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September 15, 2021 14 min read

Christmas is coming! With the holidays approaching, are you looking for the perfect Christian Christmas gift for my family? We all know that Christmas is a time for family, friends, and giving. But what do you buy to show how much you love and care for them all the time? The only thing that you know is that they are religious and usually expect some type of Christian-themed present. 

If you're looking for a thoughtful Christmas gift that will be appreciated by people who love Jesus, then this blog post has some great ideas. Here are 12+ perfect Christian Christmas gifts that celebrate Jesus's birthday and your relationship with all your loved ones. Here's to having a happy holiday season with the ones you love most!

Best Christian Christmas Gifts

Looking for something to surprise your loved Christian this Christmas? Look no more, as this cute ornament that showcases messages: “Faith makes all things possible. Love makes all things easy. Hope makes all things work” is a perfect Christmas gift. These small and meaningful messages on a heart-shaped ornament will show how much you love them, how much faith you have in them, and how much hope they give to you. Not only that, but this ornament will look stunning wherever they decide to put it, whether it’s a Christmas tree, wreath, or doorway.

Christmas is about receiving and giving. Give the gift of the true Christmas story that God gave His Son so that mankind would receive Him. Focus not on our own joys, but on making others joyful. One of the greatest gifts we can give to someone is to tell them about the most wonderful Gift God has bestowed on the whole world. And you can do just that by gifting this gorgeous Christmas ornament to a dear person. It looks absolutely amazing with its design of the night when Jesus Christ was born and will also fill their holiday season with joy.

With a wonderful design depicting the starry night when Jesus was born and a meaningful message that says: “Joy to the world”, this piece will fill your loved one’s holiday season with happiness. We often forget that Jesus is there throughout all our joyful times as well as our hardships, and this is a perfect way to remember that. If your special person forgets this fact, gifting them this piece will strengthen their faith in our Lord and Savior, and they will definitely be grateful for it. So if you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a close one to show them that you think, care, and love them, this tumbler is a great option.

Personalized Christian Christmas Gifts

Every action, every attitude, and every word, each thought of the heart, each decision of the mind, and even the motives that influence the choices we make, need to be bathed in the purifying gaze of the Holy Spirit, washed in the fountain of God's divine love and covered with the unconditional grace of Christ. Just like 1 Corinthians 16:14 says, remind your dearest one that they should let all that they do, be done with love with this fabulous quilt bedding set. It will also remind them of you and how much you love them every time they go to sleep!

Just like Matthew 19:26 says: “With God, all things are possible” since God is able to do whatever he wills. The quote should give great comfort to the disciple of Jesus. All things are possible because God exists and loves everyone equally. Pair that with a gorgeous flower bouquet design, and you’ll get the ideal Christian-themed gift. Gift this stainless steel tumbler to a loved one and show them that all things are possible with God, especially when they have someone like you.

Psalm 46:10 says: “Be still and know that I am God,” suggesting that in the midst of conflict and life turmoil, sometimes we just need to open our eyes, step back, stop what we’re doing, and acknowledge who God is and what He can do. Doing so will provide comfort in the chaos and peace in the midst of struggle. Remind a dear person that they should sometimes take a break, take a deep breath, and acknowledge God’s love. That’s why this stainless steel tumbler makes for an amazing personalized Christmas gift that will remind them to take it slow in life and spread love just like God is doing.

Christian Christmas Gifts for Kids

Looking for a kid’s Christmas gift? Look no more, as this insulated water bottle is one great piece that your kid will absolutely adore. It features a Christmas-themed design making it a perfect gift for this holiday season, and with the quote, "Jesus loves me”, this piece will remind a child of the unconditional love our Lord and Savior is giving us. By gifting this to a child, you will teach them about giving and receiving, which is the most important aspect of Christmas!

While Santa Claus provides a lovely Christmas picture, there’s no better way of expressing something than being direct with your feelings. This piece absolutely does it right with a message that says: “Little blessing,” implying that the child you are giving this cute water bottle is a blessing in your life. If you want to surprise a young one, you should definitely consider this piece as it will make their holiday season full of joy.

