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June 16, 2021 16 min read

Being a godmother is an honor and responsibility, as well as a lifelong relationship. As such, it's important to find the perfect gift for this special person in your life. Whether you’re a parent looking for a thoughtful godmother gift, or you’re the godchild of a caring godparent, it can be a little challenging to find just the right thing.

Shopping for someone as special and influential as a godmother is an important task. She deserves a personalized and sentimental keepsake gift that lets her know how important her role and guidance are to you or your child. Regardless of her style or the gift-giving occasion, this list provides inspiring personalized godmother gifts for any woman who serves as the “second mom”.

Personalized Godmother Proposal Gifts - Will You Be My Godmother Gifts

Choosing a godmother is one of the most important decisions you'll make in your pregnancy. You want this person to be someone who will hold you accountable, but also love and care for your children. It took you a long time to choose the right godmother. She can be your bestie, your sister... You finally found the woman you want to instill positive role models in your child for many years.

In order to propose to your child's future godmother, give them a cherished token honoring this precious relationship. The following list is full of wonderful personalized godmother proposal gifts. They are sure to help you accomplish that goal. There is a wide range of custom items to suit your new mom and preferences, from mugs to gift boxes and more.

"The love between a Godmother and Godchild lasts forever" is a beautiful quote about the eternal, unconditional love between godmother and godchild. This quote talks about not only that this love lasts forever but also that it is so strong and unbreakable. This attractive mug is an ideal gift if you want to show appreciation for your favorite person. To make this cute mug a personalized and unique gift, you only need to write the name godmother and godchild on the back side. Also, this mug is a genuinely excellent gift because you can insert a picture on the back and show your favorite and most beautiful memories.

"Will you be my godmother? I need an extra pair of hands to help me learn and grow. I know you are the best because mommy and daddy told me so." This quote is a beautiful way to propose your loved one be your child's godmother. It talks about how your dearest person is perfect for helping you as an extra pair of hands, how your child needs her because his parents, you, told him that that person is the best. This is the ideal mug for a godmother proposal gift because it has a unique, outstanding design and the possibility of personalization. On the back side, you need to write the name of the future godmother in the golden heart to make this gift personalized and unique.

If you want to ask someone to be Godmother for your child, then we think there is no better way to do it than with the help of this beautiful ornament. "Every princess needs a fairy godmother. Will you be mine?" This quote says that your daughter is your princess and deserves the best. That's why you found the perfect person to be her Godmother.  Above all, the quote that adorns this unique and eye-catching ornament is lovely. On the back side of the ornament, you need to write the name of the future Godmother on the lovely heart background. This cute ornament is the perfect propose that any godmothers will love.

If you want to ask someone to be Godmother for your child, then we think there is no better way to do it than with the help of this beautiful ornament. "Every princess needs a fairy godmother. Will you be mine?" This quote says that your daughter is your princess and deserves the best. That's why you found the perfect person to be her Godmother.  Above all, the quote that adorns this unique and eye-catching ornament is lovely. On the back side of the ornament, you need to write the name of the future Godmother on the lovely heart background. This cute ornament is the perfect propose that any godmothers will love.

Personalized Godmother Gifts for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is an occasion to honor all the mothers in our lives. One way to honor your mother on this day is by giving her something special that she will cherish forever. Let your godmother know just how special she is with the perfect gift from her godchild. Celebrate her special day and a lifetime of memories. For those who are looking for meaningful gifts to give your godmother this Mother’s Day, explore these great ideas below. It has personalized gifts that range from sentimental to practical with everything in between. Depending on your budget, there is sure to be something that would work for any Godmother out there! Show your gratitude for all her years of love and support for your child with these personalized gifts.

"Lucky as can be the best Godmother belongs to me" is a beautiful rhyme that talks about how much you love, respect, and how happy you are with the person who is your Godmother. If you are looking for the perfect gift for Mother's Day for your Godmother, be sure that you will not go wrong with this stainless steel tumbler. This tumbler is a beautiful way to send a clear message, express your emotions, and give something for everyday use. On the back of this awesome tumbler is a space where you should insert your favorite photo, awakening many beautiful emotions in your Godmother. Also, to make this gift unique and personalized, you can write both your names under the picture. This stainless steel tumbler is perfect for surprising someone with a gift that will forever remind them of the relationship between the two of you.

