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June 04, 2021 16 min read

We always have countless memorable stories to tell about our brothers. We fight, we steal their clothes, we annoy them, but we never stop caring for them. You may have gotten into a fight with your brother and want to make peace by giving him a gift. Or maybe you just want to tell him how much you love him and that he's your best friend.

Choosing gifts for your brother can be difficult. There are so many options out there, and it seems like you need to know all the details of his life in order to pick something he’ll love. It can feel overwhelming, especially when you don’t know what kinds of things he likes or needs. Then you have come to the right place. In this post, we put together this guide full of great ideas!

With these 20+ best personalized gifts for your brother in 2021, you will have no problem finding the perfect present for your big bro! Whether it is his birthday, Christmas holiday, or any occasion, we got you covered with our handy list below.

Personalized Birthday Gifts for Brothers

Birthdays are important. Although your brother might not make as big of a deal of it as he might want to, trust us - he’s looking forward to his own birthday. So, in order to help you show your brother how much you appreciate him in your life, here are some of the best personalized birthday gifts for your brother!

Let’s start off with one of the most used and loved presents overall - a mug. Mugs are multifunctional and often used. This mug has the words “There is no buddy like a brother” written on the front of it. These simple words paint the picture of a friendship that’s as old as you and your brother are. Brothers oftentimes grow up to be best friends, and that’s exactly what this mug depicts. On the back, in addition to the amazing words on the front, you can add a picture of you and him for an extra personalized touch. It’s a perfect combo!

“A brother is a gift to the heart, and a friend to the spirit” perfectly summarizes your relationship with your bro. Being a brother doubles as being a friend, especially if you have an older brother. He is someone you can share your hardships with, as well as your giggles and laughs. This simple yet meaningful quote is sure to bring up all of those memories in your brother. On the back of this amazing-looking American-flagged tumbler is a picture of a bearded man that’s wearing sunglasses, under which you can write your brother’s name so that he doesn’t get it stolen! This is an amazing gift overall and one that he can brag about endlessly!

A clever wordplay can sometimes bring that extra kick to a present. So, when you see the words: “Brothersaurus - Like a normal brother, but more awesome”, it’s certain to bring out some smiles! The wordplay that makes the word “brothersaurus” is perfect for the illustration found between these words. A cartoon-style dinosaur is painted right between the quote, and the back of this amazing wine tumbler has a designated spot for your brother’s name (alongside some cute dinosaur footsteps). The mix of the cartoon design and the use of this item pairs really well and leaves you with a perfect personalized kid gift for your baby bro, that’s hopefully of drinking age!

Personalized Christmas Gifts for Brothers

Starting off this mini list, much like the last one, we present you with one of the most amazing mugs out there for your brother. The words that this mug carries say: “You’re an amazing human. What an incredible brother you are. I’d be an idiot if I didn’t tell you how much I love you!”, but the end of the quote isn’t there! The words “you’re”, “an”, and “Idiot” are highlighted in that sentence, spelling a hilarious message that says: “You’re an idiot”. This is a clever way of letting your brother know you love him to the moon and back. This humorous mug is a perfect-personalized Christmas gift because of its Christmas design, alongside the heart-shaped place that’s reserved for your bro’s name.

Phones, occasionally, tend to fall out of hands. Here’s a perfect solution to that problem! This phone grip is designed to serve as a useful everyday object for your brother, as well as carrying the joking message that reads: “World’s okayest brother". This hilarious message tells your brother that he’s all right, but that he can do better! Of course, this is a joke that your brother will chuckle at every time he sees the back of his phone. By adding your brother’s name, you can make this gift one of your brother’s personal favorites. It doubles as a saving up mechanism since he won’t be needing those glass repairments anymore!

Brothers are known for drinking inhumane amounts of liquid throughout the day. Whether we’re talking about energy drinks, Coke, coffee, or just water - they’re always sipping on something. This stainless steel tumbler is perfect for that. It carries these words on the front: “I smile because you are my brother, I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it”, which is both hilarious and heartwarming at the same time! It tells your brother that regardless of you two not choosing each other, you’ve loved each other throughout the years and continue to joke with one another tirelessly. Slap your brother’s name on the back, and you have a perfect Christmas gift!

Personalized Gifts for Brother-in-law

For this lovely mug, the front of it carries the following words: “Being my brother-in-law is really the only gift you need”. What a funny line! The message alone jokingly reminds your brother-in-law that you’re the only gift he’ll ever need and that he needs to be satisfied with that! Of course, the mug negates that, as it is the real gift. You can add your brother-in-law’s name in a Superman-like designated space. The rest of the mug is done in an amazing yet rugged design, having steel top and bottom rims, as well as a metal-themed background. It’s a perfect gift for a brother-in-law!

