to mark half a decade in love. It's got a simple masculine design that will surely go with everything in your partner's wardrobe. Believe us when we tell you that it's definitely worth it.

We're going to end this 5-year anniversary category with a romantic wine tumbler. On it, there's a short cute message that says: "You & me, we got this."This cute message conveys the message that you and your partner are together in everything you do, and that as long as you’re together, you can do anything! The special details on this wine tumbler are the wolf couple with butterflies on their heads. The wolves are a symbol of loyalty, understanding, and intelligence. The butterflies represent hope and bravery. Your partner will love this gift, which carries with it a special and deep meaning.

6 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

If your 6-year anniversary is coming up, and you're looking for gifts that will best convey the love you have for your partner, we've got a couple of ideas for you:

If you're planning something romantic, check out this wine tumbler that'll definitely surprise your partner in the best way. It simply says: "Cheers to 6 years," with two wine glasses on the sides. Being with someone for so long is by no means a small thing, and you should drink to that! But that's not the best part. When you turn around the tumbler, there's a heart-shaped space for you to add a cute picture of you and your partner with your names under it. It's definitely an out-of-the-box anniversary gift, and we’re sure that your partner will love it!

How about a custom phone case for your 6-year anniversary? We think it's a great idea, especially if you choose this phone case. On it, there's a quote that says: "Six years down, forever to go." Basically, it translates into congratulating your partner that you made it for 6 years and that you can't wait to spend the rest of your life with him. Spending that many years with someone is a pretty big deal, and this small but meaningful token of appreciation is the perfect way to celebrate it. It's got a beautiful mix of colors.

Remember when you said the faithful "Yes" to your now husband? We bet he does that. So, why not make this anniversary special with a Christmas ornament that symbolizes just that - 6 years of your love. It's got a romantic quote that says: "We still do, since 2016." It's a sweet reminder of your love that was crowned with marriage in 2016. The design is very romantic, with a beautiful wedding ring on it and purple hearts around it. Spending 6 years with the person you love the most is a wonderful period, and it should be completed with these tokens of appreciation that will remind you of the precious relationship you have every time you pass by them.

One decade of love. Isn't it wonderful? That a person you have the most genuine feelings for has been with you for 10 years. With these 3 gift items, you will be able to express the love you feel:

A decade of unconditional love should be celebrated with a unique gift, and this stainless steel tumbler fits the occasion perfectly. It's decorated with a beautiful message that says that when you say "I love you more," it doesn't mean that you love your partner more than he does but that your love for him grows each day. It surpasses the bad days, the fights, the distance, and any obstacle that may come your way in the future. There's simply nothing that will make your partner love you less, and that's what love is all about. On the front, there's a creative illustration of a skull couple. For us, it's the perfect mix of gothic love and gentle feelings on a tumbler.

There's no better gift for a 10-year anniversary than something that your partner will be able to use every day and that will remind him of your love. Well, we've managed to find the perfect gift. It's this personalized skull couple stainless steel tumbler. It's got a creative and powerful illustration of a skull couple kissing with spaces to write both your names under it. This stainless steel tumbler is the perfect way to express your undying love for your partner. Your love is so strong that it goes beyond everything, even life itself. Don't sleep on this one - add it to your gift list ASAP!

After 10 years with someone you love so much, we think it's time to thank them for putting up with you. Funny, but it's true - and this personalized keychain will help you do just that. On the one side, it literally says: "Ten years putting up with you." Under it, there's space for your names. Although it's funny at first glance, the underlying message here is that you're grateful for being with the person you love for that long. And when you turn the keychain, you can add your picture. This will make it even more special and maybe cause a few tears of joy from your partner.