"Godmother - A female guardian. A life mentor helps me learn and grow. Will you be mine?" is a very creative way of asking your loved one if she wants to be your child's Godmother. This quote connects the word Godmother with a female guardian and a life mentor who will teach your child everything. On the back side, there is a beautiful floral design and the possibility of personalization if you decide to write the name of a loved one on it. If you decide to use this great tumbler to ask someone to be your Godmother, you'll leave her speechless! This gift is also perfect for creating beautiful and everlasting memories of this lovely occasion.

"To my Godmother, I'm glad you're my Godmother. Someone to hold my hand, a friend if I should need, someone who will love and understand." This quote talks about how glad you are to have such a Godmother and how grateful you are to her for understanding and loving you. Not only a supporter, but your God-mother also becomes your best friend. That’s why this gift will be a special “Thank-you” for her, having her beside, that you have been truly blessed. This pillow case combines a practical gift for everyday use and a gift whose design will attract all eyes. This cute pillowcase will easily fit into everyone's home.

"To my dear Godmother - thank you for being Godmother, hold my hands while I grow, guide me in faint, encourage me to share. You are blessing from above. The love between us is infinity. Love, xx" Above all, the quotation adorning this one-of-a-kind and eye-catching ornament is exquisite. This remark expresses how fortunate you are to have such a Godmother and for her understanding and love for you. The love between you two is infinite, and this ornament is undoubtedly the best way to show that to your Godmother. This lovely ornament combines beautiful home decoration and a precious item that awakens many beautiful emotions. If you decide on this adorable ornament, be sure that you will give something that will forever remind your Godmother of you and your shared moments.

Personalized Godmother Gifts for Christmas

A personalized gift for Christmas is the perfect way to show your gratitude and appreciation for all that your godmother has done. A thoughtful and holiday-themed gift will be appropriate. A special gift will not only make their holiday season brighter, but will also show the great relationship you share with them. Gifts for godparents can be something they cherish for years, as long as you get it right. The following gifts speak from the heart. They show the godparents just how much you and your child appreciate them. There are a variety of meaningful items on this list of personalized godmother gifts for Christmas that will be perfect for her.

If Christmas is just around the corner, and you haven't thought of a gift for your dearest Godmother yet, we have the perfect gift ideas for you. This wine tumbler has a unique design because it has a regular horse and a unicorn dancing around the bar. This design highlights that above the ordinary horse, it says "other Godmothers," and above the unicorn, "Me,"which is a witty representation of your Godmother. It is the perfect way to show how you feel about your Godmother and make her overall energy and originality. On the back of this beautiful wine tumbler is a space to write your Godmother's name and make this gift unique and personalized.

"Best fucking Godmother ever"is a witty quote that makes your godmother burst into tears at the first sight. Like a strong affirmation, save this unique item for your Godmother and let her know how wonderful she is! When we look at the overall design of this wine tumbler, we can say that it is primarily eye-catching because of the perfect combination of colors. At the very bottom, we can see an attractive leopard print, and the entire background is decorated in a stone style. On the back of this unique wine tumbler, personalization is possible. The picture on the back should represent your Godmother - an attractive and modern woman.

"I really am so lucky and thank the stars above for when it comes to Godmothers. I've got the best to love" This quote talks about how grateful you are to the sky and the stars that is, to God, for sending such a wonderful person into your life. Also, this is a beautiful way to send a clear message to your Godmother about how much you respect her and be blessed that she is your Godmother. On the back of this beautiful stainless steel tumbler is a space to add a name and photo to make this gift personalized. This stainless steel tumbler is an ideal combination of a practical gift for everyday use and a gift that will always evoke beautiful emotions in your Godmother due to its attractive design.

"Godmother you are my Angel here on Earth sent to love and guide me. Love, xx" is a beautiful quote that adorns this Angel shaped ornament. It talks about what Godmother really means to you and how great she is like an Angel because of her features. We are sure this lovely ornament will fit into everyone's beautiful home and be a perfect reminder of you and your shared moments. If you want to make this gift personalized and unique, you can write your name under the quote that adorns it. Be sure that this ornament will find its use in everyone's home, especially during the holidays. Also, be sure that this ornament will always carry good memories.

Other Recommendations

13. Elegant Photo Godmother Proposal Card

You can be sure that special lady will say yes without hesitation when she receives this lovely "Will you be my Godmother" card. Adorable and thoughtful, the design features a stylish white ornamental frame that sits on top of your favorite photo of your baby. It also offers enough space inside for a special message. The future godmothers will cherish reading this over and over again when they think of their time spent with your child.