As we’ve said, phone grips are quite useful gifts when it comes to guys. So, we bring you another that says: “Number 1 brother-in-law”, but the quote isn’t that simple. The number 1 is replaced by a hand that’s showing the finger, of “giving the bird” to the people looking at it! This is a phenomenal way of letting your brother-in-law know how you feel about him and giving him a hilarious addition to his phone that he’s gonna love showing around! But, a joking present doesn’t have to look “cheap”. This is a phone grip that’s wood-textured, and the print is quite clean-looking. We guarantee that your brother-in-law will adore it from the moment he receives it as a gift!

“Google search for best brother-in-law ever. We found 1 result for the search. Search result”. Those are the words written on this amazing coffee mug that’s the next item on our list. Brothers-in-law are called to fix when the laptop or internet router breaks down, making this the best present for them! A Google search for the best brother-in-law can give only one result, and that’s your brother-in-law. The quote on this mug displays this perfectly - making it potentially the best item on our mini list. Gift this to your brother-in-law and watch him get a smile on his face that he won’t be able to wipe off!

Personalized Memorial Gifts for the Loss of a Brother

Kind words soften steel, melt hearts, and keep memories alive. That’s why the message on the inside of this necklace’s box that say: “In loving memory of your brother. Loved beyond words, missed beyond measure. The loss is immeasurable, but so is the love left behind. May hope to sustain you. Friends surround you. And love to give you strength.” carry loving and affectionate feelings for your friend. It’s tough to lose someone that you’ve known and loved your whole life, and making it a bit better is a huge success. Try cheering your friend up with this necklace and giving them the opportunity to bear their burden a bit easier.

Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near. Still loved, still missed, and still very dear. In loving memory of your brother insert name” is another touching message that’s written on one of the options for a present meant for someone that just lost a brother. The ones that we love that go away don’t ever actually leave us. They watch over us and are still very present in our life. This ornament depicts that perfectly and is bound to bring some of the old Christmas memories of the past person back to his former home. This is a perfect way of helping your loved ones remember the deceased, which is quite a noble thing to do.

For the end of this list, we have another touching ornament that celebrates the ones we lost and helps the grieving families keep the memory of the deceased alive in them. The ornament carries a meaningful message that reads: “Goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end, they simply mean I’ll miss you until we meet again. My brother, ...”, which perfectly symbolizes how attached we are to the ones that aren’t with us anymore. But, it also brings hope to the grieving families and talks about a reunion that’s waiting for us. This is truly a beautiful present that’ll help your loved one's power through the grieving period and give them hope that they’ll see their brother again!

Other Recommendations For You

Personalized Gifts for Brother Who Has Everything

Finding the perfect gift for your brother is never easy, especially if he has everything. We all know that our brothers are some of the most important people in our lives. Thus, we want to give them something special on their birthday or Christmas. But how do you find a unique gift for someone who has everything? Personalized gifts are an excellent way to show your love and appreciation to your siblings. In this list, you will find personalized presents like custom t-shirts, mugs, keychains, and more! The possibilities are endless when it comes to showing off how much you care about your family members! Let’s check it out!

Letter Photo Collage

Show him how much you care with this beautiful letter photo collage. It features a lovely quote about brother: ‘I don’t need a superhero, I have a big brother’ and a unique letter photo collage.

Fill in the BROTHER letters with your photos and add your names. This makes a perfect personalized gift for your big brother to keep the memories close to his heart. He will proudly display it in the living room, bedroom, or hallway. Celebrate milestones like graduation or accomplishments with this gift! It will deeply touch the heart of any older sibling.

64Hydro Personalized Coffee Tumbler

64Hydro makes it easy to find the perfect personalized gifts for your brother. They offer several collections of splendid tumblers based on interests and trends. Send him personalized coffee drinkware to show your appreciation. Whether he goes to work, stays at home, or just needs an extra boost to get started in the morning, this is one of those things he always needs while! The classic stainless steel with double-walled, vacuum-sealed, and copper-coated insulation can keep his drinks cold or hot for hours. With a variety of colors and designs, you are sure to find what’d please him. These thoughtful coffee tumblers will be an impressive addition to any teenager’s room because they're made with care and attention to every detail!

Personalized Docking Station

For a brother who has everything, this Wood Phone Docking Station is a perfect gift. The wood stand is engraved with a beautiful and delicate design. It's the right solution to keep all daily items in one place and look stylish on his desk. The product is compatible with most common mobile phones and cell phone brands, so anyone can make it their own! To make it an especially memorable present, you could personalize it with his name. With this dock station, he'll never leave anything behind when he's out of town or heading home.