15 years with someone: it’s definitely a big deal. If your anniversary is coming up soon, and you’re in a rush to find the perfect gift for him, check out these 3 items that we’ve picked out:

We've found the perfect stainless steel tumbler for your 15-year anniversary. It's got a beautiful illustration of two deer in the winter, symbolizing devotion and unconditional love. But the message is what'll cause tears of joy. On it, it says: "To my husband. I didn't marry you so I could live with you. I married you because I cannot live without you." It goes on to say that your husband is special because he was your first kiss, your first love. He was your first everything, and we think that it's beautiful. Gifting this to your husband will surely make his day.

Second on the list, we have this creative keychain with a skeleton couple with hearts and flowers around them. That's on the front, and on the back, it says: "We still do. 15 year anniversary. Since 2007." This simple yet unique keychain will serve your husband as a reminder of the most beautiful and fateful "Yes"he has ever said. 15 years is a long time, and this small token of appreciation will be with your husband wherever he goes. With this, your husband can be reminded of your everlasting and unconditional love for him. Buy this for your husband and give him the best surprise for your 15th anniversary!

The 15-year anniversary is also known as your crystal anniversary, so here's an item that'll convey its importance completely. This Christmas ornament says: "For you on your crystal wedding anniversary. 15 years together." It's a simple dedication to the person you love and hope to spend the rest of your life with. On the back, there is space for adding your names. All in all, it's a small token of appreciation that has a touching message and a crystal design that goes perfectly with the quote. Make your husband feel proud of your anniversary this year, and gift him this Christmas ornament.

20 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your 20th wedding anniversary, we’ve got you covered. Pick either one of these two, and make your partner happy on your most important date:

You've spent 20 beautiful years with your partner, and now it's time to choose the gift that is special enough. May we recommend this beautiful stainless steel tumbler? It says: "20 years of cuddling, dreaming, praying, hoping, flirting, learning," and many more things that the two of you have accomplished through two decades of beautiful, unconditional, and true love. But the most important thing you've done is love each other. On the other side of the tumbler, there's a beautiful silhouette of a couple with space for you to add your names. It's the perfect gift for your anniversary!

The last item on the list is an absolute favorite, a personalized keychain for your husband. On the one hand, there is an emotional dedication for your husband that says "20 years of marriage,"and it continues to do the math of just how many months, hours, minutes, and seconds that is. The most important thing is that this marriage has resulted in "1 blessed family, countless happy memories, a never ending love story." Cheers to that! On the other side, you can add your most romantic picture and call it a "perfect gift" - which it clearly is.

Other Recommendations of Anniversary Gifts for Him

Printworks Chess Set

This set is more than just an awesome chess set, it’s a work of art! The elegant green and neutral colors are the perfect anniversary ideas for him. Not only can you admire your chessboard as your opponent simultaneously tries to outsmart you - the pieces themselves also doubles as decor around the house. Get ready to have all eyes on you when they see these beautiful game pieces, which are hand-painted with incredible care and precision. These high-quality 40-piece sets come in either large or small sizes, so make sure to check out this set today before it sells out!

Wooden Up Personalized Docking Station

The Wooden Up Personalized Docking Stations are considered to be the best anniversary gifts for him to show how much he means to you. Buy this gift for a man in your life who has worked hard on his home office or is a proud nightstand owner, so he can charge and organize all of his gadgets in one beautiful, personalized place. The elegant design features room for two items--- an iPhone and an Apple Watch -—along with a multipurpose tray to put everything else on that he’s collecting. Show him just how thoughtful you are by personalizing it with his initials!

64Hydro Good Morning Couple Gift For Him Full Color Ceramic Mug

The first thing, when he gets up in the morning to start his day of work, he will be reminded how much you love him thanks to this cute ceramic mug. This gorgeous cup is perfect for the accident-prone, time-starved commuter, or to make plans with his coworkers at the office. This mug will hold all his hot beverages and keep up appearances to boot. Get this funny gift as one of the anniversary gifts for boyfriend and make memories together every time you drink coffee from it.