Christian Christmas Gifts for Women

Simple and rustic designs will always be fashionable. And with a quote, "Way maker, Miracle worker, Promise keeper, Light in the right direction - My God, that is who you are", it will remind your dearest one how much they mean to you and that they have a special place in your heart. This gorgeous leather bag will definitely fill your loved one’s Christmas with joy and love, especially because you were the one who gifted it to them.

Here’s a stylish t-shirt that not only looks fantastic but will remind anyone always to pray and believe in God. The message on it says: “Pray on it, pray over it, pray through it” meaning we shouldn’t worry about anything as long as our prayers are strong and our love is unconditional towards God and Jesus Christ. 

Surprise someone special for Christmas with this cute pajama set that will help them express themselves as the quote says: “I am: Amazing, Capable, Chosen, Never Alone, Always Loved, Beautiful, Victorious, Enough, Created, Strong”. And since God enjoys encouraging us through things in his creation, sunflowers are certainly no exception. Growing from a small seed, they show how mighty a little faith can become. Their constant pursuit of the sun is a good reminder to seek Jesus continually. By gifting this piece to your loved women, you will not only help them show how much they mean to you, but also remind them always to love our Lord and Savior.

Perfect Christian Christmas Gifts for Men

Fear is a self-imposed prison that will keep you from becoming what God intends for you to be. You must move against it with the weapons of faith and love. And by gifting this stunning t-shirt that says “Faith Over Fear” to a loved one, you will remind them that everything is possible if they have faith in what they are doing as well as faith in God. Make their Christmas more special with this piece that not only does it feature a strong message but also showcases incredible artwork on both front and back.

Here’s another t-shirt that your beloved Christians, significant other, or friends will love. It showcases some fantastic artwork and features a meaningful message: “God is good all the time, and all the time god is good”. It implies that God will always be there to watch over us constantly and love us unconditionally. Surprise a dear person with this piece for Christmas and show them that you’re also there for them, just like God is. Not only will you express your feelings towards them, but this trendy t-shirt will help your loved one express their love for God and Jesus Christ.

Every true Christian will have a bible with them, just like somebody dear to you does. However, not everyone has a bible cover, especially not one that looks this incredible. With rustic leather design and a message that says: “Way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness” this piece is one great Christmas gift your loved men will adore. It will express your feelings about them and will definitely fill their Holiday season with joy. Not only that, but anytime they decide to open their bible, your loved one will remember you and how strong the connection between the two of you is - just like the connection between us and God.

Other Recommendations About Christian Christmas Gifts

Personalized Christian Christmas Gifts #1: Water Tracker Bottle

This unforgettable Christian Christmas gift that your loved ones will treasure for years to come is available now! You should order a personalized water bottle with time markings before these limited-time offers end October 30!

These Christian Christmas gifts bring a stylish and elegant design to any occasion. No matter how they hold it steady when taking a selfie or if they hold it in hand while walking to class, this drinkware accessory is the perfect gift for any individual who loves to stay hydrated. Modest yet so practical, pick up one of these beautifully designed water bottles this holiday season while supplies last! You’ll feel proud, knowing that you have gifted your loved ones an object they can use day in and day out.

Personalized Christian Christmas Gifts #2: InJoy Box for Women

Get in the holiday spirit with these thoughtful Christian Christmas gifts customized for your mom, sister, or best friend! As part of the box, they will receive an inspirational yarn-wrapped card to brighten up any woman's day and a practical journal, so they can track their own happy moments. It's not too late to be merry! Send a care package of joy filled with encouragement and excitement in InJoy Box! In this box, you'll find 1 inspirational item and 1 practical item per person. And it doesn't stop there. You can add on something fun, tasty or special from their vast assortment. We also include handwritten prayers just for them in every package they receive - you can choose who they are from us or have custom prayers written for them.