Leather Braided Bracelet

A modern and stylish item for your brother! A braided leather bracelet like this is sure to make his style stand out. This necklace has an engraved round pendant and an adjustable black leather braided cord. Both the necklace's cord ends have hangman knotted loops, and the closure is a genuine sterling silver carabiner clip. In this way, no matter how big or small his wrist is, the bracelet will fit on it. Choosing to engrave the pendant with his name, coordinates, or favorite inspirational words. This is an excellent way to make him feel extra special.

Personalized Siblings Picture Frame

Having your brother by your side during childhood was probably your most pleasant memory. So, there is no better way to show your appreciation than with the perfect gift. Adding a picture of both of you to this frame will make it one of the most meaningful sentimental gifts for your brother. This photo frame is the perfect accessory to spruce up his walk-in closet or office. This personalized frame will be something he will use every day. He won't stop bragging about this gift from you for years to come!

Personalized Phone Case

Make him a cool phone case that expresses his individuality. A unique and practical gift that your brother can use every day. You can play with color combinations, fun prints, and bold fonts to create a case that suits his style perfectly. The soft rubber case is slim, lightweight and engineered to keep the phone safe. It also comes with a protective rim around all four edges of the phone. Thanks to digital printing technology, the color, and monogram on each case remain vibrant during use.

Personalized Illustration Portrait

The first best friend most of us have is our brother or sister, and they truly are the best. A custom portrait is a perfect way to honor your brother and to commemorate your special bond. Tell them you will always be there for them wherever they are, no matter what. Surprise your brother with a custom digital portrait, illustration from a photo. These personalized illustration pictures are perfect for any occasion. It can serve as great keepsakes and decor items.

Birthday Personalized Gifts for Brother

Birthday is a special day for everyone, but it's difficult to come up with the right gift idea for your brother. It could become even worse if we give him something he has already had.

We all want to find a thoughtful and surprising gift to make his day. With personalized gifts, you don’t need to worry as your present is unique just for him. They are sure to stand out from other gifts he might receive and will be treasured for many years to come.

Personalized Big Brother T-shirt

Motivate your little brother to one day be a big brother. This shirt will get your big bro started on his way. You just need to choose the T-shirt color and size, then enter your text in the personalization box. The basic and minimalist style makes the T-shirt match well with all kinds of pants and accessories. Your brother will appreciate this practical and meaningful gift. Since he got it from you, it will soon become his favorite item in his closet.

Personalized Minimalist Watch

If your brother enjoys simplicity, then this is a perfect gift for him. He will love this customizable, stylish timepiece! You can pick the font, the text, and how it is displayed on the watch as you like. The case made of hypoallergenic stainless steel, resistant to seawater, salt, and sun damage. This personalized watch is a great accessory to complete any outfit! Perfect for any guy who are looking for something simple, elegant, and incredibly glamorous while retaining a modern sensibility.

Personalized Wooden Happy Birthday Frame

Send the best wishes to your brother on his birthday with this personalized wooden happy birthday frame! You can customize it with one beautiful or funny photo of your brother to make it one of a kind birthday gift. Make sure you include any wishes you would like to share with him to make this personalized frame complete.

Black Matte Stainless Steel ID Bracelet

A sleek and cool Black Matte ID Bracelet would suit any guy’s taste. This durable stainless steel chain link bracelet has an all-over polished black finish, which is contrasted with a matte black ID bar. The stylish accessory any guy will want this year. The lightweight metal also makes it ideal for playing sports or long days at work without worrying about wearing out his arm. Add even more detail by engraving the bar with his personal information including name, initials, date, or message of your choice. Doing this will make the gift truly stand out!

Bollman Billfold

With its classic design and superb quality, the men's billfold hits the mark. Made from authentic full grain leather right here in the USA, you can take comfort that your brother will enjoy using this wallet for years to come. The wallet is available in four colors, so you can easily choose one that matches his personality. It can hold up to 24 cards and have a slot for storing cash. Featuring a thin and lightweight design, this wallet is perfect for front and back pockets.

Personalized leather Toiletry Bag

With the help of this personalized gift for your brother or brother-in-law, you can give his razor and other essentials a well-deserved home. Stylish, strong, beautifully stained, and high-quality leather, these Dopp kits are the perfect product for any man. They also come in a range of sizes. It's another quality item you can personalize—get his hot-stamped with his name or initials. He can pack it up for travel or just to keep his bathroom more organized. By the way, stamped leather smells great, and doesn't have an unpleasant laser burned smell.