Minimalist Leather CardHolder

If you are taking consideration about choosing one-year anniversary gifts for him, the option can be a good choice. The leather cardholder proves that sometimes, simplicity is best. With a credit card pocket on each side and slot in the middle, it can hold four to six cards and some cash. Choose the color of thread you want it stitched with or personalize it with your guy’s initials for a sweet touch!

Timex Chicago Chronograph Leather Strap Watch

If you need one-year anniversary gifts for boyfriend, this is for you. No detail went unnoticed in this timepiece. The light brown leather strap paired with its classic square-shaped face makes it the perfect touch of sophistication to any outfit. Bring meaning to your anniversaries by spoiling your partner with a watch from Timex that will last through many future years together.

Anniversary Watch Travel Case

Does your boyfriend have a lot of luxury watches? Are you considering what is the best way to wrap his new watch when traveling? So we made a travel roll just for him: it's made with vegan leather and can be reused when traveling. It's also great for protecting the watch in general from scratches or bumps along the way! This product is both practical, fashionable, and totally suitable to be the creative one year anniversary gift for boyfriend.

2-Year Anniversary Silver Chain Logo Bracelet

The Silver Chain Logo Bracelet is such a nifty and simple bracelet for any guy. It has silver stainless steel detailing and is available in small, medium, or large sizes. With this anniversary gift for him, he can easily wear it to go out on the town with friends or casually hang out with family in the backyard. That's why you should get him this cool silver avant-garde men's jewelry today!

64Hydro Basketball Personalized Water Tracker Bottle

Showing someone that you care about them by giving this personal and thoughtful gift will let them know they're never forgotten in your life. If your boyfriend is a person who has a liking for basketball, the customized bottle is one of the cute cotton anniversary gifts for him. He can take it whenever he goes out, especially when he takes part in basketball matches. The 64Hydro bottle is also a way for him to define his characteristics. 

Customizable Skin Kit

I’m sure that most girls like the smooth and healthy skin of a boy. In order to have such beautiful skin, you can help him with a customized skin kit. This kit is perfect for any man's skin types, as they're compatible with a variety of moisturizers (facial shea butter or coco shea revitalizing cream) and cleansers (vitamin C serum or environmental microdermabrasion). We give you 1 oz bottles, so he can always refill his go-to products and never run out when times get tough.

3 year anniversary gifts for him

Acoustic Guitar Vintage Sunburst

This acoustic guitar is a perfect gift for your guy, who has a fondness for musical instruments. He can use it to learn new songs, jam out to his favorite tunes, or become the next guitar hero. Whatever he wants to do with it, this guitar will give him more explosive sounds and a beautiful design that'll amaze everyone around. There is nothing meaningful than a gift that is matched with the recipient’s favorite. So, a beautiful guitar will be appreciated to be the best 3 years anniversary gift for him if he wants to become a guitar player.

Touchscreen Leather Gloves

Such a good anniversary gift for him will keep him warm and cozy in such a cold season. If he loves taking part in outdoor activities and still wants to be connected to the world with his phone, these are the gloves for him. The knit lining is perfect for keeping his hands warm while enabling him to use touchscreen-compatible leather on the outside of these stylish gloves. These unique wintertime accessories will steal his heart as well as keep his hands warm when out hunting or skiing this season.

Deluxe Kombucha Brewing Kit

There's nothing better than treating a loved one, so check out this Deluxe Kombucha Brewing Kit. The 3 years anniversary gift for him comes with everything he needs to try flavors in the comfort of his own kitchen, from glass bottles and blending vessels to kefir grains for brewing. It all culminates in satisfying health benefits like probiotics for the gut and bacteria-killing acids (we know those are needed after that holiday diet). Share your culture with him by gifting this kit!

Made Leather Co. Aviator Weekender Bag

If you’re planning to pick a 5 year anniversary gift for him, this weekender bag is the perfect accompanying gift. Available in three hues, the calfskin leather was tanned in Morocco and will soften over time, and the bag comes complete with zipper and buckle closures and an adjustable and removable strap. Plus, this weekender bag meets carry-on requirements, so when you both can finally travel further once again, he’ll be ready.