Personalized Christian Christmas Gifts #3: Coffee Mugs

Here we provide you the perfect Personalized Christian Christmas Gifts, fresh off the presses! These Personalized Coffee Cups are perfect for yourself and Christian Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Pampering your family and friends starts with joyfully making coffee in personalized mugs. 64Hydro's exclusive mugs are made in the US and use state-of-the-art printing techniques to ensure vivid colors, while the high-quality cups have been designed with a curved handle for easy pick-up. The durable cups boast curved handles and bright colors to make any morning more enjoyable. Don't be surprised if there's somebody at your door asking where you got these!

Christian Christmas Gifts for Kids to Make Them Happy All Day In The Christmas Season

The time has come, Christmas is soon! It's that special time of year when we get to spend time with our children. There are so many beautiful ideas for Christian Christmas gifts to give children this year. One way to make your kids happy this holiday season is by giving them some thoughtful Christian Christmas gifts. Christmas is a time for giving and getting gifts. Many people want to make their kids happy by buying them expensive toys. However, there are also plenty of options that don't break the bank or require you to spend hours shopping at home. You will find some unique ideas for Christian Christmas gifts for your kids, without breaking the bank! All of them are available with the attached link for your convenience.

Christian Christmas Gifts for Kids #1: Noah’s Ark Shape Sorter

Obviously, we’ve already mentioned the cuteness and durable quality of this toy and brought up the hours of endless entertainment you can get from it. But what we haven’t yet mentioned is that this Noah's Ark Shape Sorter is also one of the best choices for Christian Christmas gifts for children who love Jingle Bells! The blocks are red, green, blue and yellow with cute little cartoon animals on them — so they'll go well in any traditional holiday decors — but we loved how bright, cheerful and Christmas they looked even before we put it together. Do you need great Christian Christmas gifts for lovely children? This set is impressive for your child or somebody else's child to brighten up their day and fill their time with joy.

Christian Christmas Gifts for Kids #2: Fisher-Price Nativity Playset

Forget about the stress of buying presents. This year, just buy your kids this Fisher-Price Nativity Playset among many choices of Christian Christmas gifts and let them feel like kings in their castle when they’re in charge! This is the one Christian Christmas gift a group of lovely children always remember. Find out if baby Jesus was born yet in this classic Nativity set with lights, music, sounds and characters standing by who are excited to tell you what’s happening! When no one wants to be Joseph anymore, kids love switching roles throughout because there are 6 principal players (and 3 character figures) altogether. Make your loved kids' special holiday season even more memorable by giving them a surprise Christian Christmas gift after they open the box!

Thoughtful Christian Christmas Gifts for Women in Your Life

Christmas is a time of year when people are hunting for thoughtful Christian Christmas gifts. Many people are concerned with more than just finding the perfect gift, but also something that will be both meaningful and last a lifetime. There are so many thoughtful Christian Christmas gifts for women in your life that you may have trouble deciding which one to buy. The following are some of the best options for both close friends and family members. Gifts like these will bring joy not only during the holidays but also throughout the year. The most rewarding part about giving these types of Christian Christmas gifts is it gives recipients an opportunity to reflect on their faith and what they believe in. This is especially true during the holiday season. These gifts make this Christmastime of the year more personal and meaningful!

Christian Christmas Gifts #1: Faith box For Your Women In Life

Don't stress about having to find a creative, thoughtful gift for your Christian woman in life. By scooping up Faith box, you'll be giving her faith-filled Christian Christmas gifts she'll use all year! Whether you're looking for the perfect coworker gift or something to show that special someone in your life how much they mean to you. Prayers start with intention, and the Christian Christmas Faith box has all sorts of ways to help - from jewelry sculpted out of recycled paperclips to bookmarks made from paintings on scrap wood. One thing's certain: every woman who opens her Faith box will feel supported by an entire community of people devoted to Christ.