The Ultimate Golfer’s Set

If your brother loves golf, there's no better gift than this for him. Hit a hole in one with this wonderful gift set made just for the golf lover. This thoughtful set includes a leather golf club cover with a vintage stripe design. A beautiful wooden box filled with 12 personalized golf balls. A cotton terry golf towel and a reusable water bottle with a unique pebbled golf ball texture designed by S’well. Adding a personal touch to one or all of the gifts in this set will make it extra special for any golfer.

Custom Sports Bobble Head

Get your brother in your life the football player bobble head of himself, customized and personalized to their likeness. If your brother is a fan of football, this gift is created just for him. This football player is not the typical boring bobble head—he’s a personalized gift that’ll make any brother's birthday special. Constructed of polymer clay, the team mascot comes in so many colors and looks better than anything you can find at your local retailer! You choose his eye color, hairstyle, and when he scores his goal with this athlete pooch around here. So whether it's to say "THANK YOU" or happy birthday — get him a unique present he'll remember for years to come!

Personalized Heavy Canvas Weekender Duffle Bags

Carry all big, bulky items in luxury with a personalized weekender duffle bag for your birthday brother! Choose from a variety of designs and fonts that can be tailored to any occasion or location. Inside, you will find additional pockets for the perfect organization, vegan leather binding on the bottom and cool plaid interior lining to keep all items together neatly. These purses are designed with comfort in mind- no more sore shoulders from lugging around heavy bags! They will be embroidered with signature handles, so they will never miss at baggage claim again. This bag will be the perfect personalized birthday gift for your brother.

Christmas Personalized Gifts for Brother 

Christmas is coming, and it's time to get your brother a present. Every year, you have the same struggle: what should I give him? It can be hard to think of something unique when all he wants for Christmas are video games. This year, we came up with some great ideas of personalized gifts for brother (which includes brother-in-law) that will make his day extra special! Buy your sibling a gift they'll treasure forever, you're helping them feel loved on Christmas morning too!

Plaid Lambswool Throw Blanket

Full of cozy and warmth, this gift is the perfect way to show love for those in your life that you care most. Having two festive patterns to choose from, a fringe tassel and an embroidered monogram, this throw makes the perfect holiday gift for everybody on your list. Keep your brother comfortable and warm in style over colder days coming soon at home, at work, or even on the go with one of these snuggle blankets that everyone can enjoy all year round.

64Hydro Personalized Coffee Mugs

Is there anything better than enjoying a hot chocolate cup on a cold winter day? Personalized coffee mugs would make your brother's winter warmer and much more special and that he would remember you as well. Whether your brother prefers espresso, Americano, cappuccino, or latte every day, this 15-ounce mug can be customized with his name and will make every coffee break special. Click here to see lovely coffee mugs from 64Hydro! They have a variety of stunning and trendy designs which are sure to appeal to him.

Hand Hook Snow Sport Pillow

We can all feel that Christmas vibe when looking at these lovely pillows which make it a perfect gift for the next holiday season. These vibrant hand hooked pillows feature beautiful designs by Vermont-based artist Laura Megroz. The cozy throw pillows are crafted by hand from premium New Zealand wool and backed with cotton velveteen. They are the perfect accent piece for ski cabins and snow sports enthusiasts. They're also great as a housewarming or "thanks for having me" gift, thanks to the hand-hooked personalization. Personalization is hand-hooked into the design. You can add your brother’s name or his favorite place to complete the design.

Super Brother Personalized Socks

Your brother won’t be able to hold his laugh when he looks at this gift. Get ready to show your big bro some love with these unique brother socks. Displaying a face cap, a football, and the words 'super big brother,' these socks are the best Christmas or birthday gifts for brothers.

The interesting thing about this design is that there is room for real photos. So you can get your brother some socks with his face on it. And don’t forget to get yourself some socks too!

Color Changing Cinema Lightbox

Picture your brother’s name (or favorite phrase) in bright, color-changing lights. This lightbox will brighten his mood and give him more inspiration to study and work. The product comes in three different sizes including mini for your desktop or side table, standard, or large for special occasions like weddings or birthdays. Just insert the included letters into three slotted rows and like magic, it will light up his space and bring in that cinematic vibe. This lightweight and portable item is battery or USB-powered. An amazing personalized gift for Christmas that your brother will surely cherish and use every day!

It's always an amazing thing to have a brother who is there for us unconditionally, even if he can be quite annoying sometimes. Don't forget to let him know how much he means to you this year by giving him something special. We hope you enjoyed our list of best personalized gifts for your brother in 2021. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you make something or buy something - as long as it's from the heart and personalizes their interests in some way, then get ready to watch him light up on his special day!

If you have a favorite gift that we didn't mention, let us know! Share with us your thoughts on these unique and fun ideas by posting in the comments below. And as always, happy shopping!

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