Crate & Barrel Outfitted Bar Backpack

A crate and barrel bar backpack is perfect for your man who enjoys camping with outdoor meals. From picnics to camping trips, this waxed cotton canvas bag by Crate and Barrel holds all the stainless tools he needs to whip an artisanal cocktail just about anywhere. Complete with space for three bottles of liquor it includes six cocktail picks, a strainer, tongs, cocktail spoon,jigger, corkscrew; shaker; paring knife; bottle opener; acacia cutting board - not to mention that the backpack itself is even insulted to keep your bubbly at the perfect temperature!

Let’s celebrate your milestone of 5 years with a special gift such as a VANKYO Mini Projector. Imagine that suddenly time slows down when you're gazing at the moon and stars with your best friend. Taking a night drive up to that secret spot, all under the light of a mini projector, has never been more soothing. Simply connect this innovative VANKYO device and wow your guests with movies on any flat surface or wall in the house. Creating sweet memories together is what it's all about!

Uncommon Goods Baseball Stadium Blueprints

Is your boyfriend a fan of baseball? It’s a ballpark blueprint in its finest printed, framed form. Uncommon Goods Baseball Stadium Blueprints will bring your dude’s favorite team's stadium to life with his favorite colors (of course) and the design specs — skirting the nuances between infield dirt and warning track. You know, the important details. Want it framed? Just add a frame to the cart! It’s obvious that he will want to hang it to see every day.

Scrapbook 6 year anniversary Album | The Stories We Tell

A scrapbook album is appreciated to be one of the most meaningful 10-year anniversary gifts for him. Capture those moments and store them all inside this beautiful scrapbook album that can eventually be used for holiday decoration. Never lose a precious moment again thanks to these pages! In the future, you and your partner can turn over pages one by one, then recall your memorable moments. It is quite precious, isn’t it?

64Hydro Sketch Deer Couple To My Boyfriend Stainless Steel Tumbler

If your man loves his tea, you should think about the customized stainless steel tumbler, one of the best last-minute anniversary gifts for him. It will keep his drink cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, which means that he can enjoy his hot drinks until the last drop. He won't have to worry about it going cold during those long days at work when he needs a quick midday refreshment because this awesome tumbler will do just that!

Echo Dot

If your man is addicted to smart home, there is no 10-year anniversary gift for him more perfect than the Echo Dot. This device is a smart speaker designed to have the ability to listen to commands even when you're not in the room, as it has seven microphones and beam-forming technology. It also can connect to more than 100 different devices, and the Alexa Voice Service lets you use voice commands.

Personal Fragrance Profiling

With a man who has an interest in fragrance, such a personalized gift will absolutely make him surprised and excited. Go on a date with him to the shop, sit together as he samples fragrances. The Penhaligon’s fragrance experts will identify his preferences and tailor-make a scent for him, specially created to become his signature perfume. Leave your partner spoiled with this special anniversary gift that both of you can enjoy every day.

Leather Charger Roll Up

For the jet-setting man about town, one who never forgets his charger (or is tethered by an earphone), here’s a unique, elegant solution. This leather-clad traveler can travel in style with this sleek roll-up case that fits neatly into even the smallest handbag. Cool and highly functional, the anniversary gift for the husband has enough pockets to hold all gear for those long days on the road or plane. The gift of time: whether he’s catching up on e-mails in transit or completing paperwork while enjoying some work banter via text messages from a colleague—this becomes easy with this thoughtful gift at hand.