14. Godmother Proposal Gift Set

This is a great way to ask your godmother that special question or just give it as a gift. The Godmother Proposal Gift Box has what she needs. The gift set includes a tank top, a bracelet, a large personalized mug with her name on it, and a note. Your baby’s birthstones will be put into this sleek bracelet for her! She won't ever forget how much she meant to you with this unique gift.

15. Personalized Godmother Candle

Thinking of popping the question and making someone a godmother? Get them this candle with words that explain why they're perfect to be your godmother. This square wood wick candle is elegant with a description of what makes her your favorite on the front. You can also customize the back with a personal message. The candle uses the finest essential and fragrance oils. It is made from 100% organic soybeans grown in the U.S. These personalized godmother gifts will also be perfect for her birthday or Mother's Day.

16. Modern Kraft Texture Godmother Proposal Wine Label

A cool proposal gift for that special Godmother in your life! Always ready with the right message, this wine label might be just what you're looking for. Adding key messages mentioning sister, best friend... on modern Kraft texture backgrounds means that this design is perfect for anyone. The Kraft texture background provides an organic look and feel. And the graceful calligraphy script appears softly in the background. Propose her to be your godmother today and make it unforgettable with these amazing labels!

17. Godmother Personalized Proposal Puzzle

This funny personalized puzzle is a creative way to pop the question “Will you be my godmother?”. The puzzle is printed on high-quality white shimmery paper and attached to thick cardboard. This custom puzzle will be sent unassembled. In other words, she will have to put all the pieces together to understand the message. With such a creative gift, we believe she would find it so hard to reject your lovely proposal.

18. Godmother Bar Necklace

A stunning personalized necklace features a delicate bar pendant. This is a thoughtful gift, perfect for the woman in your life who's not only an amazing godmother but also a priceless friend. You can engrave names, dates, quotes, and more on these beautiful bar necklaces. Select silver, yellow gold, or rose gold for a simple piece of jewelry that she can wear every day. This necklace will come packaged in a pretty box with a personalized gift tag.

19. Godmothers Blessing Keychain

You know how it is with the holidays getting closer and closer. When you hunt for that perfect gift, you are hunting your favorite person in the world: your godmother! Well, here we got you covered. Here are the personalized Godmother Gifts Keychain. They come personalized with a message of your choice on them - maybe something like 'Godmother's Blessing' or 'God mamma'. Know what else? The specially engraved key chain comes with a clip, so you can hook it right into her purse and she'll never lose sight of it again! Isn't that just precious??

20. Personalized Godmother Bracelet

Looking for the perfect godmother gift? Look no further! This sentimental bracelet makes a beautiful keepsake that any godmother will cherish. The inside will be stamped with "Blessed to have you as my Godmother". You can also add a small heart and your child's name to it. A leaf design and hammered finish are applied to the outside of the bracelet. If she has more than one godchild, the text will be changed to "Blessed to have you as our Godmother".

21. Personalized Godmother Necklace

This custom necklace is the meaningful mothers day gift for a woman who has been elevated to godmother status. With a minimalist style, it's a thoughtful choice that she'll wear every day and love forever. You can add anything you want on one or both sides of this incredible piece. It can be your own meaningful message or something simple like "My Godmother". This is a thoughtful personalized gift that says "My Godmother is such an important part of my life".

22. Raw Birthstone Studs

A godmother is a special person who deserves to be recognized for her hard work and good heart. Show your godmother you care with this birthstone jewelry. There are 12 gorgeous stones for every month of the year. The organic elegance can pair with almost any look. Whether that is ripped jean style or sleek office ensembles. Godmothers will love this practical gift. Adding to this, such items are very sentimental since it is a token of your special relationship.

23. Godmother Personalized Bookmark

The godmothers who love to read will appreciate this stainless steel bookmark for its functionality. However, what will really touch her is the short, sweet message engraved on the bookmark: “Godmothers are a blessing. Thank you for being mine." This gift can be further customized by including her name and date of birth. She will treasure this personalized present for years to come since she got it from her adorable godchild.

24. Personalized Folk Butterflies Apron

For the godmothers who enjoy cooking, this apron is a perfect gift for them this Mother's Day. Give her kitchen a unique look with an apron featuring a fresh floral and butterfly pattern. This adorable apron will add not only charm to the all-time favorite pastime of cooking, but also style. You can also personalize the apron for free with a custom foil-pressed leather tag.