Christian Christmas Gifts #2: Celtic Wall Cross

It's all in the details- and Christian Christmas gifts for Women that are thoughtful, well-made, and come from your heart. Everyone knows that a woman is the most important person in your life, and even though she’s already told you she wants nothing for Christmas, it doesn’t mean that you can forget about her. The easiest way to say “I love and appreciate you” without having to spend hours (or any money!) looking for some ideal Christian Christmas gifts! Write up all your favorite memories with your mom or any beloved woman in your life from Christmas past; we will engrave the last sentence of whatever phrase you choose on this hand-forged Christian cross. Beautiful symbolism can't come any clearer than this hand-forged Celtic cross - perfect Christian Christmas gifts for women in your life!

Perfect Christian Christmas Gifts for Men to Make A Memorable Holiday Season

The holidays are in full swing, and we can't help but get into the spirit of giving. Christmas is a time for celebrating the birth of Jesus and his family. However, it's always a headache to find some perfect Christian Christmas gifts for the men in your life. Don't stress about making the perfect gift at the last minute! We have compiled a list of some selected Christian Christmas gifts for men that will make sure your loved ones feel appreciated this holiday season. Find out below what we think are some great Christian Christmas presents for men to give this year! You will not go wrong with this list. Check out now and enjoy a meaningful Christmas together!

Christian Christmas Gifts for Men #1: Stone Decorative Hanging Wall Plaque

It's time for great Christian Christmas gifts for men. This plaque features scripture about the "full armor of God." It's small but durable for this low price. You can honor the true meaning of Christmas with these meaningful and affordable gifts that he will cherish every time he looks at the plaque. He'll love to display this elegant wall hanging in his home on its own or alongside other family favorites this holiday season. Give the men in your life this beautiful and inspiring plaque with quotes from scripture to make their Christmas special. Featuring a deeply meaningful message of Christian Christmas gifts for men, this will be cherished for generations.

Christian Christmas Gifts for Men #2: Brown Faux Leather Bookmark

Perfect Ideas for Christian Christmas Gifts for Teens and Tweens

Do you have a teen in your life that needs meaningful Christian Christmas gifts? Choosing Christmas gifts is difficult. Selecting the perfect Christian Christmas gifts is much more difficult. What do they want? Do you know what's cool these days? If you still have no idea, we are all here to help! We have come up with some perfect ideas that will please any teen at your Christmas celebration. They're all affordable too! So, this year, you can be sure to make any teen happy by simply choosing your most favorite Christian Christmas gifts from this list!

Christian Christmas Gifts for Teens and Tweens #1: Small Faith Throw Pillow

This Christian Christmas gift pillow is the perfect accent for a sofa, chair, or bed. This is the perfect place for your teenagers to relax with some of their favorite cartoons or to sleep after a long day of studying. Put faith in your home decor with this inspirational pillow and make it stylish without sacrificing meaning. The ‘Faith, Hope & Love’ message speaks to an often forgotten demographic that will be proud to have a religious presence in their home! The cover of this small throw pillow looks just as chic as any decorative corner-piece accessory could hope to be. This removable and washable accent can go from being something you own, to being something you share.

Christian Christmas Gifts for Teens and Tweens #2: Soul Statement Cross Bracelets

Don't forget to give your teen a cross bracelet to remember the holiday season. Silicone bracelets are an expression, a realization of that part of you that means too much to stay hidden. They're the perfect gift for Christian Christmas gifts for teens and tweens. Confirmation bracelets are a great way to show him you're proud of his newfound faith! This 2 pack is perfect for young teens or tweens who appreciate cool, cool style. These bracelets are adjustable and will fit most wrists perfectly. With the unique design and colors, this bracelet will become one of the most popular Christian Christmas gifts for religious people with the cross motif.

The most meaningful Christmas gifts are the ones that come from the heart. That’s why we wanted to put together a list of Christian Christmas gift ideas for you. These are categorized by gender and age, so you can find something perfect for everyone on your list! We hope this guide helps make holiday shopping easier and more fun. What are some of your favorite ideas? Share them on social media and tag us, so we can share! Let’s make their holiday season merry with a thoughtful present from our curated gifts list.

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