"I Love You Forever Tactical" Anniversary Pen

He’s going to love you for this! The “I Love You Forever” Tactical Pen is the perfect gift for your manly man who needs a pen everywhere he goes. This multi-tool tactical pen features all the tools he could need in everyday life, including a four-position wrench, a cutting edge, and even a water compass. To make wedding anniversary gifts for him more special than ever, it comes with the words “I’ll Love You Forever,” which will be engraved on its heart-shaped handle. Now there's no chance of him forgetting that sentiment anytime soon!

Personalized Handmade Cutting Board

One of the hardest things about being married is keeping your different tastes in mind. Giving personalized anniversary gifts for him and is also for you because literally, no one knows what you like better than the two of you together! This 15 year wood cutting board will make any anniversary gift extra special for a couple who’s been happily married for years. Get it today- it’ll look so lovely sitting on his kitchen counter.

Naipo Deep Tissue Massage Gun

It's really hard to give a deep tissue massage well, which is why it never quite seems like the perfect anniversary gift. But after 15 years of marriage, he deserves a present that will be good for him and also super fun. The Naipo Deep Tissue Massage Gun does the job with vibrations so deep even he wasn't aware they existed! Working muscles from head to toe, get them ready for their next tough workout while not overstressing their hands during all the manual labor that was done today on this household favorite new toy now housed in your warm bedroom at night.

Black Coffee Scented Candle

You like to have a scented candle burning, and he thinks his morning coffee smells great. This black coffee-scented candle is the perfect way to make your humble abode smell wonderful all day long! Made with 100% natural wax and smelling so fresh, this manly scented candle will last 40-50 hours with each use. Why not give him the gift that everyone loves? A love for more than just romance!

UGG Men’s Ascot Slipper

Are your 20th anniversary gifts for husbands too serious? Let us make them funny instead. If you have a husband who doesn't know what it's like to own a UGG slipper, then give him this comfortable pair that looks good and will last forever! It starts with their classic loafer design crossed with the soft touch of a slipper. That type is treated to keep the color looking fresh, all day long. The rubber sole gives it indoor-outdoor versatility: take off your shoes and slip right into these at the end of the day!

One Of The Best Smartwatches

Does your man love tech? If the answer is yes, there is nothing more perfect than one of the best smartwatches, like unique anniversary gifts for him on your special celebration. He can check time, emails, texts and many apps on the screen of this watch. Especially for the gentleman who’s constantly on the go, this one is downright perfect! With all these amazing features, you’ll never lose him again!

An Anniversary Sculpture

Sometimes it's hard to find the right 30th anniversary gift for husband with everything you've got on your mind. Luckily, there are products out there that can help you take care of his surroundings year-round. One of these is an Anniversary Sculpture. Softly decorated with heart-shaped vines and veiled in metal leafing, this touching sculpture will remind him of your love every day! We recommend one as a sculptural centerpiece or on his desk for daily inspiration.

Create Bespoke Tailored Shirts

Excited about your anniversary? Do you know how to get a dear husband to show him he is still a priority in your life? Consider choosing Turnbull & Asser bespoke tailored shirts as sentimental anniversary gifts for him. Designed exclusively for him, Turnbull and Asper promise the most personal of customer service with one-on-one meetings where he will take measurements of his body and have an opportunity to offer input on what kind of fabric should be used or whether buttons should be made from horn or pearls.

Tassimo Bosch Coffee Machine

This is an innovative and luxury coffee press for all the family! Tassimo by Bosch has a delicate design that's easy to use and functional. It'll also make your husband feel super classy with its stainless steel exterior. And if your spouse can't function without his first cup of joy, then you've just solved his problems forever too - this machine will be brewed in around one minute flat, which is a cinch to get into gear.

Your anniversary is a celebration of the many years you’ve spent together, and it's always nice to give each other something meaningful. Whether your man has just turned one-year-old or he's celebrating 30 with you, we've got some great gift ideas that are perfect for him! We have everything from 6 month anniversary gifts for him up to 10th anniversary gifts for him- whatever his age may be. Shop 64Hydro now and find out what our team can do for you this holiday season.

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