25. Minted Tropical Mood Tote

Are you still searching for the perfect gift for your godmother? With this stylish cotton tote, it is in your hands. The cute item features a fun, eye-catching design from an independent artist. This tote bag is made from 100% cotton and features a brushed copper snap closure to keep all user’s items secure. It also has buttery leather straps, and an embossed tag which can be personalized to suit your godmother best. 

26. Mother and Daughter Christmas Tumbler

Godmothers who love coffee will be thrilled with these 64Hydro personalized coffee tumblers. She can now bring her beverage along and be sure that it stays at the perfect temperature. This one is double-walled and vacuum insulated. So, it will keep drinks cold or hot for up to 12 hours. You can also add her name to this lovely tumbler to make it an extra special personalized gift for her! With a wide selection of gorgeous designs, you are sure to find the perfect tumbler that your godmother love from 64Hydro.

27. Rustic Wood Christmas Wreath Godmothers Ornament

This beautifully crafted ornament is the perfect gift for your favorite godmother. You can custom it with any special message. This rustic charm will be a lasting reminder of all their hard work and love! The simple, yet lovely ornament can be customized with any name and date. Try phrase 'world's greatest godparents' if you wish to go sentimental and cheese-free. Whatever you want to say, it’ll be on the tree for years to come!

28. Personalized Godmother Print

Let your godmother know just how thankful you are for all they do for you every day by giving them something unforgettable like this! We all know that Godmothers and their godchildren share a special bond. And this night sky print will celebrate that as it displays the stars as they were on the dates they were both born. This real star map illustration is personalized based on the exact location and date of the sky at that time. Surprise your beloved godmother with this personalized print. She will proudly display it in one of her favorite places in the house.

29. Godmother Personalized Floral Candle

These soy-based candles are available in 11 beautiful scents to choose. You can find from wild fig and cassis to lavender and white tea. Make sure you choose the one that suits her taste. This rustic glass candle features a delicate wreath of flowers in blue, pink, and yellow. All these details surround the words 'Amazing Godmother'. The personalized font is written in modern and feminine script to complement the natural theme. This lovely Godmother gift is a sweet way to show you care no matter what season it is. Perfect for a Christmas, Mother's Day gift, or when you need something special for any other occasion!

30. Beautiful Memories Notebook

Beautiful Memories Notebook is an ideal gift for godmothers who love writing journals and making plans. Give her the gift of organization and memory with a beautiful notebook. Let her capture all those memories, big and small, in a place that becomes more beautiful each day. She now can write in style with a customizable notebook planner created by Minted's global community of independent designers. Choose your cover design then choose your interior notebook weekly planner monthly planner or address book. Customize the front and interior cover of all formats with her name and beautiful photos.

31. Personalized Yarn Bowl with Hooked Slot

For the knitting woman in your life, these bowls are excellent godmother gifts. Every bowl is handmade from stoneware clay, with the recipient's name etched on the side. In addition, the side of the bowl has a hooked slot through which yarn can be fed without getting tangled. The bowl has been painted with a glaze to create a bright and shiny finish that will make this a favorite gift for your beloved godmother. Thanks to your thoughtful personalized godmother gifts, she'll enjoy knitting this holiday season.

32. Audio File Visual Wall Art Print

These godmother gifts are perfect if you have a favorite song you share or an audio clip of your baby’s heartbeat. You just need to upload the audio file. Then, a visual representation of the sound waves will be created for the print. There are 18 different texture styles available to choose from for the sound waves, as well as 55 colors. Furthermore, you can add an image or customize the color that appears within the waves. Your choice of occasion or date can be added to the wall art, as well as the name of your recipient. Turn this art print into a special gift that your godmother will cherish forever. You are sure to add some modern style to her home or be her favorite gift-giver with this totally customized and unique sound wave print.

No one knows you or your child like the godmother. In fact, she might just be one of the most important people in your life.Thus, it's always a tough decision when choosing the perfect gift for your godmother. There are many options to choose from for the special woman in your life who has a different meaning and purpose than that of the traditional godmother. What better way to show how much they mean to you than with a one-of-a-kind personalized gift coming from the heart! We hope that this blog post has helped you explore some great ideas to consider when choosing a gift for your beloved godmother. Share with us which one(s) caught your eye in the comment section!

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